2017/02/19 — Brigada Today

Compiled/Edited by Doug Lucas and Tina McCormick, Team Expansion
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In this issue…

1) Manarah Muslim Outreach Training
2) Learn to Merge Prayer + Missions at Herrnhut, where Moravians Began
3) Want to see a visual representation of cross-cultural ministry?
4) $25 discount code from Logos Bible Software
5) “More Than Dreams:” Videos to Share with Muslim Seekers
6) The Academy of Frontier Media and Arts
7) Traction Conference for Men Working Cross-Culturally
8) Want Free Online Small Group Training In Multiplying Disciples?
9) Returning to the USA from Overseas Service? Want Debriefing?
10) Free Software to Track Your Disciple Groups
11) 3D Gospel Clarifies Honor, Shame, Guilt and Fear
12) Develop your Personal Posture toward Marketplace Ministry
13) “Stubborn Perseverance” Book Puts CPM in Novel Form
14) The Last Bit: Remember that Trojan and Virus Emails are Many
15) Closing Stuff

1) Manarah Muslim Outreach Training

Do you have a heart to share Christ’s love with Muslims? Immerse yourself in this intensive course that combines classroom training with daily opportunities to interact with Muslims. Training is provided by experienced cross-cultural workers. It takes place July 2-21, 2017 (3 weeks duration) in Detroit, MI. Adults pay $1,600 and children under 12 pay $500 (meals, lodging and program costs, but of course, not travel costs). For more information, contact

2) Learn to Merge Prayer + Missions at Herrnhut, where Moravians Began

Remember John Robb? I do. He’s been involved in researching unreached peoples (and praying for them) since the mid-seventies. He’s still at it, calling prayer advocates and missions mobilizers to gather in the very town in which the Moravian experience began: Herrnhut. Learn more about the Moravian experience at…


See the invitation for this specific conference at…

3) Want to see a visual representation of cross-cultural ministry?

The Propempo folks helped put together a little metaphor of cross-cultural work. (Warning: This video does contain violence.)

A Parable of Two Beginner Missionaries from Propempo International on Vimeo.

Of course, the violence is a metaphorical hammer, striking the blows in simulating cross-cultural ministry’s toll on the worker. If you’d like to hear the actual workshop (upon which the 2-minute video is based), check out…


This is the full audio of a workshop entitled, “HERE to THERE: How to Get to Your Mission Field,” which took place at CROSS 2016. You can also get the workshop in book-form here…

This information is available in book form at…


5) “More Than Dreams:” Videos to Share with Muslim Seekers

“More than Dreams” is a series of five video testimonies of converted Muslims who all had a powerful encounter with Jesus in their dreams.
The videos are all in the native languages (Arabic, Farsi etc.) but also available in various dubbed translations. Copying and sharing is explicitly encouraged. Learn more at…

Haven’t watched ALL these, but wow… They’re extremely powerful — and free!

6) The Academy of Frontier Media and Arts

The much acclaimed School of Frontier Media, and the Visual Arts for Missions school, have combined and relaunched as the brand new Academy of Frontier Media and Arts. This academy-styled school will teach you how to communicate the Kingdom of God cross-culturally through various media, like photography, film, art, and design. Bottom line: Consider training by the very people who are out there creating for the extension of God’s Kingdom.


8) Want Free Online Small Group Training In Multiplying Disciples?

Now you can get it. Just click to…


This training is completely free of charge and is designed for groups of 4-12. It starts with 9 weeks, 2 hours per session. Everything is built into the online training site. The videos are short (5 minutes in most cases), followed by discussion, then a learning/doing activity. It’s VERY active. The vision is to create and multiply groups of disciples who make other disciples.

10) Free Software to Track Your Disciple Groups

Are you multiplying disciples and groups? If so, you might appreciate this free online software, developed by an implementer in Czech Republic:


The software includes an “About” page for instructions, but if you’re familiar with the “Four Fields” model, it should be fairly easy to grasp. Thanks to Curtis Sergeant for inspiring this disciple maker to design it, and to the disciple maker for making it available to the world as a gesture of, “Freely I have received, and freely I give.”

11) 3D Gospel Clarifies Honor, Shame, Guilt and Fear

Thanks to the folks at Antioch Journey for writing this past week to ask, “Have you ever considered that the Western church usually presents the Gospel in terms of forgiveness through the removal of guilt, but people in the Majority World tend to seek honor or spiritual power? If we are to be effective Kingdom ambassadors in today’s globalized world, Christians need to understand and communicate a three-dimensional gospel that speaks to all of these perspectives.” They are spot-on. The Antioch Journey folks also told us about some friends of theirs at Eternity Bible College who will be hosting a special evening conference with keynote speaker Jayson Georges. Jayson is the founding editor of


and has also authored a solid resource on this subject, “The 3D Gospel: Ministering in Guilt, Shame and Fear Cultures”. The conference will be held on May 13, 2017, from 5-9 pm in Simi Valley, CA. For more information or to register, check out


(Thanks again to the Antioch Journey, for bubbling this up to us. Learn more about them immediately below.)

12) Develop your Personal Posture toward Marketplace Ministry

Sure you could attend a business as mission conference — but maybe it’s months down the road, and several hundred dollars in travel costs. Why not get started today at Antioch Journey, which helps people better understand business as mission, while improving their discernment of marketplace ministries in Jesus’ name. Learn more about their work at

and take their 31-Day Challenge to developing a business as missions personal approach. Interact with a coach along the way and kick-start your career in business as missions.

13) “Stubborn Perseverance” Book Puts CPM in Novel Form

Are you not the type to sit down and read a college textbook, but you enjoy novels like crazy? Then Stubborn Perseverance, the book, might be just for you. It features characters Faisal and wife Fatima, who, along with their friends Yusuf & Nur and Nasrudin & Amina, seek God’s blessing for their Muslim people group in making disciples of Jesus. Through stubborn perseverance they overcome spiritual opposition and internal inhibitions to see God transform Abdullah the radical, Haji Ishmael the imam, Umar the drunk, Sharif the schoolmaster and a variety of others. Meanwhile, you’ll learn the Camel method of sharing the Good News AND be exposed to all kinds of principles of church planting movements. Order at…

It’s written by James Nyman, Edited by Robby Butler, and features forwards by David Watson and Jerry Trousdale.

14) The Last Bit: Remember that Trojan and Virus Emails are Many

Even if you have a great antivirus program (like Norton), you’ll still have to deal with SOME scams and problem emails. Example: Someone might write you saying your email account is about to expire. Or you might get an email that appears to originate from the laptop of a friend, telling you that he or she is overseas and has been robbed. Typically, the email will ask you to wire money to a particular place. In fact, another email scam might tell you your email account is about to expire. To deal with these and other scams/problems, it’s a shame — but we almost have to develop a level of skepticism about ANY and ALL emails that ask for personal information or that ask us to click a link. We should ALWAYS a) analyze the header for the ‘real’ “from address” and b) hover our mouse over the link before clicking on it (to discern the target of the click). In addition, before we participate in ANY response prompted by an email, we should always follow the “OPC” protocol: a) Does this email have a clear origin, b) is my Purpose clear and valid, and c) is there a clear closure date for this campaign (if it’s a campaign). Learn more about these concepts at…


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