Missionary Training Camp by Elijah Company

It happens during four days from June 19-22 in Virginia, covering the major areas of need to go and stay in the call of God. They emphasize relationships, spiritual warfare, intercession and support, and, with Intercessors Arise, they offer mentorship and training in missions and prayer. Short- termers as well as furloughing missionaries have gained needed tools for their work. Their web site

http://www.elijahcompany.org/ has a description of the training and curriculum and applications. Write to us at training(at)

elijahcompany(dot)org or call 757-333-0446. (Replace “at” with @, “dot” with ., then reassemble the email address onto one line.)
2 Responses to Missionary Training Camp by Elijah Company
  1. John Reply

    Trying to find 2009 info on missionary traimimg camp. Also understand yall offer a variety of training for prophets, intercessors, and ETC… where can I find this info.


  2. Editor Reply

    Hi John. Isn’t that strange? The link appears dead … and it’s just like they vanished! Do you think.. Elijah Company, was it something we said? :-) I’ll try putting out a new request for info on this. Thanks John.
    As for the rest, you would probably just be better off using the comprehensive search box at the upper right of any Brigada page. Good luck!

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