11) The Backpage: A Missionary Care Resource Toolkit

Here is a Missionary Care Resource Toolkit list, as profiled by Ron at…


What we would like to know is… what additional resources could be added to this basic library? What, if anything, has Ron neglected to include? If you can think of items that you would add, please click “Comment” at the end of the web version of this entry. Let’s equip a new Member Care person with everything he/she would need for a basic start-up library and resource guide. And hats off to Ron for assembling this list! (Ron & Val are pictured at left)

– Hay’s REMAP update (2007) on Taylor’s classic (Too Valuable to Lose) on member care for missionaries available from William Carey Library

Doing Member Care Well: Perspectives and Practices from Around the World (Globalization of Mission Series) – the newly updated (2002) manual for missionary member care available from William Carey Library. $19.95 plus shipping, 13.95 for 3 or more

Wycliffe Member Care and Counseling Resources CD – a huge collection of alphabetized subjects – you will need to contact Wycliffe Member Care for more information on this great resource

First Term Survival Guide – Ron Berrus put this booklet together as a primer for first term transition. This work was spawned by the careful review of 150 first term debriefing results and includes input from a score of seasoned veterans who have survived long term. http://www.ronberrus.abwe.org/ for free PDF

Debriefing Handbook – Ron Berrus has put together a booklet outlining the various types and purposes of debriefings and suggested questions for each. http://www.ronberrus.abwe.org/ for free PDF

– Neal Pirolo’s excellent guide for sending churches and support teams back home

The Missionary Care Team Manual – Brad Winkler’s booklet for building a sending church care team for their missionaries http://www.ronberrus.abwe.org/ for free pdf

The Battle for Moral Purity – Ron’s Bible studies with compilation of articles from other authors http://www.ronberrus.abwe.org/ for free pdf

First Steps in the Spiritual Disciplines – Ron Berrus’ introduction to the purposes and practices of eight spiritual disciplines. Good for individual or group studies. http://www.ronberrus.abwe.org/ for free pdf

Key Qualities – Ron Berrus’ Bible study on 20 key character traits of mature believers. Good for small group and team studies. http://www.ronberrus.abwe.org/ for free pdf

Five Essentials for Building Lasting Relationships – Ron Berrus’ primer on biblical principles for building relationships that last. Good for individual and group studies. http://www.ronberrus.abwe.org/ for free pdf

Walk As He Walked & Coming Home – Transition to the Field Devotional Journal by Howard and Bonnie Lisech

E-books and Additional Recommended Resources
a) What Missionaries Ought to Know
b)Re-Entry Transitions
c)TCK’s and Adolescence
d)MK’s Re-Entry and more!

all available from http://www.missionarycare.com/ebook.htm

Recommended Top 5 Websites with additional Member Care resources

http://www.missionarycare.com/index.htm — excellent for free e-books and other resources for care givers – this has a wealth of materials on an incredible array of topics

http://www.mislinks.org/practical/membcare.htm — website with broad range of resources and info

http://www.barnabas.org/ — organization that provides specialized care for missionaries

http://www.mti.org/books_membercare.htm — books on numerous topics related to member care

http://www.missionresources.com/missionarycare.html — another website recommending websites and brochures on numerous topics (Evangelical Methodist/Asbury connection)

4 Responses to 11) The Backpage: A Missionary Care Resource Toolkit
  1. Brad Sayers Reply

    The big picture view of Member Care must include working with returning overseas mission workers when they return home (for whatever reason).

    Set a New Direction specifically focuses on the Career needs of returning workers.

    Brad is a former missionary who now helps others to objectively translate / reinterpret their unique skills, overseas experience and International IQ to the best opportunities here.

    To find out more about Set a New Direction click here.

    Brad Sayers
    Set a New Direction

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Ron’s compilation of resources and his own contributions are of outstanding value to those of us who serve our missionaries.

    I would like to an one website, that of International Training Partners, with attention to a series of articles by Ken Williams which is also useful and Biblical.

    Randy Rhoades
    Staff Development Facilitator
    YWAM Africa

  3. Steve Rudd Reply

    I would highly recommend that you add to your list of resources the “Wild At Heart” book. There is also a manual that facilitates men’s groups. I believe that this book is a must for men (and women).

  4. John Certalic Reply

    Thanks for compiling these resources, Ron. An additional one, and one where we’ve had a good response from Christian workers, is our Personal Growth Conference for Missionaries.
    visit http://www.caringforothers.org/missionaries2.asp for all the details.

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