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19950326 Brigada Today

News and Notes about Brigada, Your Gateway to Missions Networking!
Compiled by DLucasatTeamExpansiondotorg

Brigada is free (though you still have to pay your normal email charges, of course).]












WE'RE GROWING! ... & GOD IS AT WORK AROUND OUR WORLD -- It's plain to see the Spirit is at work around the globe! He is awakening us all of the need for prayer, personal renewal, and cooperation in finishing the task! Brigada is only a symptom of a much greater movement... but look at the growth. Below is a chart with the number of 'subscribers' to the top level of Brigada (this Brigada Today update).

4 weeks ago: 58

3 weeks ago: 76

2 weeks ago: 95

1 week ago: 106

Tuesday: 135

Today: 234!!!

234 people -- missionaries, church leaders, mission agencies, mission executives, mobilizers, anthropologists, professors, world Christians! Thanks for being a part of this network.

NAVIGATION MAP -- Below is a chart to point to the conferences established thus far. Each line represents an entirely different conference, with an entirely different set of participants. You can be a member of more than one conference, but to do so, you must subscribe to each conference individually. Subscribing to the top level Brigada conference does =not= automatically get you mail from each of the subgroups. (If it did, you'd go crazy with mail!!! [grin]) Remember that you can determine the name of any conference by starting at the top and left and working over. To subscribe to any of the conferences below, just send email to hubatxcdotorg with the word "subscribe" followed by the conference name (include the hyphens in the conference name, but lose the quotes in "subscribe"). For example, to subscribe to the first subconference listed, your message to hubatxcdotorg would read,

subscribe brigada-albania-durres



Brigada (234 have subscribed to this top level conference, "Brigada")






















NEW CONFERENCES SPAWNING -- ... as fast as we can produce them! During the coming week, we hope to launch requested conferences for...

*** Turkik peoples, with George Livingston and Dan Davis

*** The national publication, _Prayer Alert_, by Eddie Smith

*** Crimean Tatars (and the work in Simferopol, Ukraine, itself), featuring on-site missionaries in Simferopol, Ukraine)

*** Makua People of Tanzania and Mozambique

CHRISTIAN INFORMATION NETWORK SHIPPING NEW BOOK -- They're working around the clock... three brave souls who are putting the needs of 100 Gateway Cities above their own! Thanks to the staff at CIN, thousands of new _WindoWatchman_ books are being shipped out this very minute to points around the globe. The new 240-page volume profiles the life and times of the people of the 100 Gateway Cities, making it immensely easier for us to pray informedly for the people we're learning to love, even though few of us have met them yet! If you haven't already ordered one, contact CIN at

11025 State Highway 83

Colorado Springs, CO 80921

Tel: 719-522-1040 Fax: 719-548-9000

Tell them you heard about it in Brigada! Copies are $10 in the USA.

INPUT NEEDED FOR MEETING WITH GLOBAL MAPPING AND ADOPT-A-PEOPLE -- One week from today (on April 7th at 3pm), a Brigada representative will meet with a VP from Global Mapping and staff from the Adopt-a-people Clearinghouse to brainstorm about how we would propose to make People Profiles and City Profiles available online via Brigada. We need your help in determining what would be the most useful approach. Send email to DLucasatTeamExpansiondotorg with your ideas. Pray for Bill Dickson of GMI, Eric Derry of Brigada, Bob Binkley, and hopefully others from the AAP Clearinghouse, along with others who can attend the brainstorming session at the AAP Clearinghouse's office in Colorado Springs. As of today we were also hoping for someone from the Christian Information Network to help give input regarding the 100 Gateway Cities "Praying through the Window II" Campaign. [Example...

***a) Should we go ahead and set up a conference for each of the 100 Gateway Cities, in anticipation of awakenings in interest for each, or should we wait until someone =asks= for creation of such a conference?

***b) Should we focus on developing the People/City profiles in ascii text only, or should we prepare Microsoft Word for Windows versions and post them as well?

***c) If Marv Bowers has his way (and we all pray to God that the Spirit will empower him to do so! :-)), there could conceivably be "200+ profiles prepared by mid-May." [By the way, let's all pray that God will empower Marv to be able to pull this off -- scanning, OCRing, and cleaning up those thousands of pages will =not= be an easy task.] Should these profiles all be listed under the top level "Brigada" subdirectory/conference, or should a special "peoples" conference be created as a file storage area?

