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Last week, we included a prayer request by Luis Bush regarding Love South Africa. Now, this week, we can already report prayers answered! Luis writes… “Hello friends. Several days I ago I requested your prayers for what was taking place here in South Africa. I believe God has answered beyond any expectations.

I believe the spirit coming out of GCOWE in the hearts and lives of the 66 South Africans who lived on and perhaps were even enhanced in LSA 95. The spirit was an extension of the GCOWE 95 spirit and the implications of the plans that have been set in motion I believe are enormously significant for Africa, the least evangelized peoples, the 10/40 Window and AD 2000.


We’ve place the full text of Luis reply (around 12 pages) in the Brigada file storage area. To get Luis’ response, send email to hubatxcdotorg  (hubatxcdotorg)   with only the following line in the body of the message:
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Thanks to Rick Wood, who has placed a full page on Brigada in his July issue of Mission Frontiers, the newspaper/magazine sent out monthly to over 100,000 people around the world. The article, originally by Debra Wood and printed in a slightly different form in the GCOWE Today journal in Seoul, explains subscription instructions and gives annotated information on several Brigada conferences. Thanks Rick!




Monday, in Indianapolis, IN, some 1000 leaders will gather, representing approximately 200 different Christian churches and churches of Christ congregations from around the world. They’re being called together with the hopes of finding congregations who will each accept responsibility for a “piece of the unevangelized world.” The video, Light the Window, is a centerpiece in the 90-minute program, but also included are live testimonies from “case study” churches that have participated in prototype projects throughout the past 12 months. If planners’ prayers are answered, maybe 5, maybe 10 (maybe more?) will “adopt” least evangelized regions, cities, or people groups. Caleb Project President Greg Fritz and colleague Steve …are among the honored guests. Envision ’96 hopes to channel participating churches through Caleb Project’s “Research Expedition” channel in the hopes of securing additional mobilization, strategy, and prayer assistance. For more updates, join the Envision ’96 conference on Brigada by sending email to hubatxcdotorg  (hubatxcdotorg)   with only the following line in the body of the message:
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Once subscribed, you can also get “back-issues” of Points of Departure, a now-weekly newsletter on the Envision ’96 project, mailed each Thursday to email subscribers around the globe. For example, to get this past week’s POD, send email to hubatxcdotorg  (hubatxcdotorg)   with only the following line in the body of the message:
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Join Brigada-Prayer- Mobilizers and retrieve a copy of Lynn Heatly’s Prayer Connections newsletter, the report from her Prayer “Command Post”. (Thanks, Lynn, for learning new technology to mobilize prayer warriors!) You can batch the two commands together like this. Send email to hubatxcdotorg  (hubatxcdotorg)   with the following two lines of text in the body of the message:
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I’m still seeing mail pass by my desk regarding the fine-tuning of the list of 2500 least reached peoples. You’ll recall that this list was first distributed at GCOWE in Seoul as a “first draft”. Now, it appears researchers and leaders are making progress in the quest of refining and detailing the list of least reached. If all goes well, we might see a more definite list within the next 30 days — and prayer profiles begin to flow shortly thereafter. When prayer profiles are finally produced, mission researchers, mobilizers, and on-site workers will have new material to share with supporters, friends, and prayer warriors. And the eventual hope, of course, is that teams of on-site workers will be sent to plant vibrant new fellowships of believers among the peoples in those lands. You can assist this work today by taking a moment to pray for those who are helping move these decisions forward. God will hear and I’m confident He will answer your prayers.




Are you a recent subscriber? You can get previous editions of this weekly mailing at no extra charge. Although Brigada “officially” opened its doors on March 21, 1995, there were several who participated in a month of “beta mailings” throughout the month previous to this formal opening. You can get mailings all the back to February 18, ’95, when there were only 38 people involved in the top level of Brigada! All these back issues are archived in the Brigada file area. To see a list of files there, send a message to hubatxcdotorg  (hubatxcdotorg)   with only the following line of text in the body of the message:
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From the Idea Department: When a new Brigada Today comes, transfer it to a unique “folder” within your email client’s filing cabinet, or, as an alternative, select and “clip” it to the clipboard and transfer the issue to a file in your word processor. Either way (if your email client allows for searching for a particular piece of text), you can then do “needle-in-a- haystack” searches to dig up the source for that special video, or that email address for more information on that prayer resource. Save your back issues… or maybe go back and get them one at a time every so often and start a Brigada file cabinet on your laptop!




Seriously, our computer here was hit with a serious hardware failure last week, causing us to see that dastardly message, “Hard disk boot record invalid.” The good news is that we were backing up every Friday night. The bad news is that it happened on Friday at 4pm! The company supplied a new hard drive. We restored everything . . . except the past 7 days! :-( So now we’re backing up every night! [soapbox mode on] A word to the wise: hardware failure is inevitable. It will happen, sooner or later. It’s not a matter of “if” – – it’s a matter of “when”. If you’ve got even 8 hours of work on your computer that you don’t want to have to recreate, back it up. [soapbox mode off]




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There are now nearly 40 different “conferences” meeting as a part of the Brigada family of networks. Note that you get to choose which one to join, based on your interests. To see a full list of the choices, send email to hubatxcdotorg  (hubatxcdotorg)   with only the word “conferences” in the text of the message, without the quotation marks. This Brigada Today is the one place (the “top level”) where all participants meet, share ideas and swap resources.


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