2016/09/11 — Brigada Today:

Compiled/Edited by Doug Lucas and Tina McCormick, Team Expansion
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In this issue…
1) Global Counseling Network: An Online Counseling Center
2) MoreDisciples Podcast: Disciple Making Movement “Radio-Style”
3) Where do we Send Those who Want to Learn About Hinduism…
4) Free Biblical 31-Day Prayer Guide to Pray over Your Children
5) Women – Use Media To Expand Your Ministry
6) Logos 7: Access Your Theological Library Wherever You Are
7) MissioNexus Missions Conference Needs Volunteers
8) How to Find a Scripture in Any Language
9) Looking to lighten your Load when You Travel overseas? Try this:
10) Free Bible Resources
11) Praying Scripture and Where to get Sample Prayers
12) Webinars for Disciple Makers and Those Focused on #NoPlaceLeft
13) We’re Grateful for…
14) The BackPage: Great Response to “Miriam Matters”
15) Closing Stuff

1) Global Counseling Network: An Online Counseling Center

Global Counseling Network is a team of counselors who desire to serve others through online counseling services.girl_keyboarding They seek to help restore those made in the image of God to a place of wholeness. No matter where it is, there are counselors who come to you. Visit them at …


For questions please contact an intake coordinator like Jess
jessatglobalcounselingnetworkdotcom or Steven

2) MoreDisciples Podcast: Disciple Making Movement “Radio-Style”

Footprints in the sand waves as background

Footprints in the sand waves as background

The folks at MoreDisciples Podcast are trying to grow a “radio-show” style format that will sprinkle in guests, interviews, travel, and more. For example, a recent edition (Show #14) visits a racially mixed church on the west side of Indianapolis, Indiana on the Sunday they are staging a Faith-Promise rally. The particular song they use could work at any mission emphasis Sunday and the results are remarkable. Check out the 25-minute radio show at…

Or just pick up the More Disciples podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, or just about anywhere else you pick your own podcasts. [Truth in Advertising: Doug Lucas is the host of the More Disciples podcast. : ) ]

3) Where do we Send Those who Want to Learn About Hinduism…

…and how to share the Good News with those who are Hindus? Are there some great resources on the web? … books, video courses, websites, and more? One friend mentioned…


But we don’t see nearly the availability of resources that seems available for those reaching out to Muslims. What are we missing here? Please click “Comment” under the web version of this item. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

4) Scripture Prayers for our Children

prayOriented in the Biblical text, all 31 prayers in this full-color monthly prayer guide will equip you to pray God’s way, declaring His truth over your children. Prepare them to receive the good news of Jesus Christ and embrace life’s challenges by praying Scripture prayers. Visit


for a book sample and to order online. Cost for one is $5 (U$S) with up to 50% off on bulk orders.

6) Logos 7: Access Your Theological Library Wherever You Are

Logos Bible Software is perfect for missionaries and those who don’t have access to a physical library. It’s designed to help you do everyday Bible study tasks with more precision and less frustration. Explore cultural and historical context, do in-depth exegesis, and lots more with intuitive, interactive tools created with input from pastors and missionaries. Take your books with you on every device. Check out …


to learn more.

7) MissioNexus Missions Conference Needs Volunteers

MissioNexus meets next week in Louisville, Kentucky. For more information, see


They are still far short of volunteers. Their greatest needs are for Thursday morning and afternoon, and again Friday morning. They can manage with a lesser amount on Friday afternoon and do not need any on Saturday. Here is the information/application page:


9) Looking to lighten your Load when You Travel overseas? Try this:

suitcase2Did you know that 5 years ago, passengers paid an average of £9.36 per bag when checking in their baggage, whereas today’s figure is £18.60.
Here’s the link to the full report:


If you’d like the full tips and tricks deal, just visit …

If you like what you see there, please let others know about it, even here on Brigada, by clicking “Comment” following the online version of this item.