WHAT'S THE WORLDWIDE WEB -- To understand the item below, we probably all need to be caught up to speed on the worldwide web, or WWW. The WWW is a kind of graphical user interface to what we're already doing on Brigada. Right now, to get a copy of the new profile on the Ishilhayn people of Morocco, you send a [fairly exact] command to a [fairly unforgiving] hub computer on the INTERNET, then wait a few minutes for the profile to arrive back in your email box. For some, this might be all the service ever needed. Others, meanwhile, are longing for a graphical way of doing things... in much the same way that Windows has provided buttons to click for those old cryptic DOS commands. Well the WWW automates the process of getting files, sharing maps, drawings, and photos, and navigating conferences and forums. All it takes is a click of the mouse and you could jump from a people profile index over to Morocco then over to the Ishilhayn. No commands to type. No email to wait for. The downside is you need something called a WWW browser (like Mosaic, Netscape, or NetCruiser). Right now, it appears that relatively =few= people among our 234 Brigada participants have the capability to use the WWW. However, that's about to change. =Very= soon, America OnLine will add that service to its list of menu choices, and Compuserve will follow shortly thereafter. In addition, when Windows 95 becomes available (in August of this year ... or next :-)), =everyone= will have a browser =built in= to the operating system!!! By =then=, Brigada wants to be ready to automate much of what might seem difficult to some users, a hassle to others. So read on to the following item!

BRIGADA LAUNCHES EXPERIMENTAL WORLDWIDE WEB HOMEPAGE! -- Just ten days after formally "opening its doors" on the INTERNET, Brigada has now launched its own WorldWide Web page. Though still in development (we have a hunch it will =always= be developing!), it is already functional. However, uses should note that ponters and the actual site address could change as we continue to develop the concepts and the best approaches. For now, point your WWW browser to and look to the future! [Thanks =loads= to Bob Sutterfield, the folks at Morning Star Technologies and CrossConnect for their help in launching this project. Like many others, I'm convinced God has prepared Bob "for just such a time as this".] Watch for future development on how this www page could help you get people and city profiles, networking information, and conferencing capabilities. If you have ideas on what this page should contain, email DLucasatTeamExpansiondotorg.

NEED A FREE EMAIL COMPUTER? -- Send a message to James Thornberry at jimtatgoldendotncwdotnet and ask for information about Computers for Missions Int'l. They are a ministry which specializes in gathering by donation computers, parts, and software to put together systems to give to missionaries in the field free of charge. They are currently asking for any used, new, or "spare" pc's to use in the work of the ministry. In addition, they would like the names of missionaries that might have a need that we can help with. [Thanks to Ron at MissionNet for this item!]

NEW PEOPLE GROUP PROFILE POSTED -- Add the Ishilhayn to the list of people profiles that can be electronically downloaded via Brigada. Thanks to the Adopt-a-people Clearinghouse for making these available. To retrieve this new profile, (assuming you're already subscribed to Brigada) email hubatxcdotorg with only the following line in the body of the message:

get brigada peoples-morocco-ishilhayn

Thanks to Marvin Grooms at the CC/CC Missions Resource Center for keying in this and the other People Groups we have posted as sample electronic copies.

ARABIC PEOPLE CONFERENCE READY FOR BUSINESS -- Bill Kelly's goal is manyfold. He wants to see an exchange of information sources, as well as information itself. He wants to share/learn where are the good ftp sites, lists, etc, that will help us learn more about Arabic peoples. In addition, he would like to see mission agencies discuss their various philosphies about showing God's love, launching new thrusts, and how those thrusts integrate with Arabic peoples' visions of who they are and where they're going. Bill says, "The Biggest question for me personally is how can individuals "plug in" in

an active way, rather than just passively reading prayer newsletters? What sort of innovative ideas are being used to moblize the resources of the laity?" To learn and share with Bill, join Brigada-peoples-arab by sending email to hubatxcdotorg with only the following line in the body of the message:

subscribe Brigada-peoples-arab

19950319 Brigada Today

BRIGADA TODAY -- 24 of March, 1995

News and Notes about Brigada

Compiled by DLucasatTeamExpansiondotorg

[Note: Please forward or pass this Brigada Today to as many people as you think might be able to see a future in it! To subscribe, send email to hubatxcdotorg with the one line, "subscribe brigada" in the text of the message (without the quotes). Subject is irrelevant. Brigada is free (though you still have to pay your normal email charges, of course).]


NAVIGATION MAP -- Find out what's "down under" the top level...


BRIGADA'S FUTURE -- What will God do?


NEW ON BRIGADA -- Look who just stopped by to join up!

NEW TO BRIGADA? HERE'S THE CONCEPT -- Networking at it's best...





