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  1. FINALLY! A PORNOGRAPHY FILTER THAT WORKS — Have you been searching for an Internet pornography filter, just to be on the safe side? Maybe you’re looking for something for the kids’ computer, or even your own. Maybe you have Windows XP and the ones you’ve tried haven’t been fully compatible? Your wait is over. Here’s a piece of software that will protect your entire browsing/email environment … and for a reasonable price. I’ve been trying it out — and I can tell you, there is no noticeable speed hit whatsoever. It’s a great program — and it *works*. Try it out yourself for 10 days for free!!! Just log on at: http://www.integrity.com/index.php?siteid=19955 What’s more, here’s a chance to protect yourself and your computer *plus* help Brigada! For everyone who clicks through the above link in the next two weeks, then buys “Everyware” there, the designers of the software will send a $5 sponsorship to Brigada!!! With 100% of this new funding, we’d like to hire a secretary to act as a Brigada Customer Service Rep. to make address changes and handle other Brigada-related issues with the Brigada family of participants. We already have a person in mind — and her name is Penny! [my wife!!! As soon as we can get her some money flowing in, she’s quitting her teaching job to do it.] So please… run, don’t walk, and set up your new Integrity Online account!!!) :-)
  2. [Note: As of Dec., 2003, only six people had subscribed to Integrity Online. As of that date, that still wasn’t even enough to produce the first sponsorship check. :-( Not a very fruitful way to fund a Brigada secretary, unfortunately.]

  3. ORAL “STORYING” TOOLBOX NOW AVAILABLE — What a dynamite series of CD presentations, presented in a folksy “round table” discussion… in a professional yet informal way. Find out about world view and “orality”, see how oral learners take in information, and discover a great case study in presenting an approach for evangelism. Learn more at: http://www.fjseries.org . If you order before April 1st, you can get special start-up pricing. This set would be great to prepare cross-cultural workers in the art of “storying” — chronological story-telling. Use it in your mission’s pre-field orientation, pass the set around to your team members, or “check them out” like a library resource. They’re great!

  4. FOR THOSE WHO WANT A FILTERED ISP — As the nation’s leading filtered ISP, Integrity Online has been protecting tens of thousands of families since 1996. Their content management technology works to eliminate all obscene and inappropriate web material and unsolicited junk emails before they reach your computer. Utilizing artificial intelligence, this technology instantly analyzes over 800 different parameters of each web page, determining if the content is obscene or inappropriate. A special Integrity Online block page will appear each time someone in-advertently or intentionally tries to access an inappropriate site from your computer. Integrity Online account includes 5 fully filtered email addresses with a special feature allowing you to decide who can and can’t send you emails. The customizable filter on this service also sends all spam directly to a junk mail folder that is passcode protected. Also, if you have been thinking about getting your own website, Integrity Online will provide you with the web space to put your site online. For only $21.95 per month, you get filtered web access, 5 filtered email addresses, and personal web space from Integrity Online. This price is less than the basic service offered from most unfiltered service providers. To sign up, click on this link: http://www.integrity.com/index.php?siteid=19955 Here you can sign up online or call them toll free or via Net2phone for 1.866.449.1736 and they will answer your questions and sign you up. (What’s more, for everyone that signs up with them, they’ll sponsor Brigada to the tune of $25!!! Same as above, with 100% of this new funding, we’d like to hire a secretary to act as a Brigada Customer Service Rep. to make address changes and handle other Brigada-related issues with the Brigada family of participants. Our previous Customer Service Reps. recently informed us that they had been unable to help us for quite some time. They were volunteers… and have just run out of time. :-( So… can you help us make it possible for Penny to do this for our Brigada family? Please… run, don’t walk, and set up your new Integrity Online account!!!) :-)

  5. LEARN TO TEACH ENGLISH IN CHINA! — WTO and the 2008 Beijing Olympics have heightened the existing desire of the Chinese people to learn English. China wants trained native English Speakers. Take your TESOL in China and stay to teach or go somewhere else in the world to teach. Course is taught by qualified American instructors. The course is both academic and practical. A two-three week teaching practicum is part of the course giving you the experience and confidence you need to begin teaching immediately! The next course is scheduled for July 4 – August 15, 2003 in Shanghai, Peoples Republic of China. Please note that emails are received and read in China. Please leave out any acronyms or references to organizations. For more info, log on at: http://www.tesoltraining.com or email <tesol2001athotmaildotcom  (tesol2001athotmaildotcom)   or> <dvscottatgalacticommdotorg>. </dvscottatgalacticommdotorg>

