6) Catch this Video on the “10 C’s of a Biblical Worldview”

[Note: We originally included this item without having previewed this free video (using our policy, “We can’t screen ’em all,” as is stated in “Closing Stuff” of each Brigada mailing). However, please remember that the content in this video is that of the producer, not of Brigada — and we’re not asserting that we believe it is necessarily the Biblical worldview. We are leaving it posted here for legacy’s sake — and in case you’d like to comment. The Editor.]

Faithe is offering this video for you!


Thanks Faithe!

4 Responses to 6) Catch this Video on the “10 C’s of a Biblical Worldview”
  1. Kym Reply

    I liked the idea but including specific dates when things occured and will occur put me off using this. According to the video Christ will return in 2012. I’m not sure how the producers know this……

  2. Editor Reply

    Whoa. Hadn’t caught that. I’m with you — I definitely do *not* believe it would be biblical for the producers to know the date of Christ’s return. Thanks for speaking up. We’ll leave this page here — and these comments — in case others want to register their thoughts.

  3. Kym Reply

    Here is what the author said about the dates on their website

    “# Rob Finley Says:
    January 16th, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    The software we used to make this video required dates. Of course, nearly all the dates on there are guesses or approximate; and we don’t know when the Second Coming is going to be (we are NOT making a claim that it is any particular date).”

    I still feel that its wrong to publish something like this with dates – even if the software forces you to includes dates

  4. Editor Reply

    Thanks Kym. That at least helps us know the motivation.

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