NAVIGATION MAP -- From 58 three weeks ago, to 76 the following week, to 95 last week to 106 today, Brigada (the top level conference in the map pictured below) continues to grow. (We officially "opened for business" this past Tues., March 21st, the first day of spring. One participant wrote that God was bringing new life all throughout his creation, both in nature and online! For that may He be praised, because He alone is worthy.) Below is a chart to point to the conferences established thus far. Each line represents an entirely different conference, with an entirely different set of participants. You can be a member of more than one conference, but to do so, you must subscribe to each conference individually. Subscribing to the top level Brigada conference does =not= automatically get you mail from each of the subgroups. (If it did, you'd go crazy with mail!!! [grin]) Remember that you can determine the name of any conference by starting at the top and left and working over. To subscribe to any of the conferences below, just send email to hubatxcdotorg with the word "subscribe" followed by the conference name (include the hyphens in the conference name, but lose the quotes in "subscribe"). For example, to subscribe to the first subconference listed, your message would read,

"subscribe brigada-albania-durres"

(without the quotes).



Brigada (106 have subscribed to this top level conference, "Brigada")























ANSWER TO LAST WEEK'S PUZZLE: MEANING OF "DAG" -- Last week, at the close of the "Interview with Bob and Steve" of Morning Star Technologies, we asked if anyone could guess where the name "Dag" originated. ('Dag' is the name the guys gave to the computer that handles all Brigada conferences.) There were several guesses, but no one came through with the correct answer. As Bob put it, "'Dag' is the Hebrew word used for the "great fish" in Jonah 1:17ff. That fish was God's agent to carry His servant Jonah to a far-off land, to do the cross-cultural ministry God had planned for him. May this modern Dag be so used to enable His workers to carry God's grace to the unreached peoples of the world!"


BRIGADA'S FUTURE -- We asked Pete Holzmann for his 'take' on Brigada's future. Pete serves as the Technical Advisor to the International AD2000 Leadership and the Coordinator for the AD2000 & Beyond Assessment Task Force. He's been studying interactive technologies for several years now, with a view of how they can best serve AD2000 leadership. According to Pete, "Brigada is one of the needed cooperative efforts for enabling leaders to improve communications among working groups." He then added, "In fact, Brigada will be one way that you can find out about additional AD2000 efforts in that direction." Keep in mind that AD2000 & Beyond is a movement, rather than a tight-knit organization. But what Pete seems to be saying is that he believes God will use Brigada as a key part of the puzzle uniting various global partnerships that form through GCOWE tracks and related AD2000 efforts. Join us in praying that we'll all be good listeners for God's global plans.


ADOPT-A-PEOPLE CLEARINGHOUSE CROSSES ANOTHER HURDLE -- This past month, the AAP Clearinghouse crossed a significant hurdle. For quite some time now, Marv Bowers, a computer specialist from California, has been intending to move to Colorado to assist the Clearinghouse in scanning in the AAPC People Profiles so that they would be available electronically. Finally, just last week, Terry Riley told Brigada that Marv has succeeded in making the move! The Clearinghouse has =tons= of profiles on paper in filing cabinets there in Colorado. Marv's plans call for a two part plan. Not only will the =thousands= of profiles be converted to an AskSam database for use on a local CD-ROM reader, but more importantly for Brigada's use, the text will be converted to ascii, after which Terry and the Clearinghouse plan to make the profiles available online here on Brigada. You can already practice implementing this approach by downloading our 'test profiles' today! If you're a Brigada subscriber, send email to hubatxcdotorg (Compuserve users, don't forget to preface this with INTERNET:). In the body of the message, put any one or all of these lines:

get brigada peoples-india-bhumiji

get brigada peoples-india-magahibihari

get brigada peoples-iran-qashqa'i

get brigada peoples-ivorycoast-jula

get brigada peoples-mozambique-ndau

These profiles were manually transferred to ascii by volunteer Brigada participant, Marvin Grooms, who operates the CC/CC Missions Resource Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. (Thanks Marvin!) That'll give you a small taste of the =thousands= of profiles that should someday be available in this same fashion, if and when Marv is successful! Pray God's richest blessing on him, his ministry, and family. We need his work fast! [grin]


NEW ON BRIGADA -- Added this past week were several very key participants. Kay Hiramine is Peter Wagner's special assistant. Dr. Wagner's office, in Pasadena, CA, oversees the United Prayer Track for the AD2000 & Beyond Movement. For example, out of that office has come the 'sponsorship' and some of the leadership for programs such as "Praying through the Window" (both in 1993 and now in 1995, with the 100 Gateway Cities). Also added this week was the Sentinel Group's office in Lynnwood, WA. We've been watching their output for quite some time. Those familiar with Sentinel will immediately recall the new city/nation profiles that give prayer needs and key details about a particular unreached area (Thanks to Brigada user Steve Burris, of Fuller Seminary, for sending in samples to Brigada). Their research and presentation is first class. Also added was Phil Elkins -- see more about his work later in this bulletin.


