12) The BackPage: Here we are Together Again (United for Haiti)

Is it just my imagination, or are we seeing a bit more cooperation than ever before in the carrying out of humanitarian aid missions. Think about it… Hope For Haiti pulls together like 60 tv networks. Then there’s the new website,


You register if you have a humanitarian need for Haiti, … or if you have a resource to offer to the greater good… facilities, materials, personnel, transportation… you register that too. How ’bout that. (Bravo to CrossGlobal Link for taking initiative to start it.)

I wonder why such cooperative ventures are happening these days. Could it be…

  • The message has finally gotten through — The public is tired of needless duplication and rangling among people who say they’re working for the good of the people?
  • The negative case studies push us toward cooperation?
  • The words of Jesus are finally penetrating our brains — “that they be one” (John 17)

Are you observing similar phenomena — cooperation and unity? What’s your theory as to why it’s taking place? Just click in the comment box below the web version of this item. And thanks in advance for giving your opinion.


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