  6. DOUG’S WIFE TO HELP CLEAN UP THE MAILING LIST — To get to the bottom of the 5,222 or so addresses that seem to be bouncing, Doug’s wife, Penny, is going to start cleaning up the place! :-) Seriously… over the next few weeks, Lord willing (if we can float it!), Penny will begin researching those addresses to determine whether or not they’re “dead” … or just temporarily out of order. Just as soon as we can get some money flowing in to replace her teacher’s salary, she’s going to dive into this full-tilt, and also be available to help Brigada participants with those pesky address changes. Finally… a staff person!!! Either way, we’re thrilled that you’ve helped grow the Brigada family by over 200 addresses in the past month alone! Thanks for spreading the word!!! If we can find just two more participants by next week, we’ll be up to 8,000 *good* addresses! Can you think of two people you can invite on the list? If so, just send them this message: “Hey… have you ever heard of Brigada Today? Each weekend, it comes to my inbox filled with tons of resources, ideas, and mobilization news about Missions and unreached peoples — and helps for the people involved in making missions happen. Try it! Just send a note to: brigada-today-subscribeatyahoogroupsdotcom  (brigada-today-subscribeatyahoogroupsdotcom)   And … by the way… your address is secret with them. They pay YahooGroups so there are no ads in the email… and they never release your address to *anybody*, even at gunpoint! :-) They’ve been sending these newsletters out weekly for over 8 years! See their back-issues at: http:/www.brigada.org (click on “Index of back issues”) Check it out!”

  7. STRENGTHEN YOUR INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS — Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills is a 5-day workshop developed by International Training Partners Inc. and run by the AIM Centre at Trinity Western University and Gateway Missionary Training Centre in Langley, B.C. Dr. Laurel McAllister and her team of facilitators help to provide training in key areas of knowledge, godly attitudes and the skills needed for developing and maintaining healthy relationships. Training is very interactive, utilizing the most effective methods of adult learning. The course will run February 24 – 28, 2003 at Gateway MTC, with costs running $175.00 CDN. For information contact: <LaureldotMcAllisterattwodotca  (LaureldotMcAllisterattwodotca)  > or log on at: http://www.gatewaytraining.org

  8. LEARNING HOW TO LEARN ANOTHER LANGUAGE — L.A.C.E. (Language Acquisition for Cross-Cultural Effectiveness) is a 9 day intensive workshop designed to make your language learning task as efficient as possible. In this workshop you will discover effective language learning techniques, helpful methods to increase vocabulary, phonetics and pronunciation. This course, a part of the training for students at Gateway Missionary Training Centre in Langley, B.C., is now open for others who would like to join the class for this module. The dates are March 17-22/ 24-27, 2003, with costs being $350.00CDN Room & Board $20.00/day CDN. For more information contact <infoatgatewaytrainingdotorg  (infoatgatewaytrainingdotorg)  > http//www.gatewaytraining.org

  9. “CRISIS CONSULTING” OFFERS NEW 4-DAY SEMINAR — During the dates of May 5-8, 2003, Dallas, TX, at the SIL Center, CCI will offer this management-oriented course to provide participants with the fundamental knowledge, skills and abilities to provide a competent security and crisis management program for teams, leadership groups and executives who have responsibility for security of personnel, assets and programs on the field. Training will be provided in the following core areas: Evacuation Management, The Terrorism Threat, Contingency Planning, Policies, Leadership in Emergencies, Strategic Risk Forecasting, Tactical Risk Assessment, and Crisis Management Teams. Registration cost: $450 for the 1st registrant from an organization; $400 for each additional registrant from same organization. For more information, call 805-642-2549, email <infoatcricondotorg  (infoatcricondotorg)  > or go to http://www.CriCon.org/2003training.htm. Please let them know you heard about it on Brigada. Thanks.

