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2008/11/09 — Brigada Today

“Brigada: Since 1995… Buckets full of Resources, Trends, Challenges — all in a weekly e-zine & website…”
Compiled by Doug Lucas, Team Expansion, Louisville, KY
(Thanks for your patience as we ‘catch up’ with the publishing date.)

In this issue…

1) New Morocco Prayer Guide

Want to pray for what is most on the hearts of missionaries in Morocco? With content provided by dozens of missionaries, a brand new 64-page “Arise Shine Morocco – 52 Weeks of Prayer for Morocco and Its Peoples” English-language Prayer Guide is now in print. Special discounts are available for bulk orders. ASM is seeking anyone interested in printing the new Prayer Guide in other languages. Volunteer coordinators for distribution outside the USA and translators are still needed. A nearly hour-long ASM Resource Video containing seven short videos about Morocco and its peoples, including one for children, is still available in NTSC format. For more information, or to order materials, please email

or go to the ASM website…


2) Want To Become An Executive Director?

Mediterranean integral Mission (MIM) seeks an Executive Director for a respected Medical Mission Organization working in North Africa. The ideal candidate would be a native Spanish Speaker with a career in a medical profession and training in missions, fund raising and administration. The candidate must provide his/her own financial support. A contact base in North and South America and Europe would be helpful. Proposed location for the position is in Southern Europe or North Africa. Interested? Email

with C.V.

3) Oportunidad: Director Ejecutiva

Misión Integral Mediterranea (MIM) busca un(a) Director(a) Ejecutiva para una Misión Médica trabajando en el Norte de África. El candidato ideal hablará el español como lengua nativa, con una carrera en el campo de medicina y formación en misiones, levantamiento de fondos y administración. El candidato contará con su propio sostén económico. Preferible que tenga un base de contactos en las Américas (norte y Sur) y Europa . La ubicación de puesto será en el sur de Europa o el Norte de África. Email

con C.V.

4) Long-Term Housing For Missionaries In Iowa

Here’s a partially furnished two story home, complete with four bedrooms, two baths, LR/DR, den, eating area in kitchen, laundry room (no W/D), basement for storage, and garage. You can snag it for $350 monthly for a furlough house (utilities, phone, and cable would also be your responsibility). Contact Ed directly at

or 515-257-1078(H) or 605-209-6238 (Cell).

5) Missionary Housing Available In New Jersey

Now you can live 30 minute from mid-town Manhattan. A dentist has furnished this downstairs apartment in his home available for long-term stays by missionaries. It has a living room with a fireplace, queen bed with small adjoining bath with shower, a galley type kitchen with eating area. It’s perfect for single or couple. Contact

6) Get Trained In Islam By Horizons

Horizons International offers training on “Engaging Islam” in several locations, including Colorado, Michigan, Lebanon, Russia, and Brazil. Lengths vary from a weekend conference to a year-long internship. The next training session will be coming up in Holland, Michigan, 16-17 January and in Colorado Springs, 19-30 January. For more details, check:


7) Hats Off To Our New "True Fans" Of Brigada

Tonight we salute Mark in Nebraska, our newest “True Fan” of Brigada, having sent $100 this past week. Another True Fan this week: Corbie and the folks at Alaska Mission for Christ, who also sent $100. Click on “photos” there to see their slide show. Very cool. Makes me want to go. :-)

Tim wrote a note that he was a True Fan “wannabe” :-), having sent $50. The truth is, we value any gift, regardless of size! Both of these guys can deduct this gift from their income tax. In fact, for those who send their gifts by check, we send out a tax-deductible receipt without you even having to request it. (Those giving through the online means get an email thank-you, and can request tax-deductibility if they desire it.)

