6) Creating National Networks for Digital Evangelism

ieday-poster-150x150Internet Evangelism Day and Guide Network have produced a page explaining the strategic value of national or regional networks, which link digital evangelists together, along with other media and mission agencies on the ground. (Thanks for this tip, Tony!) They know from experience that these can be hugely strategic, and are already enhancing effective evangelism and cooperation in several regions of the world.: 


And their speaker panel offers experienced speakers about different aspects of digital evangelism, for mission conferences or mission agency consultations:


2 Responses to 6) Creating National Networks for Digital Evangelism
  1. Dave Hackett Reply

    We’re thrilled to see regional and national digital evangelism networks forming! So far, to our knowledge, networks have been formed …
    1) For the Arab world
    2) For the Japanese world
    3) For the Turkish world
    4) For the African world
    5) and of course, for the English, North American world.

  2. ANA GAMEZ Reply

    I’m glad to know about the Internet Evangelism and the formation of national digital evangelism networks. May God mightily use our current technology to bring more people into HIS Kingdom. Do you have any contact person who in-charge in Japan? Thanks!

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