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Last issue, we reported that you can now order “Send Me! Your Journey to the Nations,” by Steve Hoke and Bill Taylor, for half-price in case lots of 38 copies for just $4.00/copy + UPS Shipping Charges ($7.16 to $20.75 per case to USA addresses). We told how that was a 50% Discount off the normal single copy price is $8/copy. We even clarified that your cost per case lot of 38 would then just be $152!! On top of all that, we told how they can ship within 24 hours of the receipt of your order by return e-mail. And we added that you could order as many case lots as you wish. And these people were even willing to invoice you later. What more could you have wanted? Maybe an email address? Picky, picky, picky. :-) Write directly to the publisher, Bill BBerry4215ataoldotcom  (BBerry4215ataoldotcom)   and all your questions will be answered. And… please excuse any inconvenience. How was I to know you’d need his contact information! :-) (To make up for my mistake, he’s arranged to give a free copy of Operation World for an order of 20 or more of “Into All the World 2002”. Thanks Bill. :-) )


graduation cap ROX35 COMIX will be holding a 1-Day Introductory Training Session at The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity in the UK on Saturday, 15 September 2001, from 9am – 5pm. ROX35 has been involved in training over 500 people in missions and literature ministry from 22 countries, showing them how to create quality Christian comics and use them effectively as part of an overall outreach. At this 1-day session, participants will be given an overview of the whole comics creative process and highlights of the ROX35 course topics, including Writing & Scripting, Visual Storytelling, Editing, and Cultural Considerations. This is not a “how to draw” class and attendees do not need to be illustrators. The presenter/instructor is Nate Butler, who has worked on over a dozen internationally known characters, including “The Muppets,” “Tiny Toons,” and “The Jetsons,” and has packaged and published Christian comics. During scheduled breaks and lunch, Mr. Butler will be available for additional one-on-one discussion and consultation requests, as time permits, as well as for prayer and fellowship. Registration fee: 15 pounds (includes handout materials, a morning and afternoon coffee break, but not lunch). Seating is limited to just 12 people, so advance registration is necessary. Email ROX35atrox35dotorg  (ROX35atrox35dotorg)   or ROX35Mediaataoldotcom  (ROX35Mediaataoldotcom)   for registration information.


In addition to the photo-sharing site mentioned in the last issue of Brigada Today (clubphoto.com), Kimberly suggests you try: http://www.PictureTrail.com


A new Sharing Faith Toolbox designed for North Americans to use to reach out to their neighbors has just been published by Harbor Publications, 2060 Stonington Ave, Hoffman Estates, Illinois 60195 USA. This includes four color Christmas and Easter pieces, as well as evangelistic Bible Studies from John’s Gospel, a booklet explaining the way of salvation, a booklet answering the five most often asked questions, and the Jesus video. There are quantities of each in the box. Check out http://www.harborpublications.com or phone 847-519-1995 or email kevinandeloiseatcompuservedotcom  (kevinandeloiseatcompuservedotcom)   for information.


Many people have a sense they are called but do not have the keys to unlock that call, nor a realistic idea to what they are called. Missionary Training Camps, presented by Elijah Company, Inc. aim to expedite the process of being sent by tapping into the experience of the people who are and have been there. According to reports, all participants leave with a clear idea of the cost of missions. Crucial issues are dealt with to insure swift movement toward an assignment and longevity. The next Camp is September 27-30, 2001 near the historic first landing in Virginia. For details contact Elijah Company, Inc. at 757-474-2054 or TrumptCallataoldotcom  (TrumptCallataoldotcom)  . See ECI web page at http://www.elijahcompany.org.


graduation cap Do you have a heart for the unreached? The Frontier Missions Centre of South Asia is hosting its 2nd English Korean School of Frontier Missions from January 6th – March 29th, 2002. This school will give you the skills and attitudes necessary to effectively church plant among the 4,500 + unreached people groups of India and South Asia. A two-year internship working among an unreached people group will follow the 12-week classroom phase. For more information and to receive an application, email Anjali anjalisatgmxdotnet  (anjalisatgmxdotnet)   or Cheryl loveupgsatyahoodotcom  (loveupgsatyahoodotcom)  .


Reach Out Youth Solutions seeks to reach as many youth as possible by offering training and resources to those who work with youth. They offer their online premium resources free of charge for those outside the USA and to all who can’t afford to pay for them inside the USA. These resources include 700 pages of extensive lesson plans, over 1000 speakers illustrations, and 90+ how-to articles (and growing rapidly!) on many aspects of youth work, written by some of the top people in youth ministry. Many of the lessons are used in various countries and can be translated free of charge as long as permission is secured through Reach Out’s web master. Use these lessons in youth ministry and bible schools galore. Check ’em out at http://www.reach-out.org. Just click on “Your Account” on the top menu and sign in for either the free month or the free year long scholarship. The lessons and illustrations are on the top menu and the articles are on the left menu. For further information, contact Steve smilleroatmindspringdotcom  (smilleroatmindspringdotcom)  .


I trust you’ve been following all the press on the Christian workers in Afghanistan? Check out an example (submitted by Gene) at: http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/world/from_our_own_correspondent/newsid_1508000/1508120.stm


calendar It takes place Oct. 15-19 in Colorado Springs, hosted by Mission Training International, and it already has 100 registrants! This Congress puts language teachers, language school administrators and language supervisors from around the world in touch with each other and with academicians, pre- field trainers, personnel directors and agency executives, all committed to enhancing the quality of language learning and cultural integration for Christian workers. The theme this time is “Language Learning in its Cultural Context”. For more information, go to MTI’s website at http://www.mti.org or contact Karen at 800-896-3710.

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