1) Hope Esl Software: Free English Teaching Cdrom Presenting The Bible

This high quality CDrom is being used creatively around the globe in many mission contexts. Students develop their English skills while comprehending a dramatic presentation of God’s redemptive story in 12 chapters from creation through Jesus Christ. This CDrom utilizes beautiful images and audio while ALSO including the full film of The Hope (see


This resource is brilliant for short-term teams, classes and 1 to 1 tutoring opportunities. Additionally, it can be copied and distributed without charge making it a cheap and practical gift wherever English is in demand. In a spirit of partnership the new version of this resource is being distributed FREE to missionaries and national Christian workers around the globe (donations for postage is appreciated).


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4 Responses to 1) Hope Esl Software: Free English Teaching Cdrom Presenting The Bible
  1. Anonymous Reply

    This looks like a VERY cool resource.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Love to see this idea spread virally to the praise of JESUS. Anyone got any other ideas for gospel ESL?

  3. Anonymous Reply

    I am very excited about this resource. I have already asked them to send me one

  4. Hope Reply

    Thank you Brigada for the connections you are making. We have received an amazing array of responses to this from all over the globe.
    The offer still stands to send the disc anywhere in the globe for free (except the US where there is a $2.25 price tag).
    Blessings, Pete

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