2) Know any good Christian Lawyers?

Save all the jokes. Our attorney friends have heard them all. Anyway, what we’re looking for in this case are practices and/or attorneys who specialize in international law. Please don’t post individual email addresses or phone numbers. (These attorneys are already busy enough without having to handle a new load of spam.) Rather, please list, simply, websites of practices, along with last names of any particular attorneys that have become specialists (if there are any). This item was spawned by workers in Asia that are trying to set up a business as part of a USA-based business. They didn’t know how taxes work between the 2 countries. They pondered, “Surely we do not pay taxes on both sides. Do you know anyone that could and would be interested in helping us make good decisions and to understand the international laws that we have to play by?” Thanks in advance for any referrals you can make. Once again, please remember not to post individual email addresses.
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  1. Roland Muller Reply

    Having run a business in both the Middle East and Canada, as far as I am aware of, tentmakers are responsible to pay taxes in both countries. Some countries, like Canada, have laws in place that allow people to deduct foreign taxes from the local taxes they pay. But not on all taxes. It is also possible to use the same item as a deduction in both countries, so that helps balance things out.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    This is a good website to find a Christian lawyer referral.


  3. Anonymous Reply

    Another reference for Snyder:


  4. Doug Lucas Reply

    [This is Doug, quoting the anonymous contributor above, having removed the email address of the attorney.]

    “Our business group has used Stephen Snyder [edited] for over 10 years and we’re happy with his services. He’s in Edmonton Canada.”

    [Please remember — no email addresses; only websites.]

  5. Bruce Reply

    The Christian Legal Society (CLS) is a U.S. based organization using the web site http://www.clsnet.org that has a directory of member attorneys by location and specialization throughout the USA.

    Advocates International using the web site http://www.advocatesinternational.org is the international equivalent of the CLS.

    Jubilee Campaign based outside of Washington D.C. and using the URL http://www.jubileecampaign.org is a non-profit corporation involved in international religious freedom, refugee, and asylum cases.

  6. Anonymous Reply

    Lauren Homer. http://www.homer-international-law.com CLS member

  7. Bruce Reply

    http://www.rothgerber.com has expertise in International Business law as well as religious liberties. http://www.churchstatelaw.com is an archive site run by their Religious Institutions Group.

  8. Matt Benjamin Reply

    I'm posting this info from a colleague of mine at Wycliffe.

    First, Holme Roberts & Owen (“HRO”) is a law firm with its main office in Denver, CO, but with offices around the country and two internationally (Germany and Great Britain). Its practice areas include ones that may be of interest to this Brigada reader.
    While HRO has no offices in the near or far east, this may be a good first stop because it has a terrific Christian ministry/mission practice group headed up by John Wylie. John works out of HRO’s Colorado Springs office. He or colleagues at HRO may be able to direct the reader to one or more lawyers/firms in Asia if HRO isn’t able to assist directly.
    Here’s HRO’s website:

    Second, …I’d consult a publication published by Lex Mundi, which bills itself as “the World’s leading association of independent law firms.” You can access this publication on the web, I believe, by going to http://www.lexmundi.com/membersearch and checking by country and practice area to find a firm that might fit the bill.

  9. Lauren Homer Reply

    Someone forwarded this post to me. This is actually my practice area and I have worked on similar issues for other clients. If the organization is based in the US, I can help. Lauren Homer; infoathomer-international-lawdotcom

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