3) “World Bibles” Site Indexes Over 16,000 Int’l Bibles


The new “World Bibles” web site, just released by Wycliffe Associates UK, will help immigrant populations to find Bibles in their own languages.  It will also help Christian workers wanting Bible resources for outreach to non-English speakers. The site is at


Resources are listed for hundreds of languages, including printed Bibles, Scripture cassettes, CDs, on line Bible text, downloadable Bibles, and films. Visitors to the site simply type in a language name.  A list appears showing known Bible resources available in that language. Since the site is an index, it provides links to existing sites on the Internet, but it does not offer any specific Bibles. In order to help non-English users, the user interface is available in ten languages, and more are being added. For more information, contact David


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