NEW TO BRIGADA? HERE'S THE CONCEPT -- We hope Brigada can serve the Lord by being a place to meet others who share a common concern for a specific city or people, a forum to search for others who are wanting to be used by God to make a difference. Brigada provides tools to get answers =today= about people, tribes, castes, kindreds, & cities -- and the connections to meet those set on reaching them. Naturally, like any 'new business', we've just opened our doors, so the dust is still settling. It'll probably be well after May (and GCOWE) before we'll be able to see the full extent of how God can use this service. But you can already begin working today! If you'd like to see how, just check out the Albania-Durres conference, or ask Jeff Pike about his Missions Mobilizers sub-group. And the "practice" we get now will help us know how to set up the networks of tomorrow.


LOOKING FOR A FUND-RAISING IDEA? TRY ANDREW WOOD'S RIBBON! -- Thanks to Brigada user Andrew Wood (who is making a difference in the former Soviet Union today!) for pointing out a useful tool from _52 Ways To Teach Missions_ (San Diego: Rainbow Books, 1994). It's actually a very simple way to garner the participation of a whole department or congregation or even group of congregations. Get some ribbon (heavy gift wrap ribbon works best, 1/2 to 3/4 inches wide). Cut the ribbon into one yard lengths and distribute one or two yards to each class, group, or person you'd like to involve. Each day or week, he/she/the group attaches nickels, side by side, along the length of the ribbon, until the entire yard (or two) is full. Pull together 100 volunteers to collect a yard of nickels and you will have raised $210! If you can find a group of congregations to do a whole 'mile' of ribbon (1,760 yards -- that's a lot of nickels!), you'll have $3696! Try it and let us know how it goes!


MISSIONS TRAINING RESOURCE CENTER NOW ON BRIGADA -- This week's featured participant is Phil Elkins, recently subscribed from the Missions Training and Resource Center in Pasadena, CA.

Brigada: "Phil, tell us what you do in Pasadena."

Phil: "I am president of the Mission Training and Resource Center in Pasadena, Ca. For fifteen years we have been designing and operating special training programs for missionary pre and in-field needs."

B: "Give us an example of how this Center can assist in actually fulfilling the Great Commission."

PE: "We operate a training center in Central Asia for those planning to work in that area of the world. In Los Angeles we annually conduct an intensive experience based training program for prefield missionaries."

B: "What do you cover? What do your California students do, for example?"

PE: "They live and work among their target field peoples in L.A. and start learning the language skills necessary to acquire language proficiency. They are assisted in developing cross-cultural communication skills, interpersonal relational skills and church planting skills. We also have a process of working on spiritual formation."

B: "Who can participate?"

PE: "We work with agencies, formed mission teams, and local churches."


TOOL OF THE WEEK -- KEEPING OUR PROMISES -- This past week, someone asked me, "Doug, you seem busier than ever. Does your family ever see you?" Thanks in part to Promise Keepers, I think my family would tell you that they see me more than ever. If you haven't taken a look at the 7 Promises that a Promise Keeper makes to God and his family, take a look at them, as given in the book, _The Seven Promises of a Promise Keeper_ (Colorado Springs: Focus on the Family Publishing, 1994)....

A Promise Keeper is committed to...

1) "... honoring Jesus Christ through worship, prayer and obedience to God's Word in the power of the Holy Spirit."

2) "... pursuing vital relationships with a few other men, understanding that he needs brothers to help him keep his promises.

3) "... practicing spiritual, moral, ethical, and sexual purity."

4) "... building strong marriages and families through love, protection, and biblical values."

5) "... supporting the mission of the church by honoring and praying for his pastor, and by actively giving his time and resources."

6) "... reaching beyond any racial and denominational barriers to demonstrate the power of biblical unity."

7) "... influencing his world, being obedient to the Great Commandment (see Mark 12:30-31) and the Great Commission (see Matt. 28:19-20).

Of course, it's the number 7 that originally caught my eye, but loving my wife and kids -- and investing in them daily -- has become kind of an addiction for me... and a healthy one, I believe. I coach two soccer teams (one for each son), leave a love note =every morning= for my wife, and swap one weekday workday for every weekend travel day spent on the road. I've not "arrived," but God is teaching me a lot about the years of time I wasted without knowing my role and responsibilities as a husband and parent. Only through his grace and power can I write to you today. As a matter of fact, my time is gone. I have to leave right now to go demonstrate Brigada to my sons' Christian School!!! [grin] Have a great week!

19950312 Brigada Today

BRIGADA TODAY -- 17 of March, 1995

News and Notes about Brigada

Compiled by DLucasatTeamExpansiondotorg


*NAVIGATION MAP -- Two conferences reach the "100 zone"!


