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Join us in welcoming Brigada-Russia and Brigada-projects-louisianamobilizers to the Brigada family of communication networks. The new Russia conference will create an interface to facilitate the reaching of the unreached in Russia. It will allow the various networking of individuals and partners to report, share ideas and pertinent news, offer up prayer requests, and encourage additional partnerships. Eventually, Dale Brugler, who serves as moderator, hopes to spawn sub-conferences that would focus on specific cities and people groups within Russia. The louisianamobilizers will seek to mobilize Christians and Churches in Louisiana for Frontier Missions. This conference will allow the various networking individuals to share ideas on how to help others in Louisiana catch the “Missions Vision” as well as promote regional conferences, missions workshops, seminars, etc. Reports on what your churches, missions committees and agencies are doing are encouraged. Thanks to Nathan Martin for his partnership in this new venture!!!


Following the long civil war, there is great openness for Christianity in Mozambique. The guards and all 700 prisoners in a jail in the capital, Maputo, watched the film in complete silence. At the end, as usual, the team asked all those who were interested in following Jesus to stand up. The response: all 700 prisoners and all the guards! According to the leader of the Jesus Film Project, the international norm is that 10% respond, but of the approximately 21,000 who have seen the film in its first presentations since being translated into the Makhua language spoken in Mozambique, 40% have responded. Source: Update 2/95 Campus Crusade, USA.

Subject: Revival continues to sweep US campuses



This note is from National and International Religion Report (4/17/95). The powerful, national revival that began in Brownwood, Texas, continues to jolt American college campuses. Thousands more students as well as some faculty and administrators have participated in public confession, restitution, and reconciliation. “In 25 years of teaching I’ve never seen anything like this,” reported church historian John Woodbridge, a Trinity Evangelical Divinity School professor, remarked. “It is a wonderful work of the Spirit of God.”


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So far, well over 80 people have subscribed to this GCOWE “news channel” on Brigada — even though it’s only a week old!!! For those with access to the Worldwide Web, point your browsers to http://www.ad2000.org/gcowe95/gcowe95.htm to read the actual text from the addresses being delivered here, along with other interesting items. The Brigada channel is more of a personal perspective from Doug Lucas; the www pages are compiled by actual AD2000 staff and a group of volunteers who have been willing to work very hard to help make the information available internationally.



Thanks to Larry Boggan, who reports that the Mission Frontiers current subscription list has now topped 110,000! We erroneously reported 45,000 last week. Apologies!


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