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In this issue…
1) Offering Xplore in Atlanta
2) How Are We Doing on Translation?
3) Yun: “Heavenly Man” Brought to Graphic Novel Format
4) Your Phone, God’s Glory
5) Your Thoughts on Feb. 2nd “Back Page” on John 17/Unity
6) International Church In Egypt Is Seeking A New Pastor
7) Resources for Christian teachers
8) Ten Minutes off I-40 near Crossville, TN, God is building a place
9) Interested in “Honor and Shame?” Now’s the Time to Try it
10) ESL Missionary Training School
11) Disciple Making Movements Training
12) Get “Global Integration Updates” re: Global Member Care
13) Send Brigada on its Way
14) The BackPage: “Free” Doesn’t Guarantee the Best Deal
15) Closing Stuff

1) Offering Xplore in Atlanta

xploreA month or so ago, we proposed staging the Xplore course on one day. Readers liked the idea. In fact, one reader, “JS,” wrote, “I highly recommend this resource. I led it several times before moving overseas 4 years ago. It’s the greatest intro I’ve seen…” The course in Louisville went extremely well. As a result, we’re going to try another go-round on the idea, this time in southern Atlanta on Saturday, April 11th, 9am – 4:30pm. If you’d like to learn more about the idea, see our original post at


Learn more about the Atlanta event, and register online, at …


Be sure to register so we can make sure we have enough books on hand. (Thanks for the kind words, JS.)

2) How Are We Doing on Translation?

bibleI’m asked that question now and then. Many believers today are more excited than ever about progress with Bible translation — and rightfully so. If you haven’t been keeping up on the progress, you really owe it to yourself to get updated. One easy place to go:


There you’ll find all the recent stats, as well as some great visual maps (right column). Download a PDF copy of the page there, when you’re finished, by using the link at the end of the page. (Thanks Pete!)

3) Yun: “Heavenly Man” Brought to Graphic Novel Format

heavenly manThe book, “Heavenly Man,” has impacted many. What we didn’t know was that there’s a graphic novel format.


Even if you can’t buy the book, you can still read the first chapter here…


Hats off to Paul Hattaway and the Edge Group for getting this message out to even more readers through this unique and “comic book” like format. This graphic novel version will draw readers that the original book would never have managed to attract. Many will be inspired, no doubt, by Yun’s amazingly courageous and faith-filled life. They will be stirred to action, we trust, and God’s name will be proclaimed in areas of the world where it had never gone before.

4) Your Phone, God’s Glory

smartphoneAfter reading our item last week, ” Best Short-term Missions Prep in a Box,” which essentially was seeking the best training program for short-term missionaries, “Brian” wrote, Those wanting to equip short-term teams might be interested in checking ‘Your Phone – God’s Glory: A Hands-On Guide for Using Your Mobile for Ministry.’ It is applicable to everyone, but written with short-term teams in mind. It is an easy-to-read, story-based guide on how teams can get started sharing the gospel using the most contextual ministry tool on the planet – a mobile phone.” Brian went on to provide the link:


He also recommended the PDF version of the guide, noting “it includes some helpful tutorials that we were not able to include in this version of the .ePub and .mobi versions.” (Thanks for the tip, Brian!!!)

5) Your Thoughts on Feb. 2nd “Back Page” on John 17/Unity

TeamworkOn Feb. 2, we wrote about Jesus’ prayer in John 17 that we could all be one. We asked, “How much more good do you feel we could do if we could just learn to do it together?” One Brigada participant (using simply the name, “A friend,”) wrote, “I think this post is an extremely interesting one, especially when it comes to working cross-culturally in missions. In many countries you find an us-them between national believers and expat workers. In other countries you find it between different organizations with different ministry strategies and ultimately, we see it between many differing denominations.

“How do we work in unity, while also blessing people to pursue differing strategies? Can we work in unity without uniformity? (referring to a previous comment by “Neal.”)

“A co-worker recently suggested to me that we don’t have to be doing the same work, implementing the same strategy, etc… but that as we each draw nearer to Christ we will naturally be drawing nearer to each other. What do you think?” We think these are great thoughts. (Thanks for the input, Neal and “A friend.”)

6) International Church In Egypt Is Seeking A New Pastor

egyptHeliopolis Community Church is an international, interdenominational, English language church in the Heliopolis suburb of Cairo, Egypt. For over 30 years HCC has met for worship, fellowship and service. A prayerful search is now underway for an experienced pastor with strong Biblical preaching and pastoral skills. If you are interested, see their website at


Just click on the “Pastor Search” tab. Please prayerfully consider this opportunity!

