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2008/11/30 — Brigada Today

“Brigada: Since 1995… Buckets full of Resources, Trends, Challenges — all in a weekly e-zine & website…”
Compiled by Doug Lucas, Team Expansion, Louisville, KY
(Thanks for your patience as we ‘catch up’ with the publishing date.)

In this issue…

1) You Have A Staff Of Thousands At Your Disposal

Have too much to do? Needing help in the area of graphic design, multimedia, writing, translation, administrative support, law, engineering, etc.? Have you about died waiting for your college buddy to do the job for you for free?

has 134,834 “experts” that could help. Just summarize what you need and the experts (from around the globe) will submit bids to get the job, often at a fraction of what it would cost in the West. Note: This could also be a great tool for tentmakers who are growing a service company. (Thanks for the tip!)

2) Free: 270-Page Pdf Book On Centrality Of Christ

A missionary in South America has compiled a great collection of quotes that seek to incite a conspiracy of single-minded focus on Christ. We sometimes forget that it’s all about *him*. If you would like to download a free copy, you can get it in either of two forms. First, directly from the author, he makes it available in zip form at his mediafire site — as a 1.7 meg file. (Note: With all due respect to the contributor, to make sure it wasn’t virus-laden, I scanned it first with my paid and up-to-date Norton Internet Security. It indicated no virus.) On top of the zip, his original file URL is so long, it “wraps”, so I’ve saved it here using tinyURL:

This relay address will take you to a mediafire site with a link that says, “Click here to download.” The whole thing might be a bit unnerving for some folks, so just in case, I’ve also placed it *unzipped* at my DivShare file storage site. Unzipped, however, it’ll be a 5-meg download… but if you have broadband and don’t care, you might prefer seeing what you’re downloading. In that case, just click here:

Or copy the above Divshare link to your browser’s URL address line.

You’ll see a prompt with the file name (ending in .PDF). Click “Save” to save the 5-meg PDF to your hard drive.
I think you’ll like this *free* resource to Brigada readers. It’s formatted in a very unique and lovely way… and filled with inspirational quotes that you’ll be able to use in countless sermons. (Thanks Jurgen! What a good sport — in the true spirit of Brigada!)

3) Don’t Loose Perspective In 2009

Keeping a kingdom perspective during trying economic times is essential. The Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course may be your answer to help you refocus and find your place in extending God’s kingdom in the nations. Perspectives covers the biblical, historical, cultural, and strategic basis for missions. ICM (International Christian Ministries) offers the course on-line for certificate, undergraduate, or graduate credit. Check out

for more information and to sign up, or email

4) Deepen Your Walk Book Set

The Master Design (a Christian book publisher) is offering a special book set of four titles for only $14.95 plus shipping. Only 1000 sets are available. This set includes
Dr Greg Frizzell’s, “How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life,”
Dr Rowland Myburgh’s (missionary in South Africa), “Holiness – Right Living in Post Modern Society,”
Bertha Smith’s (missionary to China for over 40 years), “How the Spirit Filled My Life,” and
Dr Rob Finley’s “Recapturing the Biblical Epic of Prayer.” Sold separately, this set would cost you nearly $24. As a set, it costs $14.95. Master Design will donate $.50 to Brigada for each set sold from now through the end of January 2009. Check it out at

(Thanks Faithe and all the Master Design folks!!)

5) Help Children Minister In Their Communities On Valentine’s Day

Invite children from your church and community to participate in the second annual Children’s Ministry Day on February 14, 2009. On this day, thousands of children’s groups will participate in ministry projects to show Christ’s love to their communities. This year’s emphasis is health-care ministry. To learn more about Children’s Ministry Day (CMD) and read stories from CMD 2008, visit

or email

6) Gmail: You Can Get It Offline

Unless you’ve been vacationing on Mars lately, you probably know that Google’s “Gmail” web app is the hottest webmail portal this side of the Andromeda Galaxy. With over 7 gigs of online storage space for free over an “https” secure socket, what’s not to like about it? (Sign up at any time by navigating to

Follow the instructions to “Sign up for Gmail.”)