*WORDS FROM A NEW USER -- N. (name withheld by request) , from the Cities Network

*"FAMOUS PARTICIPANTS" -- Look who just subscribed...

*IDEA DEPARTMENT -- In-Quoting effectively

*TOOL OF THE WEEK -- "Who" and DMIS's Dave the Answer-Pointer-Man!

*FILES OF THE WEEK -- New People Profiles on line!

*INTERVIEW WITH BOB AND STEVE -- Who or What is "Dag"?


NAVIGATION MAP -- From 58 two weeks ago, to 76 last week, to 95 today... Brigada (the top level conference) continues to serve additional missionaries, mission executives, mission educators, church leaders and World Christians. We're now in the final stages of testing, ready to actually 'announce' the service publicly early next week. Probably on Monday, faxes will be sent to some 450 key leaders with the hopes of establishing all the more linkages via Brigada. Below is a chart to point to the conferences established thus far. Remember that you can determine the name of any conference by starting at the top and left and working over. To subscribe to any of the conferences below, just send email to hubatxcdotorg with the word "subscribe" followed by the conference name (include the hyphens in the conference name, but lose the quotes in "subscribe" and, of course, drop the numbers in parentheses that follow the conferences below).



Brigada (95)

|-albania-durres (17)

|-albania-durres-ftf (4)

|-argentina-laplata (14)

|-colombia-bogota (3)

|-ecuador-guayaquil (5)

|-orgs-missionmobilizers (20)

|-teamex (100)

|-peoples-arab (2)

|-kazakh (4)

|-latam (7)

|-prayer-mobilizers (13)

|-prayer-requests (2)

|-projects-brigada (13)

|-cells (5)

|-lex96 (15)

|-security (5)

|-pubs-globalprayerdigest (15)

|-missionfrontiers (11)

|-ukraine-kharkov (9)

|-ukraine-kharkov-ftf (11)

|-uruguay-montevideo (20)

FTF CONFERENCES SHOW THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME -- This past week, participants in two conferences (for Durres, Albania and Kharkov, Ukraine) simultaneously came to the conclusion that they really needed two different conferences (each). One would serve the general public, to exchange prayer requests, reports, and 'public' releases. The other, the "Field Task Force" conference, would serve a much narrower audience and would, for the most part, be a private "invitation only" conference specifically geared for solving field issues that were more sensitive in nature. On these latter conferences, only the overseeing church and/or mission leaders would be invited on board. The new conferences were launched and are already in use by the leadership of these two innovative fields. Thanks for the 'user feedback'! Now that we've seen Kharkov and Durres conferences at work, we figure that many new "adoptions" will probably prefer a similar setup.

WORDS FROM A NEW USER -- N. (name withheld by request) works with Viv Grigg on the Cities Resource Network for AD2000 & Beyond. He wrote this week, "I'm glad for the contact and the warm welcome and the insights that will come from more than one head trying to think about how to be strategic in the 10/40 window. I'm thinking that the way that Brigada could be most helpful to me is to be sounding board for new ideas and strategic thinking. This could be a brainstorming, logistics testing ground for especially rapid deployment of resources to fast openings that happen in politically difficult countries that are termed "Creative Access Countries". My thing is to do God's thing at whatever the cost, realizing that we are in a war and that casualties are a normal part of the attrition of gaining the victory for the Kingdom. But I don't want to always move unilaterally, without the confirmation of the other parts of the body of Christ represented in the parachurch movements and the local and denominational churches arrayed over the vastness of our planet. The second important aspect of that which is needed form Brigada is the research to move wisely and forth rightly into the territory that isn't always controlled by our King Jesus. Thirdly, is the continued communications support to report and infuse the church with up to date information that shows the advances and attrition rates and the call up of new recruits and resources to further the perimeter of gain for Christ. These are my quick thoughts and if they could be aired to see if others also see it this way I'd appreciate that. Yours in Christ and pressing on, N. (name withheld by request) " Thanks Norm!!!

