6) Returning Missionaries: You’ve Got A Friend

set_a_new_directionThanks to a Brigada responder writing on one of those comment links… we learned recently about “Set a New Direction”:


It specifically focuses on the Career needs of returning workers. Brad is a former missionary who now helps others to objectively translate / reinterpret their unique skills, overseas experience and International IQ to the best opportunities here. Thanks for using those Brigada comments!

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  1. Brad Sayers Reply

    Hi Everyone,

    It’s Brad from Set a New Direction here.

    Until Dec 31, 2011, I am offering a 50% discount for you or someone you might know that needs specific missionary reentry / career transition services.

    The details can be found at http://www.setanewdirection.com/Special_50_Percent_Off_Dec2011.html

    All the best,


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