3) Uk Mission News & School Of Missions Celebrates 34 Million Hits

3) UK MISSION NEWS & SCHOOL OF MISSIONS CELEBRATES 34 MILLION HITS — Les from the UK e-mailed Doug recently to say thank you to Brigada participants for giving him the vision and the encouragement way back in 2001 to launch his free World Mission News and School of Missions website


for leaders and believers in the developing world. Since then the DCI pages have handled over 34,000,000 hits and are now in 16 languages with more on the way as soon as translators can be found particularly for Asian languages which people are continually asking for. Les says that many hundreds of training schools and churches have opened all over the developing world, lots of them in the 10/40 window and that he could never have achieved this any other way. Praise God… and Thanks Les!

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