  10. INDIA RESOURCES WEBSITE LAUNCHED — Doing ministry in North India? Need good quality Hindi language materials for Evangelism? Children’s Ministry? Discipleship? Etc.? Or other Indian languages? Wonder if someone has already translated that good book or video into Hindi or other Indian language? Then log onto http://www.indiaresources777.org Here you can find an extensive database of Christian resources available within India with a focus on Hindi language materials, although other Indian languages are also included. There are well over 700 resources already in our database and it is growing. Search by category, language and media type to find what you need. Useful website resources are also included. For details, contact <infoatindiaresources777dotorg  (infoatindiaresources777dotorg)  >.

  11. RASCALS AT SPAMARREST — Those rascals at SpamArrest. Not long ago, a few of our Brigada participants must have started using their service. We received an email from SpamArrest saying that if these participants were to keep their Brigada subscription going, we had to log on to the SpamArrest website and read this graphic image of a word, then type it into the blank. Well it sounded harmless enough, though I’ll admit — if even 1000 of our readers suddenly set up SpamArrest accounts, we’d never get anything else done! Well either way, like a completely trusting fool, I logged on at the SpamArrest site and dutifully typed in the word. Now, yesterday, I get spam from SpamArrest itself! I’m not joking. It’s one of the most ironic twists in marketing that I’ve ever seen. The very company purporting to stop spam *engaged* in it! I wrote them to complain, but I figure… all it might do is let them know my email address is “good”, so my address will be fired up to a higher level of trust, or something. Sure it had a link on it saying, “Click here to be removed from our marketing list”, but articles everywhere have told us *not* to click there, because sometimes that’s just a trick to discover which addresses are actually *good* (current, or at least spelled correctly). The bottom line: If a spam company is going to require mail senders to fill out a “graphical word” or something, they shouldn’t *market* those who innocently take part. Oh well, … once bitten… twice shy. Just remember — we’ll never be participating in anything SpamArrest sends out again. Rascals.

  12. SPACE SHUTTLE TRACT BRINGS COMFORT IN CRISIS — The American Tract Society has now published a new tract that deals with the recent space shuttle tragedy: “Lost: Space Shuttle Columbia.” ATS says, “Many are turning to God…and the awareness of faith is being played out in all the media. The nation is searching for answers about this tragedy. This is an opportunity to help people come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior.” Read these tracts online and order them to use as a Christian witness to your world. Order from the American Tract Society, PO Box 462008, Garland TX 75046-2008 or call toll free or via net2phone 1-800- 548-7228 or log on at http://www.atstracts.org or http://www.atsdirect.org or email <atsatatstractsdotorg  (atsatatstractsdotorg)  >.

  13. BOOT CAMP FOR PERSONAL SUPPORT RAISING — Boot Camp is a practical and biblically based 2-day training seminar for new and veteran missionaries alike who need to learn how to raise their personal support or may need a new perspective on this critical area. There are two locations for 2003: (space for the seminars is limited) March 26- 27, Pasadena, CA and June 18-19, Atlanta, GA. For more information or to register, write <infoatthebodybuildersdotnet  (infoatthebodybuildersdotnet)  > or log on at: http://www.thebodybuilders.net or call: (501) 329-4881

  14. UPCOMING MISSION CONFERENCE — Check out the OMF 2003 Bay Area Mission Conference, “Blessing East Asia’s Muslims”, May 2-3, at the Peninsula Covenant Church (Redwood City, CA). For info, lot on at: http://www.us.omf.org/northwest or to register via email, write Elaine <omfconferenceatyahoodotcom  (omfconferenceatyahoodotcom)  > or call (650) 559-8088. Fees run $30 per Adult, but special Student/Senior rates are available. 2 plenary speakers and 7 workshops will enrich your understanding of how to bless Muslims living in East Asia and the Bay Area. Featured will be Dr. Kang San Tan, OMF Malaysia Home Director and Dr. Miriam Adeney, Author of “Daughters of Islam” (Building Bridges With Muslim Women – InterVarsity Press) along with a special “Win Our World” children’s mission program.

