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In this issue…
1) Go Deeper In Your Ministry to Muslims with Engaging Islam Intensives
2) New “Co-Missioned” Book Will Challenge, Touch Hearts
3) Development and Aid to the Poor: Real people, Not Theory
4) Sky Rescue: Emergency Evacuation For Those Who Have Medical Coverage
5) Need a VBS Mission? Advancing Native Missions is Willing
6) Aid for Trade: An Internet Source for Practical Missions
7) Advancing Native Missions Would Serve Your Church
8) Where do you Get Your Children’s Bible Stories/Lessons?
9) This Website will Test Your Laptop for the New Superfish Bug
10) Here’s One Way to Uncover Possible Biases You Have Against the Poor
11) “All Nations” Has Raised the Bar
12) If Your Kids Ask Questions, You Need These Books
13) Thanks to Those Who Help Pay the Bills
14) The BackPage: Help me Find the Perfect Carry-On?
15) Closing Stuff

1) Go Deeper In Your Ministry to Muslims with Engaging Islam Intensives

islamThese interactive and exciting week-long courses on Evangelism are scheduled for July 13-18 and (NEW) Discipleship July 20-25 in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. The Discipleship course features brand new material from Georges’ soon-to-be published book. Whether you are in full time ministry, or simply have a desire to learn more about ministry to Muslims, these courses are for you. Read what previous attendees had to say: “I thank God for your training which has made all the difference. We’ve had fewer teammates leave from discouragement and we’ve seen more fruit from our ministry.” Read more and register here:


2) New “Co-Missioned” Book Will Challenge, Touch Hearts

comissionedThis is the story of two “ordinary people” following an extraordinary God who called them to outlandish challenges. The print price is $15.99, but the Kindle version is now on sale for just $2.99. This is the most affordable way ever to be inspired and challenged to follow God’s leading. “Co-Missioned: The Story of Two People Who Went” will touch your heart… because two went, but, of those two, only one returned.


3) Development and Aid to the Poor: Real people, Not Theory

AfricaHere is a beginner’s reading list on aid, development, and how to change the world:


The author would be interested in your contribution/suggestions of books on development and aid to the poor. Do randomized controlled trials (RCTs) help you in your work? Do they help you secure funding for your development projects? How do you measure “success” and ROI where you are working? To respond, just click “Comment” following the web version of this item.

4) Sky Rescue: Emergency Evacuation For Those Who Have Medical Coverage

health insurance globalFor those who rely on nationalized healthcare, but would like additional benefits usually associated with international insurance plans as well as political evacuation and medical evacuation,


has a plan from well-known insurance carrier IMG that is very affordable and perfect for individuals, couples and families. It is also a great supplement to shared health plans and those who don’t have evacuation as part of their safety net. It’s pretty low-priced for the benefits received: $70USD for an individual for 3 months, or $120-130USD for a whole family. You can buy 3, 6, and 12 months blocks of time and there are good discounts. It is also renewable. There is a brochure at:


5) Need a VBS Mission? Advancing Native Missions is Willing

1040 expeditionAdvancing Native Missions has published an exciting missions-oriented curriculum that can be used with VBS, Sunday school, back yard Bible clubs, and more. Each day Addison Venture leads the young explorers on a journey through the 10/40 Window. They visit Africa, Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Far East. At each stop the kids learn cultural aspects unique to the region, play regional games, eat treats prepared from native recipes, and hear the traditional Bible stories. A music CD helps them learn original songs. At the end of each day, the children get their passports stamps and hear how Jesus saves. Churches who have tried it give cheers. For more information go to


6) Aid for Trade: An Internet Source for Practical Missions

aidfortradeAid for Trade has just launched a new web site to enable workers in poor and developing communities to bring specially designed training programs to help build income and reduce poverty around the world:


If you are willing to help improve this resource, please click on the following link and take a short (15-minute) survey to give them feedback on the new site:


They would be so thankful for your feedback!

