Living World Map Reports Your Ministry Locations

That’s what they say this world map does: is the latest from the World Missions Atlas Project. It allows you to track all your ministry anywhere in the world. It provides a database for your location’s (ministry offices, etc.) ministry activity, and contacts and maps them for you. You can then download to Google Earth and many other file formats. This is extremely powerful for mapping all you are doing and sharing for strategy and planning. If security is a concern, I can tell you that I’ve personally verified this site by phone. The people running it are indeed the people you’d want running a site like this. At the same time, I would understand your hesitation, so keep in mind, you don’t have to log anything there that you don’t want to log. But it looks like it has lots of potential! Please leave your comment or suggestion below.

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  1. Anonymous Reply is a great new collaborative resource for tracking evangelical ministry locations worldwide. It works well, it’s a wonderfully innovative application, and it seems to have good security built in. We heartily recommend to missions who want an Internet-based tool for tracking their work locations.
    Mike, from Global Mapping

  2. Doug Lucas Reply

    [Note: I verified that the above comment was indeed from Mike, from Global Mapping.]


  3. Anonymous Reply

    We have been working on this for about 18 months with Beta testers in Last August and full release in March of 2008. We have always seen the need for organizations to have a tool that does this type of work and still easy to use. This is backed by foundations and we will not be charging for use. It is a body of Christ tool and will allow us to work better toward the tasks God has called us to.

    We have completed webservices now to incorporate what you do on the site with your own website.

    Please check out the training at:
    for an interactive guide through the site.

    We are now just starting major promotion of the site and will be doing a press release soon. The online training will be updated with the latest revisions by the end of the month.

    I am also working with a ministry to produce a 5 minute video that gives a full overview of the site.

    Hope you are doing well and keep up the good work!

    World MAP admin

  4. Doug Lucas Reply

    Again, I verified that the above comment came from Chris, the admin of the WorldMap site, by contacting him directly by phone.

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