But did you know that, somewhat silently, they’ve recently added the capability to work on your gmail offline? Read more at

You have to install a plug-in in your browser. If you’re an avid Gmail user, this is your ticket to “catching up” during that next long flight.

7) Gotta Send A Big Prayer Letter File Home To Supporters?

Did you ever wish you could send a huge database or spreadsheet to an email recipient, but you felt guilty because you would be bombing out his/her email account with a mongo file? And maybe you don’t have an FTP site (or maybe you don’t even care to learn what one is?). Well there’s an answer, you know. Just kick in a free two-week trial at YouSendIt…

Granted, if you keep the service after two weeks, you’ll have to pay *something*, but at least for two weeks, you’ll be able to get through that big deadline in one piece, right? :-)

8) Big Thank You To 3 Unique Cities

What do Fargo (North Dakota), Fayetteville (Arkansas), and Topeka all have in common? In each of those cities, there’s a much-appreciated Brigada participant who officially became a “True Fan” of Brigada tonight. And with these gifts of $300 — which instantly became *$600* because of the generosity of a visionary international church in the Middle East — Brigada now only needs $3331.75 to break even for 2008!!! Thank you Fargo, Fayetteville, and Topeka!

9) Only 17 "True Fans" Needed: Would You Step Up To The Plate?

Would you, your group, or your church be willing to step up to the plate to become a “True Fan” of Brigada by giving or pledging $100? We only need 17 more… (because each of those 17 gifts will be doubled thanks to the visionary international church in the Middle East… and the entire $3331.75 will be covered. As far as I recall, this would be the first time ever in history that we would actually break even! For example, in 2006, we needed 16,650 and we rec’d $15,096. That was very close. Last year we needed $17,150 and rec’d $14,218.90. Wouldn’t it be something if we actually *made* it??? All we need are 17 more people. If by some miracle, there are *more* than 17, we won’t spend more in 2008. We’ll apply any overage to 2009 — and our 2009 budget is already pegged at exactly the same amount as for 2008 ($17,150). By the way, if we should happen to cover all of 2009 expenses in January 2009 :-), we won’t mention money for the entire rest of the *year*!!! :-)

10) The Backpage: Can Webinars Build True Community?

Our organization (Team Expansion) has been trying out the webinar concept on a trial basis to see if it can help our full-timers build more camaraderie with one another across continents. Early [anecdotal] indications are that it can indeed help, but I can’t help but think we’re still trying to get it right. I imagine by now, everybody’s participated in a webinar. You’ve probably listened to some persuasive sales person push a new upgrade to a major software package you use at the office. Or maybe someone discussed missionary attrition. Typically, one or two people — 3 or 4 at the most — take turns talking about a product, service, fix, or problem. They usually let you look at some Powerpoint slides or a working computer monitor while you listen to the audio portion of the program. Were it not for the Powerpoint, it would kind of resemble a phone conference, except the heavy-lifting of the phone conference portion is usually covered by the webinar service. (They at least provide the “bridge”, even if participants have to call in on Skype or a cell phone.) We’ve tried splashing a webcam view of the speaker on the screen. It does seem to slow down the visual element of the webinar, so lately, we’ve gone to “snapshots” of the speaker, just so we don’t have to constantly rebroadcast the video over the webinar. (Broadband participants do ok, but dial-up folks have a hard time with the webcam video.) Sometimes there are question-and-answer times (maybe with participants emailing in their questions… or typing them into a chat window). We’ve been using a pretty *basic* service, but in a couple of weeks, we hope to try out a stepped-up service that accommodates on-line polling, chatting with each participant, panels, and, in general, many improved features.

