4) Unreached People of the Day in your Inbox

prayforunreachedIt is hard to miss Joshua Project’s “Unreached of the Day” widgets on websites and Facebook profiles. But perhaps you are unaware there is an email version of these. Fuel your prayer for the unreached by getting these daily or weekly prayer reminders in your inbox. The email features a profile of a different unreached people group each day–complete with picture, map, and prayer ideas. Currently a “Double the Prayer Challenge” is underway to put the number of people who receive these daily reminders to pray for the unreached up over a thousand. For more information about the challenge and how to subscribe to the “Unreached of the Day” emails go to:


(Thanks for reminding us of this cool feature, Peter, of Mission Data Int’l!)

2 Responses to 4) Unreached People of the Day in your Inbox
  1. Jerry Reply

    how can I get the FB widget?

  2. brigtoday Reply

    Better check with the people at joshuaproject.net, Jerry. They’ll take care of you.

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