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In this issue…

1) Looking for a Way to Use Your Stories for Evangelism and Missions?
2) New Assessment Will Yield Helpful Input for Your Team
3) 30 Days of Prayer for the Maldives: Calendar Available
4) I Think God Wants Me to be a Missionary!
5) Discipling in White River, South Africa
6) Sharpen your Disciple Making Movement skills
7) Try Taking this Course on Prayer
8) Which Insurance Plans are Best for Cross-cultural Workers?
9) Pray For The Mien (PFTM) Network Would Love an App
10) Fikkert is At it Again (New Book)
11) Emotalerting, by Carlyle Nayler, Will Help You Manage the Moment
12) Have you Seen the Wall of Unreached Peoples?
13) For Help with Disciple-making Movements, Check out CityTeam
14) The BackPage: Podio or Basecamp: Which Do You Prefer?
15) Closing Stuff

1) Looking for a Way to Use Your Stories for Evangelism and Missions?

God’s Mighty Acts around the Globe is a collection of faith stories collected by a mission executive over his career. The stories serve as excellent mission illustrations for preaching, as well as providing inspiration for readers. The subtitle, and second section, of the book, “Using Stories to Share Your Faith” serves as a primer for individuals wishing to write their own stories as a tool to witness to the personal relationship that God offers to every person. The third section of the book provides forty study and discussion sessions for mission and Bible stories. The author served for eight years as a missionary in Colombia, South America. He also worked as the Director of the Global Mission Unit of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, supervising missionaries and directing humanitarian ministries in sixteen countries. Details for ordering are found at: https://themightyacts.wordpress.com

2) New Team Health Assessment will Yield Helpful Input for Your Team

Dr. Sonny Guild, former missionary and missions faculty at Abilene Christian University and president of Culture Concepts Consulting, has developed an instrument to measure Team Health. PATH (Periodic Assessment of Team Health) is an outgrowth of his DMin Project Thesis: “A Model for Enhancing Interpersonal Relationships Within Mission Teams.” The instrument measures team health using 7 characteristics of a healthy team: Commitment, Diversity, Communication, Decision Making, Conflict Resolution, Leadership, and Trust & Openness. Through this website


one can schedule assessments, training, and coaching. Check out samples of the individual and team reports you’ll receive here:



Pretty cool.

3) 30 Days of Prayer for the Maldives: Calendar Available

maldives-childrenAn informal network of people praying for the Maldive islands has produced a prayer calendar for Ramadan (called Ramazan in the Maldives and elsewhere) called “30 Days of Prayer for the Maldives.” This full-color double-sided sheet with photos and maps is available free for direct download in two sizes of PDFs (11×17-inch and A3) from the following site:


Also check out


with its vivid photos, videos, and prayer fuel. You can register to receive daily, weekly, or monthly brief prayer alerts via email or connect via Facebook and Twitter (click on “Prayer Stream”).

4) I Think God Wants Me to be a Missionary!

missionary piroloIn a few weeks thousands of young and not-so-young people will travel to another country for a summer of service. A few weeks or months later they will return home. Many will say, “I think God wants me to be a missionary!” Or, 我想上帝希望我做一個傳教士 Yes, it has been translated into Chinese! That is the time for them to read a book by that title. It will help them sort through many of the issues they will face when considering a longer term commitment. It is available at

http://www.eri.org” target=”_blank”>http://www.eri.org

or Amazon Kindle.

5) Discipling in White River, South Africa

south_africa_people_2_by_runfox-d49gco2Dean and Cheryl manage a resource centre just south of White River. They invite you to join their discipleship lifestyle using transferrable practices, showing compassion and mercy, times of sharing and training in the base house, relating to various individuals, communities and fellowships. Join in applying principles of discipleship and by the end of the time candidates can return home knowing full well discipling challenges and options. It’s a residential experience of discipling that can be any period from 3 months to 1 year. Families, couples or individuals can apply. The context is largely outside systemic Christianity, working with the unchurched, the poor, the widow, orphan, sick – as the Spirit leads and provides. You’ll need to pay for accommodation, food and travel. For more info, contact Dean
light2shineatzohodotcom or call on +27 794277020

6) Sharpen your Disciple Making Movement skills

dmmHow is it possible that three illiterate farmer’s wives have started a total of 40 discipleship groups and churches?! Has disciple making been made too complex? What can be learned from this and many other disciple-making movements around the world? And more importantly, how did Jesus make disciples? What can be learned from the Bible?

