4 Responses to 7) What’s Your Favorite Bible Site?
  1. Mike Green Reply

    When looking for more (~20) languages consider http://bibleserver.com/.

  2. dennis Reply

    YouVersion.com is a good online Bible. You can write your journal or comments on the passages and access them later anywhere you can get online.

    They also have some great mobile apps for iPhones and Blackberries and other mobile devices.

  3. Doug Lucas Reply

    Mike, I wonder how much stock we should put in Norton’s warning about bibleserver.com… that the site is unsafe because of forced use of Adware.CramToolbar ?


  4. Mike Green Reply


    Since I don’t use Norton I didn’t get that warning. And I don’t see any evidence of an “Adware.CramToolbar.” Perhaps, however, I am not looking in the right place(s). Or is it possible that “Adware.CramToolbar” is only an Internet Explorer (I use Firefox) or a MS Windows (I use Ubuntu Linux) phenomenon?

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