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1) Missionaries Saving 200 Cumulative Years Of Support Raising!

kingdoncomeWe hear great things from Kingdom Come Training (in support-raising). So far in 2009 just over 100 missionaries from 21 agencies have enrolled in training, coaching and accountability with Kingdom Come Training. Most are now on track to achieve their full funding in less than ten months.  Compared to the average time it currently takes missionaries to raise full support, this saves more than two years for each missionary. Six of them have completed their full funding in five months or less. About 75% of their face-to-face presentations result in monthly support.  One missionary, who has gone from zero to 60% in four months, reports that about 90% of his presentations result in monthly support.  The training is done with live, interactive video. KCT now enrolls people from anywhere in the world who have adequate high speed internet. Check out their website:


or write Jerry directly at


(And thanks so much for the $25 gift that Kingdom Come sent to Brigada last week! As a small way of saying thanks, we bumped their item to the front of the line.)

3) “World Bibles” Site Indexes Over 16,000 Int’l Bibles


The new “World Bibles” web site, just released by Wycliffe Associates UK, will help immigrant populations to find Bibles in their own languages.  It will also help Christian workers wanting Bible resources for outreach to non-English speakers. The site is at


Resources are listed for hundreds of languages, including printed Bibles, Scripture cassettes, CDs, on line Bible text, downloadable Bibles, and films. Visitors to the site simply type in a language name.  A list appears showing known Bible resources available in that language. Since the site is an index, it provides links to existing sites on the Internet, but it does not offer any specific Bibles. In order to help non-English users, the user interface is available in ten languages, and more are being added. For more information, contact David


5) Change In Format For Emailed Brigada Today

stopspamLong-time friends of Brigada Today will notice a change in format beginning with this issue. The titles are obviously no longer in all upper case. We’ve made this change due to the news that, apparently, this practice is so common to spammers that some spam filters now search for text in all upper case, relegating those emails to spam folders. Forgive us if this change is an inconvenience, but we judged that we’d better shift formats for the benefit of those who might be losing the entire issue. In addition, beginning with today’s issue, we no longer created hard carriage returns at the end of each line of each item. We began this practice back in the day when certain email clients didn’t quite know how to deal with paragraphs of text and had dutifully kept the practice up until a Brigada reader recently requested that it be dropped. Upon researching his request, we realized that the practice no longer seems relevant, since all modern readers now seem up to the challenge. If either of these changes causes a problem for you, please log use the comment line immediately below and let us know. We hope it makes life easier for John and many others. Effective immediately, when submitting new items for use in Brigada Today, please cease using upper case in the title of the item.

6) Bless The Next Generation Of Believers In Turkey


They’re the world’s largest unreached people group. That’s what the “English Bible Club” (EBC) of Istanbul has been doing since 2005. EBC, a Christian school program for the children of persecuted converts, is looking urgently for 3 teachers for the 2009-2010 school year, ready to come by the end of August. Teachers need to be fluent in English, among other things, and be willing to spend a year of full time ministry in Turkey, having raised their own support ($800/month; free lodging in a Turkish Christian home). Get more info by emailing


7) Free Mission Illustrations (Grab some. Share some.)

World Missions 101 is still growing with hundreds of illustrations. Its organizers are collecting mission quotes, illustrations, stories & resources for use by you and many others in mobilizing and motivating. All sources are footnoted. Feel free to use, promote, and/or add illustrations to this resource.andyrayner


Looks like you’re supposed to email Andy with the illustration at


8) Grateful For Partners

This past week, ISA sent $53.54 as a way of thanking us for getting the word out about their great insurance policies for travel, health, and life. Thanks ISA! See their info at: missionaryhealth


In addition, Kingdom Come Training sent $25 to fuel the fire here at Brigada. May God bless you all at Kingdom Come. Learn more about their ministry of training others in support-raising at:kingdoncome


9) Would you consider asking your church to support Brigada?

We’ve recently committed to helping Team Expansion become established at its new training campus in Louisville, Kentucky. See their site at:


Think of it as a smaller version of emerald hillsthe U.S. Center for World Mission. (Even as I write those words, I realize nothing could ever match the vision that the late Dr. Ralph Winter managed to muster for that campus. I remember in the late 70’s, when I first heard about it, I was amazed that he was tackling it. However, in the spirit of Dr. Winter, we’re venturing where only fools might dare to tread, … ) In a very unique fundraising initiative, Team Expansion is seeking 29 partners, each of which would be asked to donate $24,000 to create a “Prayer Shelter” at the Emerald Hills site. Since Team Expansion has been very very good to Brigada, we’re love to help them out as they get started at their new campus. If you’d like to help, just click on one of the “Donor” links at the top of this page. Both are safe, the one with PayPal and the other with one of the most well-known “real” online merchants on the web. Neither requires you to open an account with anyone … and neither ever spams you. Or, if you prefer, just send an old-fashioned check payable to Team Expansion to: Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Dr., Louisville, KY 40299. (Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so for USA citizens, your checks made out to Team Expansion are tax-deductible.) If you’d like your gift to go toward the “29” fund (the Prayer Shelter) just mark it on the check or in the comment line. Again, the goal for this “29” project is $24,000. Learn more about the “29” idea by browsing to:


A gift of any size would help, whether monthly or one-time. If you know of someone who might sponsor the entire amount, please just hit reply and tell us how to help. Thank you for any help you can give.

10) The Backpage: How Do We Best Cheer On Teammates?

fansTwo weeks ago (in the May 17th BackPage [link opens new window]), we asked how we could adequately say thanks to financial supporters: Those who make possible the work we do. Today we face a different question, prompted again by a hard-working cross-cultural witness in North Africa. Today’s question is — how do we best encourage our peers. Specifically, how can we add fuel to the fire of those who are on the right track? How can we affirm the guys who “get it”, while motivating others through their example? Our friend from North African wrote, “It’s no coincidence that everyone wins more games at home than on the road. The fans are cheering for them there.  So the question is — How can we best cheer for our outstanding workers? Any ideas? If so, please use the comment box below. And thanks for helping us make Brigada Today useful for team leaders throughout the world!


11) Closing Stuff

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