  15. TRAVEL/HEALTH ADVICE — Taking vaccines available easily prevents many of the illnesses missionaries may face whilst on mission away from home. Passport Health, a US based travel medicine clinic, with offices throughout the United States, stresses the importance of keeping all routine vaccines, like Tetanus/Diphtheria, up to date. Other vaccines, for e.g. yellow fever, may be required, depending on your specific destination & medical history. The most common ailment, however, still remains traveler’s diarrhea, as your digestive system struggles to come to terms with the new foods & water sources of your home away from home. The treatment of choice remains taking an antibiotic, anti- diarrheal & fluid replacement. When preparing for your trip, take time to visit your local travel clinic like Passport Health. They have a wealth of up to date information with regard to your destination, which will help keep you safe & healthy during your travels. Remember; don’t let your heart’s work be ruined by falling ill. For further information, see their website at http://www.passporthealthusa.com.

  16. FRONTIER MISSIONS “SHORT COURSE” FOR ADVOCATES — Here’s a YWAM course specifically for “strategy coordinators” (catalysts, who facilitate and mobilize to link people who have knowledge, resources, personnel and expertise to take advantage of ministry opportunities amongst a people group). It’s slated for Monday 1st June – Friday 1st August 2003. The location will be Bali, Indonesia. The cost will be £595 (UK pounds). Small grants are available for full time Christian volunteer workers. For more info or an application, contact Philippa <pnewisatovaldotcom  (pnewisatovaldotcom)  > or call +44 1582 463269 or fax: +44 1582 463305.

  17. MINISTRY VIDEO PRODUCTION SEMINAR — It’s happening May 9 and 10. This day and a half information-packed seminar will help you develop your stories into furlough or ministry videos for communicating more effectively with your constituency. Especially designed for missionaries and ministry workers, and filled with lots of how-to tips, the seminar is conducted by Village Avenue, the team behind the Toolbox for Video Storytelling; How to Write and Produce Your Missionary Video. Visit http://www.VillageAve.com for details, registration, and housing information or Email <JohnWatVillageAvedotcom  (JohnWatVillageAvedotcom)  > if you have questions.

  18. FREE CHRISTIAN WEBSITE CONTENT — Need some fun content to fill in the gaps on that mission or church website you’re preparing? Check out ElmCreek Community Church’s “Free Christian Content” pages. Get sayings, jokes, articles, Bible verses, inspirational stories, animated gifs, banners, photographs, news stories, and more. Some can be configured to automatically update — so you get lots of new content without too much work. For more info, lot on at: http://www.elmcreekchurch.org/Free_Christian_Content.htm or email <webmasteratelmcreekchurchdotorg  (webmasteratelmcreekchurchdotorg)  >. Thanks Elm Creek!

  19. NO RISK PREVIEW FOR SHORT-TERM MISSION TEAM LEADERS — You can preview the 6-Part “GO PREPARED! Essentials” Short-term Missions Video Training Series for 10 day personal review — with no obligation to purchase the set if you are not 100% convinced of its value. The 6 Teaching Sessions (approx. 30 minutes each) are:
    #1-Laying the Foundations;
    #2-Spiritual Preparation;
    #3-Building Your Team;
    #4-Cross- Cultural Training;
    #5-Ministry Without Dependency; and,
    #6-Re-Entry & Debriefing.
    If you decide to keep the “GO PREPARED! Essentials” set, the cost is just $99 + $6 S&H. If not, simply return the video set after your 10 day no risk preview. Send your order to: Bill Berry, Publisher-Into All The World Magazine, at <BBerry4215ataoldotcom  (BBerry4215ataoldotcom)  >. Offer valid in North America only.

  20. WOULD YOU GO IF GOD CALLED YOU TO THE MISSION FIELD? — ‘When God Comes Calling’ is a compelling new book by Mike Linville recounting the inspiring, true story of how God sent an ordinary Midwestern family of five to the mission field, a mere sixty miles from the radioactive wasteland known as Chernobyl. Despite KGB raids and mysterious phone taps, government harassment and eviction, they experienced God’s amazing power and intervention as He used them to build a Bible college in the former Soviet Union, and now what some say is the first pastoral counseling training institute in the former Soviet Union, under the auspices of International Faith Initiatives, Inc. Retailing at $12.99, Brigada readers may purchase at the discounted price of $10.50. Bulk/wholesale pricing is available. To order, email <orderatinternationalfaithdotorg  (orderatinternationalfaithdotorg)  >.

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