7) Thanks To Those Who Keep The Brigada Light Burning

Hello Jacksonville, Florida!!! … where a new “True Fan” of Brigada has helped us keep the Brigada lights burning! Thanks for the $100 gift. Thanks, too, to the couple hard at work in Oaxaca, Mexico, for their vision and partnership — another True Fan of Brigada! Yesss! :-) Another “True Fan” gift came from Dallas, a 4th came in last night from Extreme Missionary Adventures:


And a *5th* came in from a very missions-oriented congregation in Joplin, Missouri — Praise God. A final friend from Bothell, Washington, pitched in $25 — we’re thankful for that gift too!

These gifts should have added up to $525, but thanks to that visionary congregation in the Middle East (the gift that keeps on giving!), they’ve now become $1050!!! Yahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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