Of course, there’s a cost to all this, but probably not nearly so much as you think. The dumbed-down service we were using was about $45/month… but I can already tell you that it looks like the upgrade to “Go-To-Webinar” will be worth it, at something like $80/month:

These prices are for unlimited conferences with as many as 1000 people at a time. We’re now in the process of comparing prices with

Where have you found the best deal? What format worked best for your ministry? How might you use webinars to draw your international audience together? Report back from the field to your board? Show a Powerpoint online? Use the webinar-service’s voice-over-IP telephony service to save money on international calls during the webinar? If you have solutions… providers, vendors, great service-sites, please refer us. Just click “Comment” on the web version below and be sure to tell us URLs and addresses. Thanks for being “one beggar, telling another where to find bread!”

11) Closing Stuff

DISCLAIMER — We can’t screen ’em all. Please forgive us if aparticular site contains offensive information — or no information at all! We try to visit them in advance, but often write “on the road”so we simply can’t preview everything.

PLEASE DON’T SUBSCRIBE US TO YOUR LIST — Sorry — nothing personal –but we’re already deluged. We’ll eventually teach our spam filter to just delete it anyway, but in the meantime, we’ll have a sad face because of the volume of mass mailings we receive. :-(

PRIVACY INFORMATION — We will never give your information to anybody. We won’t market you, won’t hassle you, and won’t ever bother you. You won’t be signed up for mailings you didn’t request. Your address is safe and your future is secure. You have my word: We’ll never sell the mailing list to a marketer, spammer, or advertiser. Life is good. :-)

COPYRIGHT — (We actually have to say this stuff so the material can’t legally be used by those who are not likeminded.) This issue of Brigada Today is Copyrighted 2008. However, permission is granted to freely redistribute these materials, including those available on the Brigada website, provided that such redistribution is to those who will help the Good News of Jesus Christ to reach the unreached. To copy or reproduce Brigada Today for any other reason is illegal and is not permitted. When you quote or paraphrase material from Brigada, please include this phrase: “For a free subscription to Brigada’s weekly missions publication, write and/or visit Brigada on the web at”

2008/11/23 — Brigada Today

“Brigada: Since 1995… Buckets full of Resources, Trends, Challenges — all in a weekly e-zine & website…”
Compiled by Doug Lucas, Team Expansion, Louisville, KY
(Thanks for your patience as we ‘catch up’ with the publishing date.)

In this issue…

1) CDTS: Be Discipled To Reach The Nations

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Lebanon, PA, USA is offering a Crossroads Discipleship Training School (CDTS) to help students grow in their faith and equip them to reach the nations with the Gospel. The school is designed for older students and families and includes a 12-week lecture phase, including topics such as hearing God’s voice, spiritual warfare, and the character of God, and a 2-month foreign outreach. The dates of the school are June 1 – October 21, 2009. More information and/or an application can be found online at:

or phone: 717-274-9010.

2) ‘Safe Travel Solutions’ For Missions Teams

Overseas missions travel is becoming increasingly more dangerous. Just yesterday, a personal friend of mine watched as thieves duct-taped the mouth of his wife in his own home. A handful of thieves took whatever they wanted, then drove off in the missionary’s car. Traveler kidnappings, illegal detentions, carjackings, and home invasions increased 300 percent just in 2005-06, says personal security specialist David Dose, founder of Fort Sherman Academy, where faith-based audiences have been receiving hostage survival and anti-terrorism training since 2003. Now the highly effective Fort Sherman training is available in a two-DVD curriculum called “Safe Travel Solutions.” Topics include Protective Measures, Surveillance, Surviving Hostage Situations, Minimizing Sexual Assault, and Dealing with Demands for Information. For more information, visit

Fort Sherman was kind enough to send an evaluation copy. We recently sent representatives from our organization out to Fort Sherman for personal training and my conclusion is – if you can’t get to Fort Sherman personally, get this DVD before you travel.

3) Local Church Is Seeking Short Recruitment Videos

Ken recently asked for help with his local church missions campaign. They’d like to show several short mobilization & recruitment videos throughout their mission emphasis month. Can you take a moment to click on “Comment” under this item and share the best recruitment videos available today? Be sure to give source information (where to order them). Thanks!

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