4) ACMC (Advancing Churches in Missions Commitment) Conferences

Three United States Regional Conferences are scheduled for early 2010. ACMC conferences are great for folks who are interested in missions and want their churches to be more effective in reaching the world. The speakers and workshops are helpful and interesting. The issues addressed are issues you are dealing with in your church.  Check out:


to download brochures and to get more info.

10 Responses to 4) ACMC (Advancing Churches in Missions Commitment) Conferences
  1. Neal Pirolo Reply

    Unfortunately, the ACMC site is not responding to the url you placed in Brigada, nor could I find it under Pioneers. :-(

  2. Editor Reply

    Try again, Neal. Not sure why it wasn’t responding before, but it’s working fine now.

  3. Dennis Miller Reply

    As an ACMC veteran…I can’t say enough about how pleased I am that ACMC is rising from the ashes. We just completed “MissionConneXion NorthWest out here and Ken and Kelly from ACMC did the booktable for us. They did a great job and where else can you find missions related books all in one place and at awesome prices!
    ACMC rocks!


    please let me know about your ministry

  5. Editor Reply

    Please see the ACMC website above.

  6. Brad Pontius Reply

    Where do we find ACMC materials now that the name changed & David Mays isn’t around?

    • Judy Gunn Reply

      what’s the new name??

  7. Judy Gunn Reply

    I could not access the website of ACMC as given above. I really would like to know the schedule of conferences.

  8. Editor Reply

    So sorry Judy. ACMC has closed its doors and there’s nothing exactly like it to replace it. But keep watching in Brigada for other missions conferences KIND of like these.

  9. Rev. James Arikosi Reply

    I humbly beg to write and wish to seek your kind consideration for Membership in your Mission Organization.

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