The folks at LongviewNET, featured in last night’s Brigada, have already received interest and picked up new client work — so they sent an immediate gift of $20, saying, “Now we’re both blessed!” Don’t forget to check out their search engine service at:


8) Make A Difference In Brigada Today

These new gifts bring our 2008 total to $13,103. Gulp. That still seems a long way from this year’s humble needs of $17,150 for Brigadas every week for 10,000 people. Keep in mind, in many parts of the world, that wouldn’t even pay for the salary of one single elementary schoolteacher, let alone business or ministry expenses. What’s more, that’s *it*. Once we reach $17,150, we apply any additional gift income to 2009 — and we already have determined that the 2009 budget won’t raise a dime. So if there’s someone out there that could do a one-time gift of $4046.75, we’re done for 2008… and any additional gifts that come in would all apply toward 2009. If we reach that goal in January of 2009, mum’s the word about finances for the entire rest of the year! (Nobody would be happier about that than Brigada, believe me!) So how ’bout your church, company, group, or foundation? What about some trust that you might know? Here’s a demonstrated track record of nearly 14 years! (We’ll turn 14 Jan. 25th.) Unfortunately, just 5 days remain in 2008. :-( Can you chip in today? Your gift will help subscribers in lands around the world where there is strong interest in unreached peoples, but little available funds to help with resource ministries such as Brigada. Would you consider asking your church for a one-time gift with any available funds they might have left in contingency giving? Any amount would help.

Just click one of the pushbuttons at the right-hand top of the home page… or use the PayPal link on the upper left if you prefer. Remember, even with the PayPal links, you don’t have join PayPal to give through it. Or if you prefer, just send an old-fashioned check payable to Team Expansion to: Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Dr., Louisville, KY 40299. (Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so for USA citizens, your checks made out to Team Expansion are tax-deductible.) As always, be sure to let us know if you’d like us to promote any particular service or ministry, or if you’d prefer your gift be anonymous. And thank you in advance for helping.

9) The Backpage: Flashdrive

I’ve always admired all those folks who can live & work off of a flash drive. First, it just seems so … *lightweight*! (Duh! :-) ) I’ll be there in the Internet cafe in some Middle-Eastern city, having toted in my 5-pound laptop. In will walk this smart-looking westerner with a flash drive not much bigger than a pack of gum. He uses one of the provided computers in the shop… but does so *safely* by inserting his flash drive and booting all his programs off of *it*, instead of off a laptop. Seems secure enough. Can you work like that? Does it satisfy your needs? If so, what’s the best unit (“stick of gum”) that you’ve found? … and how easy was/is it? I’ve heard great things about the Iron Key unit. See the Youtube video at:


or visit the company’s website at:


Our VP of Equipping, Eric, recently came back from a training session out East and he said they were all the rage there. (Thanks Eric!) Supposedly safe enough for military customers. Should be ok for us, right?

Hushmail has another version at:


That one even comes with a Hushmail premium account.

See Sandisk’s version at:


My trouble is — I’m so spoiled, having carried my Thinkpads halfway around the world again and again. I love the keyboard. I’m *used* to it… and if I want to work on a report in my room ’til 2am, I *can*. So as much as I’d like to get excited about these flashdrive deals, I just can’t seem to generate it. How ’bout you?

Please click “Comment” below and give your testimony. Maybe this is more of a personal thing… because so far, working off of a flash drives doesn’t seem all that flashy to me.


10) Closing Stuff

DISCLAIMER — We can’t screen ’em all. Please forgive us if aparticular site contains offensive information — or no information at all! We try to visit them in advance, but often write “on the road”so we simply can’t preview everything.

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PRIVACY INFORMATION — We will never give your information to anybody. We won’t market you, won’t hassle you, and won’t ever bother you. You won’t be signed up for mailings you didn’t request. Your address is safe and your future is secure. You have my word: We’ll never sell the mailing list to a marketer, spammer, or advertiser. Life is good. :-)

COPYRIGHT — (We actually have to say this stuff so the material can’t legally be used by those who are not likeminded.) This issue of Brigada Today is Copyrighted 2008. However, permission is granted to freely redistribute these materials, including those available on the Brigada website, provided that such redistribution is to those who will help the Good News of Jesus Christ to reach the unreached. To copy or reproduce Brigada Today for any other reason is illegal and is not permitted. When you quote or paraphrase material from Brigada, please include this phrase: “For a free subscription to Brigada’s weekly missions publication, write and/or visit Brigada on the web at http://www.brigada.org/.”

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