"FAMOUS PARTICIPANTS" -- I know, I know... we're all the same in God's eyes. But there's just something exciting about seeing some of the names in the "who" list for Brigada (for more info., see "Tool of the Week" below). For example, does the name "Kaleb Jansen" ring a bell? [Hint: Go check your coffee table for the most innovative and colorful cartographic missions masterpiece money can buy!] Or how 'bout "Eddie Smith" [a la US Prayer Track Leader fame...]? And don't forget Michael Jaffarian [who works each day beside David Barrett, author of a humble little volume known simply as _The World Christian Encyclopedia_], Mark Wilson and Bev Pegues [Co-Coordinators of the "Praying Through the Window II" campaign], Leonard Tuggy [with merely a few decades of mission leadership behind him]. There are others... but that's probably enough for now. After all, we're all the same in God's eyes. :-)

IDEA DEPARTMENT -- "In-quoting" can be a helpful process when returning email replies, especially on Brigada conferences. The trick is knowing how much to quote! If your email software doesn't have an automatic quoting function, you might have to use the mouse to select the message, copy it to the clipboard, then paste it into the body of your reply. Insert something like a double brace "<<" at the beginning and end of the comment you're quoting ">>". That way other readers in the conference will know the difference between the original message and your reply. Be sure to try to leave the original writer's name in a "From:" line somewhere at the top. Many automatic in-quoters insert a line such as "You wrote" or "You said:". If you're replying to a message with multiple requests or questions, you might want to separate the message into sections, dividing each by the << >> braces mentioned above. IMPORTANT: Those paying for the message by the byte (especially the overseas users) will appreciate it if you quote =only= the portion of the original message necessary to give the context of the original question... no more, no less. Users all over the world =dread= seeing a stack of three or four in-quoted messages, copied lock, stock and barrel into the next reply! :-)

TOOL OF THE WEEK -- Want to get a list of the individuals on your conference? Just send email to hubatxcdotorg, fill in the subject with whatever you want, then enclose two words in the body of the message: "who brigada" (without the quotation marks). In a few minutes, the hub computer will send you back a complete list of your co-conference participants!


There's another tool we'd like to mention this week and that tool is actually a person. He's David Nesmith, who works the Directory of Mission Information Services, founded by Global Mapping as a kind of "point-to-the-right-answer-desk". Dave is very forthright about the fact that he won't always know all the answers... but that's really not his job anyway. His job is to know where you can =find= the answers! So try him out. Next time you're trying to figure out where the Yalunka live, or how to get in touch with so-and-so who wrote such-and-such, or where to go to find what-cha-ma-call-it, send Dave email at dmisatgmidotorg. From personal experience, I can tell you you'll be glad you did! He has yet to come up empty-handed with my own queries! :-)

FILES OF THE WEEK -- Thanks to Marvin Grooms, of the CC/CC Missions Resource Center in Cincinnati, Ohio! He's heading up a committee charged with posting People Profiles on Brigada and he's been at work this week. Take a look at the following profiles now posted in the Brigada conference section (top level):






(To retrieve a copy for yourself, send email to hubatxcdotorg, then fill in the subject with whatever, then, in the body of the message text, write "get brigada peoples-mozambique-ndau", substituting the file name for the profile you desire, without the quotation marks. Note that you must have already subscribed to Brigada for this function to take effect.) As time permits, Marvin and his growing team of volunteers would like to post dozens... or maybe hundreds :-) of profiles for worldwide use. They can be refreshed with updated information from anywhere in the world, and new insights can be appended to the info. that Marvin has already posted. Be patient as formats and spacing issues are resolved... but you can start enjoying instant-access to the peoples of the world from your own keyboard today! Thanks to the Adopt-A-People Clearinghouse for unselfishly making these and other profiles available to the missions community at large!

INTERVIEW WITH BOB AND STEVE -- You've heard about CrossConnect, but who is MorningStar? Well this past week, we climbed in our van and made the trip to Columbus, Ohio, to find out! (Actually, I had to preach about 10 minutes from the MorningStar office and it was on the way! :-) ) We were able to interview two of the technicians who do the 'hands-on' maintenance of the computer hub (or 'server', which they affectionately refer to as, "Dag") that Brigada uses for its magic. Bob Sutterfield and Steve Neruda, along with their friend Karl, work for MorningStar Technologies in Columbus. (Note that Dag itself is owned by CrossConnect, an organization based in Colorado; but because of the unique connection offered by MorningStar, CrossConnect actually bases "him" [Dag] in Columbus. Thus, CrossConnect workers 'telecommute' to work everyday from Colorado!) Thanks to the courtesy of Bob's management team and company ownership, MorningStar makes available Dag's hardwired connection directly into the spine of the INTERNET at state-of-the-art speed ... and they do it free of charge! We all owe a big thanks to the folks at MorningStar [subliminal commercial disclaimer: If your college or agency ever needs equipment for hooking into the INTERNET, Bob and Steve can talk to the management at MorningStar and get you great prices on the hottest stuff on the market. -- end commercial :-)]. I asked Bob about possible limits to Dag's capabilities, if Brigada continued to grow. He replied with a wry smile that we weren't even beginning to tax the system yet. When I explained that someday there might be literally hundreds of church networks, communicating with majority world believers from around the globe who had come alongside them to reach unreached cities and peoples, he just kept on smiling. "See, that's why we, along with CrossConnect, have been trying to prepare this capability all along! All this equipment is just a bunch of wiring unless there are real people like you all who come along and find a use for it! You all are the reason we're here!" Bob and Steve work long hours for MorningStar, then stay even longer to do volunteer work to maintain "Dag". When there are inevitable hardware failures, special software jumps in to spool Brigada messages to alternative servers at other sites. Once Steve and Bob get Dag back on line, the computers at the other sites begin unloading back to Dag the messages they've been storing up. In this fashion, even if there are problems, we suffer little if any, data loss. Getting all this equipment to work together is truly a ministry for Steve and Bob (and Karl, whom I didn't meet personally). God has gifted us with a wonderful bunch of colleagues... ready for action, finding fulfillment in helping us accomplish the visions God has imparted to us. So when you pray later today, please lift them up and ask God to give them extra strength! We're counting on them to help us with future expansion!!! :-) One last question -- a kind of contest. As we mentioned above, the Morningstar gang and the CrossConnect crew all refer to the server as, "Dag". We'll give extra points to the first Brigada participant who can figure out where they got that term... Just send your best guesses to DLucasatTeamExpansiondotorg. And Bob and Steve... no fair giving out hints. "Neither the employees of Morningstar nor CrossConnect, nor their families can participate in the contest." :-)


