3) Looking for a Bible in another language? Try WorldBibles.org

The WorldBibles.org site is a one-stop place for you to find foreign language Bibles.  They list an amazing 14,000 web locations where Bibles can be found in over four thousand world languages. Many Bibles are free downloads, and they list books, audio, video, phone and Braille media. Wycliffe Associates UK who developed the site have tried to make it very easy for users.  They have just added Spanish as a user language, making a total of 18 user languages including Russian, Mandarin, Korean and English. If you know of any Internet places or book stores where people can get foreign language Bibles, especially in minority languages, please let WorldBibles know

and they will add the information to their site.  Check them out at


2 Responses to 3) Looking for a Bible in another language? Try WorldBibles.org
  1. Carol Nevin Reply

    The actual website for World Bibles is:


    The www is not part of the address.

    Might want to make the correction.

    God bless you all

  2. Editor Reply

    Hi Carol. From my browser, both addresses point to the same page. Do yours go to different places?

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