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2008/09/28 — Brigada Today

1) Journals, Made By Hand, Like Indiana Jones Would Use

You’ve *got* to see these to appreciate them…

Here’s an artist (“Shawn”) who has the coolest moonlighting hobby. Shawn hunts down one-of-a-kind aged books, removes most of the original pages, then replaces them with parchment pages upon which you can write your journal – or take notes — or make plans — or draw sketches — or dream — or write about the grandkids — or whatever it is you need to say. And instead of being locked up inside of a hard drive (which you then might forget to back up), these priceless pages are “always on”, “0% down time” records of your thoughts. What’s more, your journaled notes now become somehow… like a priceless work of poetry or part of an ancient scrawl that Indiana Jones would carry into a previously-undiscovered cave in Ecuador. Imagine what great Christmas gifts these babies would make.

Now here’s the really cool part: For the next 7 days (beginning today, real-time, November 8th), Shawn pledges to give 1/2 of all sales to Brigada. Get this — not just *your* purchases, but instead, 1/2 of *all* sales! So send your friends, write up this guy on your facebook page, and tell your supporters. May we buy him out, lock, stock, and barrel. :-)

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2) Is Cell Phone Security Even Worse Than We Thought?

Here’s a question from a field worker who writes, “Our mission team is located in a ‘police state.’ We know the police listen to our phone calls regularly. We also know they can use triangulation to locate us. We’re fine with that stuff. :-) But now we’re facing a couple of new concerns:

“*** REMOTELY EAVESDROPPING WHEN WE’RE NOT ON THE PHONE — The microphones in cell phones are now being turned on remotely to allow eavesdropping on their owners anytime (even when you’re not making a call). We’ve figured out how to overcome this problem… but we kind of hate to always have the batteries out of our cell phones. :-) [By the way, if you think this worker has been watching too many episodes of “24”, just do an Internet search for the term, “FBI taps cell phone mic as eavesdropping tool.”]

“*** REMOTELY ACCESSING CONTENTS OF YOUR PHONE — We’re hearing (from some pretty tech-smart guys) that it’s easy to remotely hack into the contents of our phone, getting full access to our pics, calendars, docs, task lists, etc. The implications are huge. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

“To the degree all of this ‘just depends’ upon what model of phone a person uses we would be extremely grateful for information about which models are suceptible and which aren’t. Also, we’re re-evaluating our team’s technology security protocol. Can anyone share cellphone security guidelines they’ve adopted?”

Well, that’s a lot… but if you’ll just click on the link below, then click on “Comment”, you could write to your heart’s content, even anonymously.

3) Critical Agency-Missionary Issues That Influence Success

Here’s a worker who has to give a talk on “5 critical agency-missionary issues that will heavily influence your success as a missionary.” It’s an interesting query. Would you be willing to give your opinion? For example, how important is it that the agency provides accountability on language learning, … strategy, … finances? Which of these and other issues are key factors, in your opinion, in insuring your increased effectiveness? Note that if you mention a catch-phrase like, “Missionary care”, please tell briefly exactly what you mean (since member care is such a broad term). Thanks for taking time to pitch in!

4) Evangelistic English Freeware

The extremely popular website

is currently downloading at the rate of 900G per month. You can add a free version of this English course to your own website to increase both your website traffic and your ministry. Look at the introduction at

You can download the American accent course directly from (321M)

and the British accent supplement from (283M)

Look at this English course as it is posted on another website at

What would it look like on your website?

Questions? You can also write

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5) Missions Info Just for Kids

You can have current missions info for your children’s missions groups, AWANAS, home school support group, etc. with BGR to GO for Kids. Read about how human needs are being met around the world as well as how KIDS can get involved. Your kids will also learn some geography along the way! To subscribe email

Check out the BGR website at

for more information or click on the word “Comment” below.

6) Training Program For Literacy Evangelism

Literacy and Evangelism International is hosting a five-week International Literacy Training Institute from June 14 to July 18, 2009 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Topics include Basic Literacy, developing Bible-content literacy materials in local languages, Evangelism through literacy, Discipleship through literacy, teaching English as a Second Language, how to train tutors, and how to run church-based literacy programs. If you are interested in this training, please visit

or e-mail

7) Attend A "Vulnerable Christian Mission" Conference


for details of regional conferences in the USA in January 2009. ‘Vulnerable Christian Mission’ is that practiced by western missionaries reaching non-westerners using the resources and language of the non-westerners in ministry. By working within the parameters of those being reached, vulnerable missionaries avoid creation of dependency, the prosperity Gospel and the unintended spread of ‘secularism’ in the name of Christ. For more info, see their website (above) or ask a question/comment below by clicking “Comment.”

8) Skip Skype?

We continue to follow the stories about the alleged compromise of Skype as a secure means of communication. See, for example,

Note that if one were to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to log onto Skype in the USA, one might theoretically be able to assume a greater degree of privacy since it is presumably only the *overseas* Skype nodes that are compromised (through the sale of Skype technology to overseas governments). By logging onto Skype via USA nodes, we would bypass monitoring equipment totally. Your thoughts? Just click “Comment” below. (Thanks for your input on this Bill!)