11) Scripture Prayers for the Peoples of the World

Praying Scripture is praying God’s way. Unlike many prayer resources with demographic data or prayer points, this 24-page full-color booklet allows you to insert a people group’s name into scripted prayers oriented in the Biblical text. Visit


for a book sample and to order online. Cost for one is $5USD with up to 50% off on bulk orders. Declare and pray God’s truth over peoples living in falsehood.

12) Webinars for Disciple Makers and Those Focused on #NoPlaceLeft

Have you been following the whole #NoPlaceLeft network? Chuck Wood and others have done a great job building a network of likeminded practicioners of simple disciple making movement principles. David Garrison introduced the idea in his webinar and podcast in conjunction with MoreDisciples. (Catch the archive version at


and also mark your calendars for upcoming webinars with Troy Cooper on Oct. 19th and Chuck Wood on Jan. 18th, both affiliated with the #NoPlaceLeft network. Join them in praying that there will be “no place left” where the Good News of Christ has not been named.

13) We’re Grateful for…

thank-you-clothesline… the one person who has set up a regular recurring monthly donations to Brigada. It’s a fantastic feeling to know that $100/month is coming on a regular basis (when we’ve hired a part-time associate to help publish and respond to communications). If you’d like to send a monthly (or one-time) check, just mail the check payable to Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Drive, Louisville, KY 40299. Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so, for USA citizens, your gift to Christ through Team Expansion is tax-deductible.

If you’d like to follow suit with the one recurring donation (or if you’d rather use your credit card for a one-time gift), just click “Donate” in the upper right corner at brigada.org . In advance, please hear us when we say, “Thank you!”

14) The BackPage: Great Response to “Miriam Matters”

Perhaps you caught last edition’s BackPage editorial — “Miriam Matters.” But did you catch the story under it, as told by a couple of Christians working in Hamburg, Germany, as they tried to share their faith with newly arrived refugees there. Take a look at their story:

In fall 2015 about 400 to 500 refugees arrive in Germany’s second largest city, Hamburg, every day. In many parts of the city accommodation for these refugees is being arranged, including in the district of Wilhelmsburg, where an OM team works. Here, the team leader Jochen* shares about meeting two young refugees who hunger to know the truth.

On 1 October there was an open council with the leader of the district exchange office in Wilhelmsburg, Hamburg, about the refugee policy. My wife, Marlene*, and I attended.

When a group of refugees arrived, we were asked to translate for them from German to English. Marlene translated for a group of women, and I translated for two young men. When we were introduced, and the two learnt that I am a pastor, they became very excited and said they wanted to meet with me. I told them I was about to leave the next morning for 11 days on a trip to Turkey.

On 13 October I was at the airport in Hamburg after my trip waiting for our luggage to arrive when my mobile phone rang. One of the men was calling me. They wanted to meet, saying it was urgent.

When we met the next day in our office and finished the obligatory small talk, they said they’d come to change their religion. I learnt a bit more about the background of the two brothers.

While in their country they started to search the Internet about information about Christianity in their language. A friend of theirs, who also was interested, was found out and killed by radical Islamists. After consultation with their father, wife and children, they fled to Germany.

We were some of the first Germans they had met outside of those processing them, and they used this opportunity to ask us questions. I invited them to come to our house two days later so we could watch the Jesus film in their language. Our two interns were there as well, and

Marlene prepared a nice meal.

After the film we talked about some of the scenes in the movie, about the term “Son of God” and that changing religions is a question of the heart and not a formality. They clearly were touched.

After being asked if they wanted to receive Jesus, they said yes, and we ended with a time of prayer. The younger one said, “I believe I have become a son of God now!” We hugged each other and affirmed one another that we are brothers now.
On Sunday they came to our Church service. Before this, I had gotten literature in their language, and I found someone who lives close to Hamburg and speaks this language. He also came to church that Sunday and translated parts of the service to them. Now we meet regularly for Bible study.

So many refugees have seen and experienced the true face of Islam. They are fed up with it and long for a real relationship with God. We don’t want this opportunity to go by without doing something.”
Shared by P.B.

Thank you, P.B. What a great story.
Do you have another story related to telling someone from “another world” about the Good News of Jesus Christ? If so, please click “Comment” follwing the web version of this item. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

15) Closing Stuff

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