19950305 Brigada Today

News and Notes about the Brigada Network

Compiled by DLucasatTeamExpansiondotorg


*NAVIGATION MAP -- 7 new conferences launched!!!

*IDEA DEPARTMENT -- Prepare a "key file"

*GROWTH GROUPS -- Top level adds another 20 participants in one week!

*WHAT'S THE BEST EMAIL TO USE WITH BRIGADA? -- Some services surveyed


*TOOL OF THE WEEK -- "Light the Window" will set fire to your group!

*FILE OF THE WEEK -- The unreached peoples of the 100 Gateway Cities


NAVIGATION MAP -- Remember that you can determine the name of any conference by starting at the top and left and working over. To subscribe to any of the conferences below, just send email to hubatxcdotorg with the word "subscribe" followed by the conference name (include the hyphens in the conference name, but lose the quotes in "subscribe" and, of course, drop the numbers in parentheses that follow the conferences below).



Brigada (58)

|-albania-durres (14)

|-argentina-laplata (13)

|-colombia-bogota *

|-ecuador-guayaquil *

|-orgs-missionmobilizers (15)

|-teamex (79)

|-peoples-arab *

|-kazakh (3)

|-latam *

|-prayer-mobilizers (9)

|-prayer-requests *

|-projects-brigada *

|-cells *

|-lex96 (10)

|-security (3)

|-pubs-globalprayerdigest (5)

|-missionfrontiers (4)

|-ukraine-kharkov (3)

|-uruguay-montevideo (17)

* Conferences marked with an asterisk are brand new this week!

IDEA DEPARTMENT -- Want to save time? Prepare a special "key file", made up of the Brigada conference names and/or commands that you are likely to use most often. Participants using a word processor such as Winword can then prepare a macro that automatically opens the file for 'read-only' reference, then use the Tools-Customize option to put a 'hot button' on the tool bar that executes the macro. In this way, with the touch of a button, you'll bring up your "key file", allowing you to select and copy conference names then paste them into your email application to eliminate all that manual typing each time around.

GROWTH GROUPS -- Have you noticed that we're growing??? Last week, "Brigada Today" celebrated 58 users in the top level conference of Brigada. Now, just 7 days later, that figure has climbed to 76 and is still growing! And we haven't actually announced the service publicly yet. Probably on Monday, we'll be sending faxed announcements to hundreds of missionaries, mission executives, and church leaders. Many are not on email at this time. Their ramp to Brigada will be steep and they might need your help to get started. If you see a new Brigada user struggling to get going, please lend a helping hand. And if there's someone you know who should be on board to network with others, please let them in on the concept!

WHAT'S THE BEST EMAIL TO USE WITH BRIGADA? -- Any email application will do. As long as your service can send and receive messages to/from the INTERNET, you'll be in great shape. However, some applications do seem to mesh with the INTERNET more effectively than others. (Please note that this has =nothing whatsoever= to do with Brigada in particular. We're describing general features of the communications service itself.) For example, America Online is basically a good choice for Brigada users, since you'll have 10 hours of "free time" each month and unlimited messaging to the INTERNET without paying a dime extra. However, AOL has, during the past few weeks, experienced days where their gateway to the INTERNET has operated so slowly that INTERNET messages sometimes required up to 3 hours to arrive... even from point to point within the USA! During =one= day last month, there was such an increase in traffic that messages spooled to storage hard drives and weren't even delivered until the next morning! (This is definitely the exception, rather than the norm; most AOL traffic to and from the INTERNET takes about 5 minutes!)