7) Advancing Native Missions Would Serve Your Church

asiaFor 22 years, Advancing Native Missions has been partnering with native mission groups around the world. ANM leaders visit the ministries, relate to their leaders, conduct conferences to encourage the workers, and make the ministries’ needs known to believers in America. They are now looking for churches at which they could help with missions conferences by supplying materials and exciting native missionary speakers from overseas. Learn more at …


9) This Website will Test Your Laptop for the New Superfish Bug

Lenovo-Superfish-bug-fixTwo weeks ago, lots of Lenovo users began discovering that their every move online was being tracked by an adware included by the manufacturer. It was a “man in the middle” deception. Lenovo has since taken steps to mitigate the damage. Read more at…


But if you have a Lenovo, you could also stop at…


To see if the vulnerability still exists on your machine. It’s a simple step – and you don’t even have to click anything. Just browse to the site, then wait to see what happens next. If you’re vulnerable, the site will tell you so.

10) Here’s One Way to Uncover Possible Biases You Have Against the Poor

theirs is the kingdomThis past week, I gathered with the CEO’s of 7 other mission organizations to pray, reflect, brainstorm, and dream. One of the many outcomes was a book that will force you to reexamine your attitudes toward the urban poor. To uncover any possible bias you might have, just read, “Theirs Is the Kingdom: Celebrating the Gospel in Urban America.” In it, the author of “Toxic Charity” reflects on his decision to move into a high crime area of Atlanta intending to bring Christ’s message into the ghetto. He was surprised, however, to discover what he termed “a spiritual life already flowering in the city’s urban soil.” It forced him “to reexamine the deepest parts of his own soul,” confronting his own patronizing, materialistic attitudes. Check it out today:


(Thanks to Doug Priest for the recommendation.)

11) “All Nations” Has Raised the Bar

Hands-holding-globeTheir website gives back as much as it informs. These “All Nations” people are, first, “R.A.D.I.C.A.L.” (Check out their welcome page to see what the acronym stands for.) But while they are describing their org, they are also giving basic instruction regarding how to start local and global discipleship groups. In a neat, clean, and simple website, they go deeper than you realize. Worth the visit.


12) If Your Kids Ask Questions, You Need These Books

kids questionsLee Strobel has helped many an adult grapple with some of the toughest questions ever in apologetics (why believe). Now his thoughts have been repostured for kids in a series of three books: “The Case for a Creator for Kids,” “The Case for Faith for Kids,” and “The Case for Christ for Kids.”




You could do much worse. With just about any other book on Amazon (except the Bible). These books will help your inquisitive youth find answers. Highly recommended.

14) The BackPage: Help me Find the Perfect Carry-On?

baggage_carousel-304Okay. I’ll admit it: This is a shameless request for a personal favor. I’m searching for the perfect carry-on for domestic and international travel. Brigada’s audience numbers in the thousands and I figure most of us travel more than we’d like to admit. So I’m thinking… what better audience in the whole world to ask for input on one of life’s toughest questions: What’s the perfect carry-on for domestic and international travel? Here are my criteria (I recognize some are very personal):

” It simply HAS to fit in overhead compartments — without cutting corners; doesn’t need to be checked (never, never check luggage)
” Lightweight
” Has built-in wheels
” “Garment bag” hang-up space for (at least) 4 button-up shirts and 1 pair of pants
” The entire bag will hang up from one nail, creating a kind of workstation I can “live out of” during my typical week-long visit
” Easy access from the outside so that TSA clear bag of liquids
” A large, open cavity for packing socks, underwear, t-shirts, etc.
” Space for a laptop if I want to reduce to just one carry-on
” Extra points if it has lots of cool compartments and pockets for smaller items.
” Not so expensive that it makes me feel guilty for purchasing it.

So there you have it. Ten items. That’s all. How can it be that difficult. In the mid-80’s, I used a Samsonite garment bag for a while. It didn’t have rollers, but it was a trifold with a cavity in the middle and it would hang from one hang-up point and unfold in the coolest “workstation” design ever. Who let them stop making that bag? I can’t even find a picture of it these days. Either way, surely someone else would like a bag like this. Please help us find it. If you succeed, may God bless you in a mighty way. :-) Just click “Comment” following the web version of this item so all readers can look at your suggestions. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

15) Closing Stuff

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