9) Pray For The Mbalantu Of Namibia

Excitement is the only word to describe what is about to happen in northwest Namibia. In April and May you prayed for an association leader from Texas as he visited this part of Namibia to investigate the possibility of his association adopting one of the Forgotten People of Namibia. They have decided to adopt the Mbalantu people. Praise the Lord! After 5 years of prayer, the excitement is infectious. Pray for this association as they plan for their first strategy trip and begin to plan for 3 to 4 volunteer teams each year to work in this area of Namibia. Continue to pray for the Mbalantu! Pray that they will soon hear the life-giving Gospel from the members of this association. Pray that after they hear the message, they will accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Praise the Lord! For more information on the unengaged peoples of Namibia visit

or contact

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10) We’re Thankful!

Thanks to the friend from Tulsa who gave $50 to Brigada recently. And hats off to the Brigada participants from way up in Wisconsin and Alaska who each shared $100 respectively. We noted that the donor from Wisconsin had a special burden for training up mighty men of God. He had written, “According to David Murrow, only 39% of people who show up in church anywhere in the world, are men. And the men who show up are mostly just nice guys who sit still and be quiet. Where are the mighty men?! My passion and project is to train them up.” Learn more about his work at:

Sounds good to us here, brother! Thanks for your vision and action!

And hello Kansas… where another partner gave $100!

This latter friend dared others to step up to the plate to match his $100. He wrote, “It is a small amount that will hopefully be put to good use by God. Please put it towards the year-end total need you mentioned in the latest digest. I am hopeful that many others will step up also to contribute.” Thanks for setting the pace, Bill. Are there other individuals and/or churches that would match his gift to get us closer to our year-end need?

11) Might You Offer A Gift In The Name Of Doug’s Music?

Hey… I’ll try just about anything. :-) Check out:

Note that you need not register at MySpace to listen or download music there. Note that Doug arranged and recorded each piece, using only a Yamaha keyboard to make all those unique sounds. (Exception: On a couple of the songs, Doug’s 22-year-old son pitched in on a real guitar; those are noted.) If you’d like us to lash up a CD and send it your way, please just add an extra $10 to your donation and we’ll get one out the door to you as soon as we can make it happen. (The alternative would be to download the songs and put them directly on your MP3 player, if you use that sort of thing.) Either way, if enough folks get a kick out of this, we’ll be glad to do a set of Christmas songs (a Christmas CD) as well. It’s just hard to know if anyone would really want to listen to this sort of stuff. Thanks in advance for anyone who tries it out.

Want to donate (either in the name of music, or not) to help get Brigada out the door? Just just click one of the pushbuttons at the right-hand top of the home page… or use the PayPal link on the upper left if you prefer. Either way, you can also click on the “Donate” page in the link at the top of the webpage

Again, you can choose to use PayPal or any major credit card (to do the latter, when it asks for your PayPal account, just erase the user name and password, then, at the bottom of the page, where it says “Use any major credit card”, just click there and fill it out like a normal form at any other payment web form. On the other hand, if you want to use PayPal, just fill in the info for your account. Or if you prefer, just send an old-fashioned check payable to Team Expansion to: Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Dr., Louisville, KY 40299. (Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so for USA citizens, your checks made out to Team Expansion are tax-deductible.) As always, be sure to let us know if you’d like us to promote any particular service or ministry, or if you’d prefer your gift be anonymous. And thank you in advance for helping.

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12) The Backpage: Do You Worry Much About The Economy?

I’ve heard it both ways. Some say the economy squeezes charitable giving. See for example, the article in the Ohio University Post at

Also see the very fine report at

in The Chronicle of Philanthropy.
But others maintain that giving seems to be the least-impacted in times of financial crunch. What’s your situation? Jot a note about your situation by clicking on “Comment” below.

13) Closing Stuff

DISCLAIMER — We can’t screen ’em all. Please forgive us if aparticular site contains offensive information — or no information at all! We try to visit them in advance, but often write “on the road”so we simply can’t preview everything.

PLEASE DON’T SUBSCRIBE US TO YOUR LIST — Sorry — nothing personal –but we’re already deluged. We’ll eventually teach our spam filter to just delete it anyway, but in the meantime, we’ll have a sad face because of the volume of mass mailings we receive. :-(

PRIVACY INFORMATION — We will never give your information to anybody. We won’t market you, won’t hassle you, and won’t ever bother you. You won’t be signed up for mailings you didn’t request. Your address is safe and your future is secure. You have my word: We’ll never sell the mailing list to a marketer, spammer, or advertiser. Life is good. :-)

COPYRIGHT — (We actually have to say this stuff so the material can’t legally be used by those who are not likeminded.) This issue of Brigada Today is Copyrighted 2008. However, permission is granted to freely redistribute these materials, including those available on the Brigada website, provided that such redistribution is to those who will help the Good News of Jesus Christ to reach the unreached. To copy or reproduce Brigada Today for any other reason is illegal and is not permitted. When you quote or paraphrase material from Brigada, please include this phrase: “For a free subscription to Brigada’s weekly missions publication, write and/or visit Brigada on the web at”

2008/09/21 — Brigada Today

1) North African Team Needs Cell Phone Feature

Does anyone know of a cell/smart phone that has (or could get) software which would allow an incoming call to (A) immediately be responded to via a text message and (B) simultaneously forward the caller’s information to another assigned phone number? If not, would anyone have the ability or interest to develop a little application like this? It would truly revolutionize a system that believers (missionaries and nationals) in North Africa are developing to do follow-up ministry with the seekers who call in on phone numbers after seeing Christian TV programs on satellite. Got a lead or a brainstorm on this or a related resource? If so, just click on “comment” below to add your response.

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