Act Beyond is hosting a special, three day, Disciple Making Movement training in Plano, TX, July 3-5. People new to Disciple Making Movements as well as those who have had some training before are welcome. Go to


to learn more and to register for this and other DMM trainings. Questions? Feel free to contact Pete at
pjeatbeyonddotorg or +1-469-814-8234

7) Try Taking this Course on Prayer

We learned about this course from our friends at Mission Catalyst. If you’re interested in honing your prayer skills, try…


Evidently, it’s a kind of journey through the Lord’s Prayer with six short videos and a handy ‘cheat sheet’ for each session, all designed to fuel discussion and deepen the prayer life of your church. We’d love to see your review of it here. Just click “Comment” to add your review to the web version of this item. Thanks in advance for sharing your ‘take’ on this course, produced by Alpha International and 24-7 Prayer.

8) Which Insurance Plans are Best for Cross-cultural Workers?

health insuranceThis past week, we had an inquiry from a Brigada participant wondering which insurance plan would be best for missionaries. My first stop was…


Check out “Reside,” “Liaison Majestic International,” “Global Navigator,” and others. But you might know of other vendors. The inquirer wondered what impact Obamacare has had on options. Either way, please click “Comment” — and share your best referral. Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

9) Pray For The Mien (PFTM) Network Would Love an App

app developThe Pray for the Mien (PFTM) Network is interested in developing an app to take care of distributing the daily prayer update. If you know of someone who might be able to help them, please ask them to write to

10) Fikkert is At it Again (New Book)

from dependence to dignityPerhaps you’ve heard… Brian Fikkert, author of “When Helping Hurts,” has a new book out entitled, “From Dependence to Dignity.” In it, Fikkert and co-author, Russell Mask explain the world of microfinance, unpacking the principles of how to design effective microfinance ministries and how to avoid common pitfalls. Find it at…


11) Emotalerting, by Carlyle Nayler, Will Help You Manage the Moment

managing the momentAccording to a global outreach pastor who passed along this tip last month, in this one single book, Carlyle Nayler will help you ‘manage the moment,’ better than any other resource ever. It’s essentially a practical guide full of real stories about how to better manage the self in any situation. It’s designed to help you understand and then manage the emotion of the moment for a better present and a momentum gaining future. Find it at…


12) Have you Seen the Wall of Unreached Peoples?

_DSC0924_1The Wall of Unreached Peoples is a traveling exhibit designed to help you visualize (and cast a vision for) the task remaining. With this 50-foot long ‘wall of unreached people’ (think something like the Vietnam Memorial, only about unreached peoples), your church, group, or campus ministry will be impacted more than ever before by the fields that need harvesters. Learn more, see the schedule, and book the Wall at:


or U4theU.com. Click on “the Wall” in the top-line menu.
Note that there is no “rent” per se, but the U4theU network does request a freewill offering to help with repairs and to sponsor the cost of getting the Wall into a few major conventions. You don’t have to ship the Wall back to its home base. Instead, you ship it directly to its next destination (church or group), point to point.

14) The BackPage: Podio or Basecamp: Which Do You Prefer?

When personal computers appeared on the scene in the early 80’s, everybody thought they would be all about knowledge. Few understood that they would also revolutionize communications. As it has turned out, they do both equally well. If you’re trying to build a network with participants from across the country (or world), the next step is to find the infrastructure to support your conversations, file-sharing, and applications. Two words you hear a lot are Podio and Basecamp. You’ll find side by side comparisons at sites like…




Podio offers a Facebook-like experience for users (fairly intuitive) that is loaded with powerful potential to create apps that do what you really need them to do. But the best way to find out if Podio will work for you is to dive in. Our org was able to secure an unlimited grant at…


And we haven’t looked back. I wouldn’t give it 100% for the task management portion (it’s kind of weak, if you ask me), but as a tool to manage your team discussions in an encrypted format, it’s a winner. Give it a try today.

Basecamp is powerful – but pricing for non-profits isn’t quite so gracious. See their posture here:


So unfortunately, if you decide on Basecamp, looks like you’ll have to pay the piper. But hey — if it’s what you need, then it’s silly to look elsewhere (if you can afford it). Find Basecamp at (you guessed it)


Have you found a better solution than the two mentioned above? Click “Comment” and leave a note following the web version of this item. Thanks in advance for taking time to give your testimony.

15) Closing Stuff

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