7) Resources for Christian teachers

transformingteachersEquipping teachers for Christ-centered education is not easy, so Transforming Teachers has collected resources to help at the recently renewed website


The “Visual Valet: Personal assistant for the Christian teacher and thinker” has also been published as an Amazon e-Book


This book presents a simple model to connect God’s world to God’s word. It is also available as a PDF download on the Transforming Teachers website. Additional resources for Christ-centered education in all languages are welcome. Please contact Harold at

8) Ten Minutes off I-40 near Crossville, TN,

missionarycallGod is building a place for missionaries to rest and regroup for future outreach. It goes by the name of EdenRidge and it’s currently gearing up for a great year welcoming missionaries from around the world. Their two cabins (Joy and Peace) will be booked most of the year so if you would like to book a stay, better do so early on their website. Their two new smaller cottages (Love and Faithfulness), ideal for smaller parties of one or two, will open in April and September respectively. All of their guest facilities feature full kitchens and laundry facilities. To view pictures, learn more, and make a reservation please visit


The discounted missionary rate for cabins is $38/night and the rate for cottages is $30/night. Please be sure to use the code ‘mission’ to apply the discount.

10) ESL Missionary Training School

where there is now a churchGlobal Frontier Missions has been training missionaries to go to unreached peoples of the world for almost 15 years. This fall they are launching their newest school in Houston. The school is focused on training missionaries who are trained as English as a Second Language teachers to be able to go to almost every closed country in the world. Students will be living together in community among refugees in the most diverse city in the USA. They will learn and practice organic church planting along with many other important topics every career missionary needs to know. For more information, visit their website at


The application deadline for August 2015 classes is April 15.

11) Disciple Making Movements Training

act beyondAct Beyond is hosting a one-day Disciple Making Movement Training at their headquarters in Plano, TX (just outside of Dallas) on Saturday, March 21. Learn biblical principles that are key to every movement of disciples multiplying disciples and churches. To see all of Act Beyond’s upcoming trainings and to register, go to:


Act Beyond is also providing this same training online by going through one session per week over seven weeks. The next online class will also be posted at the events page when the time and dates are set. Please contact Pete at
pjeatbeyonddotorg if you are interested in either the one-day or online training.

12) Get “Global Integration Updates” re: Global Member Care

careInterested in learning more about how missionary/member care efforts are making an impact around the world? Want to integrate your member care efforts with those being offered to the mega-orgs being sponsored at global levels by groups like the U.N. ? Now you can. Check out a copy at…


As always, these are made available to us by Kelly and Michèle O’Donnell. The latest Update is below and includes core information/links on the world community’s efforts (via the UN and civil society) to promote human well being and protect our planet. It can help colleagues committed to Christian mission to get a quick overview on the Post 2015 Sustainable Development agenda. To sign up, just visit…


13) Send Brigada on its Way

Want to help send Brigada on its way? You can. To give online, just click “Donate” in the upper right corner of any Brigada webpage. If you’d prefer to give through postal mail, just send a check payable to Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Drive, Louisville, KY 40299. Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so, for USA citizens, your gift to Christ through Team Expansion is tax-deductible.

14) The BackPage: “Free” Doesn’t Guarantee the Best Deal

apacheSometimes “free” doesn’t guarantee the best deal. After reading our Item #3 last week, ” 3) A Free Version of Microsoft Office 365 for Non-profits,” Tim pointed out that many of our readers might be happier with the $2/month version of Office, which basically gave them all the capabilities of Office Standard. He wrote, “That is a very good price for the office suite. It takes a bit of headache to get switched over, but, so long as you have a good Internet connection, it can be a huge blessing once it is set up.” Of course, that Internet connection is key. After reading the same item, “Randy” wrote, “We supposedly live in a connected world. It seems to me that the newer software versions require connectedness. But is that so in missions? Besides traveling in many locations where there is no internet presence in other continents my wife and I have taught this past year in missions training locations in California and Florida that had limited or no functioning internet connections.” Randy’s right. Office 365 and other such “online” software is only good if you have always-on Internet. That works for many; but maybe you’re not one of the “always on internet” folks. Randy continued, “Maybe I have misunderstood the MS 365 marketing. I have still chosen use pay-for editions that help me feel in control when I am away from the internet. If budget is the problem maybe we should also consider the Open Office or other software that so many of or national colleagues in other places use?”

We can fully resonate with you, Randy. And speaking of free, the Open Office version (an Open Source version of a set of tools much like Microsoft Office) is available for free at…


I’m with Randy. I just returned from a week in Africa using very challenging internet. I can’t imagine depending on Office 365 for my primary office tool. Even if it’s free, unless you have dependable internet, it might not be the best deal for you. Maybe Open Office is a better deal. (Thanks for your thoughts, Tim and Randy.)

15) Closing Stuff

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