But American Online isn't the only service that will provide trying times for Brigada users. We've recently seen INTER-nauts refer to Compuserve as Compu$pend :-) (Thanks Rob Slade!). Compuserve charges 10 cents per message for each message users =send= through its INTERNET gateway =and= charges the same for messages received! =However=, note that users get a flat base rate of 90 such messages =free= each month. So, if you're receiving a "Brigada Today" each Friday, plus an average of 2 or 3 other INTERNET messages per day, odds are your Compu$pend bill will still be the normal flat rate of $10/month. However, if you start sending/receiving 10 INTERNET messages per day, you might want to switch or add a service that lets you work more affordably.

There =are= other alternatives. Those with heavy INTERNET work loads might consider using Netcom, a true INTERNET hook up, complete with its own "NetCruiser" graphical interface, the service of choice for Brigada participants Steve Burris and Eddie Elliston, both of Fuller Theological Seminary. Though the service is $20/month, there are no charges for INTERNET messages and off-peak time is unlimited (40 hours peak time provided free). Once Netcom upgrades their email software to allow for off-line composition of messages, this will probably be the top INTERNET service in the nation. (Those interested can dial 408-983-5950 for more information; and yes I do use Netcom but no they don't give me any kind of premiums for recommending them :-).)

In the end, the choice must be yours. If you're new to the INTERNET, but already have an email service-provider, it's probably better to wait a month or two to gauge the cost of your present setup. If you're just getting started, and want the cheapest start-up costs on INTERNET, go with America Online (800-487-0588). If you're determined to try Compuserve and use discipline when sending and receiving to the INTERNET, call 800-487-0588. In addition to these, the 'big three', you might scout around locally to see if there are other providers in your area that offer an even better alternative.

BRIGADA PARTICIPANT OFFERS FREE BIBLE STUDY -- Thanks to Warren Dowd (wdoudatbgadotcom), who is offering a free correspondence course verse-by-verse Bible study. Write Warren directly if you're interested. He reportedly has more than 900 signed up, ready to begin Titus in the next few days.

TOOL OF THE WEEK -- This week's special tool for mobilization is "Light the Window", a new video produced by CBN, distributed by Christian Information Network (11025 State Highway 83, Colorado Springs, CO 80921 -- Compuserve: 73422,3471; INTERNET: 73422dot3471atcompuservedotcom or call (719) 522-1040). "Light The Window" tells the story of Praying Through the Window, a global prayer movement sponsored by the United Prayer Track of A.D. 2000 & Beyond. To fulfill the Great Commission, the Praying Through the Window campaign is asking that prayer would be focused on the nations of the 10/40 Window and the Gateway Cities within these nations. By viewing the video, you'll learn how you can join the millions of Christians who are part of this worldwide prayer movement. It's first class and comes (on the same tape) in two different lengths (11 min. and 27 min.). A more official press release is slated for March 24th, but you can order from Bev Pegues at CIN today. The tape is copyrighted by CBN. Please tell her you read about it on Brigada!

FILE OF THE WEEK -- You've seen the list of 100 Gateway Cities, but have you seen it cross-matched with unreached people groups in those cities??? Neither had World Vision's Unreached People expert John Robb... so he asked Southern Baptist researcher John Gilbert to prepare one. Because both these men are involved in helping fine-tune Brigada, we saw early copies of the list as it was being readied for publishing. This interesting approach takes the new fascination with a city-by-city look at the globe and combines it with the proven focus of viewing the world through 'people group' eyes. For each city, John Gilbert has listed the 3 or 4 priority unreached groups which live there. And now, Mark Wilson, who is one of the two coordinators for the 100 Gateway Cities Project, has shared the final list and made it available to Brigada users (thanks to Mark, John and John for using Brigada!). To obtain your own copy, just send email to hubatxcdotorg, placing the following line in the body of the email message:

subscribe brigada

get brigada 100-gateway-cities-peoples


The list will come running into your email in-basket in about 5 minutes.

NEXT WEEK -- An interview with two of the fellows who give on-site service to the computer server that handles all of the Brigada conferences. They share their vision for the future... and that's where we're all headed!

[Did someone forward this note to you and not give you instructions as to how you can start receiving "Brigada Today"? Simple. Just look above to the item, "FILE OF THE WEEK". Follow the instructions to get the file and you're in business. You'll get the file =and= start receiving "Brigada Today" in your own in-basket automatically, each Friday morning. Questions? Write DLucasatTeamExpansiondotorg]

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