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2008/07/06 — Brigada

“Brigada: Since 1995… Buckets full of Resources, Trends, Challenges — all in a weekly e-zine & website…”
Compiled by Doug Lucas, Team Expansion, Louisville, KY
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Seeking Sources for Audio/Video Discipleship Material

Tony recently wrote, on behalf of a friend, asking for possible sources for discipleship material — especially audio or video material — in French and/or Arabic. Apparently the friend was trying to help a new immigrant from Burkina Faso. She had spent her teenage years in Saudi Arabia as a virtual slave. She is now free, is married to an American, and is eager to learn more about her newfound Savior. Unfortunately, she has received little formal education, and is virtually illiterate. She speaks English well (and also speaks French, and a bit of Arabic) but cannot read or write beyond her letters and basic sounds. In particular, the church is seeking material that would help her understand and bridge the gap between her indoctrination as a Muslim and her new life as a Christian. Are there downloadables (MP3s) that might help her? I was thinking of all the “storying” stuff that’s being developed. If you have an idea, just click to this item on the web and leave a comment. (Feel free to leave it anonymously if you wish.) Thanks!

Health Insurance Rate Increases

Is your organization experiencing health insurance rate increases? Do you want to help support Brigada? If so, be sure to contact Insurance Services of America. They are a Christian organization that specializes in helping individuals and groups find affordable health insurance options. They can put together a “tailor-made” plan to fit your group’s needs. Their group plan allows for takeover of existing claims & conditions and will provide your people with quality medical insurance worldwide – and they won’t charge you more when your people are in the US on furlough!

Check out some of their plans online at http://www.missionaryhealth.net/brigada , email them at

or call them at 1-800-647-4589 (1-480-821-9052 outside of North America) and ask for Mark. ISA has a wide range of plans for missionaries, mission groups and churches, so be sure to contact them to see how they can “shop around” for you to help you save money on your health insurance needs. Plus they have agreed to help support Brigada from sales that are made on this link, so when you purchase on this site you will be helping to support Brigada and you will be protecting yourself and your ministry from financial loss!

Reflection And Prayer

Dr. Evelyn Davis, SIL International Training Consultant, with others assisting, will prepare participants to lead half or full days of Reflection and Prayer and also Short Retreats at two US locations. The October 1-10, 2008 session will be at Brookhaven Retreat near Dallas, TX, and the May 13-22, 2009 session will be at [edited 12/9/2008] White Oak Conference Center in Winnsboro, SC (not far from our JAARS location in Waxhaw).

For detailed information, with an application form, contact

Also, please pass the information on to anyone that you think might be interested. Please note that partial and/or full scholarships are available if that is needed. The training will be done for the Pacific Area November 20 – 29 at Kangaroo Ground in Australia. For information about that session, contact

Medical Missions Resources

Are you working in the mission field and need medical supplies for your missions work? Are you a church that wants to help your missionaries? Giving Children Hope is a US-based charity that exists to serve you in your needs. Visit their website at


for more on Giving Children Hope. If you would like to fill out a sponsorship application to receive a shipment you can find that at


If you can questions you can contact Jenise at

or via phone at +1 714-523-4454. GCH has 15 years experience shipping containers full of commodities to establish a brand new clinic in your community or air ship to you a pharmaceutical package valued at over $500,000 wholesale value. They also have a Mission Store open in Southern California filled with over-the-counter and hygiene items.

Teacher Training Workshop In Phnom Penh, Cambodia

On August 14-16, David will be leading a Teacher Training Workshop for those interested in using the Bible Training Centre for Pastors (BTCP) Concept & Curriculum. BTCP


is a non-traditional 10 course curriculum aimed at training pastors and church leaders to be equipped and effective in ministry. The concept is local church based training by a mature Christian leader in a discipleship/mentoring relationship with the students. The Teacher Training Workshop is for missionaries and pastors who already have seminary or Bible school training. Once they attend the workshop, approved attendees can order the BTCP manuals and use them whether in a local church or Bible school for training pastors or church leaders already involved in ministry. The training manuals average from 120 to 330 pages and are translated in most languages. For more information, contact David

or davidmindy (Skype). David leads Crossing Cultures International


BTCP’s main partner in Asia.

Free Evangelistic Audio/Videos

Let’s build a list here of free audio and video resources (and links to the same) that can be used for evangelism in various languages and dialects around the world. This request came from an anonymous commenter for an item in the June 22, 2008 edition of Brigada.

Help us Test our new Giving Tools?

Would you help us test our new online giving software? As you know, our budget for 2008 is $17,150. So far, we have about $3500. These funds go for secretarial help, costs of the website, missions mobilization, and even a share of the new building where Brigada will be based (on Team Expansion’s new site, Emerald Hills). Would you help? See the pushbuttons at the right-hand top of the home page… or use the PayPal link if you prefer. Either way, you can also click on the “Donate” page in the link at the top of the webpage


You can choose to use PayPal or any major credit card (to do the latter, when it asks for your PayPal account, just erase the user name and password, then, at the bottom of the page, where it says “Use any major credit card”, just click there and fill it out like a normal form at any other payment web form. On the other hand, if you want to use PayPal, just fill in the info for your account. Or if you prefer, just send an old-fashioned check payable to Team Expansion to: Team Expansion (Brigada secretary), 13711 Willow Reed Dr., Louisville, KY 40299. (Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so for USA citizens, your checks made out to Team Expansion are tax-deductible.) As always, be sure to let us know if you’d like us to promote any particular service or ministry, or if you’d prefer your gift be anonymous. And thank you in advance for helping.

Comment on this item online at:

The Backpage: Plan a Homecoming For A Soldier

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about homecomings. With my son’s arrival just 72 hours away (he’s returning home following a medical discharge from the army), I’ve been trying to play it all through my mind. Should we have a big banner? But what if he’d prefer something less public, less showy? Will he want to go on a weekend camping trip with me to talk about his experiences — to “debrief?” Or would he rather just ‘chill’ with his friends. Those questions — and more — are on my mind.

Along a similar vein, I wonder what kinds of approaches our Brigada participants have taken to welcoming missionaries home. When your worker comes home from Kosova or Kazakhstan, Mozambique or Morocco, Ukraine or Uganda, how do you say ‘hello’ again? What are your “rules of engagement”? How much do you plan in advance, vs. how much do you leave ‘unstructured’? Does your church try to provide a vehicle? Does your organization have furlough housing?

Would you take a moment to spell out some of the broad strokes of your approach to ‘homecomings’, and if you have link(s) to resources for further reading, please be kind enough to share those too.

11) Closing Stuff

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