8) Jesus Books For Little Ones

A grandfather has written two little books about Jesus for small children. The Jesus Story, the message of Jesus as Savior, and Jesus in Me, the message of Jesus as Life. You may read the complete books on line at


in several languages. Permission for any missionary or mission organization to print these outside the U.S is available by asking the author. For those who request them a disc with all of the files will be provided so they may be translated and printed in other languages. Also both books are now in video; you may see them on YouTube. Just go to face book and check out the page for The Jesus Story and see the link.  Contact information is provided on the website.

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  1. Mike Reply

    The best set of books that I have found for use with my kids (ages 3 and 1 1/2) is the series entitled Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers. The author has a conviction that among most children’s Christian books sound theology is being sacrificed for warm fuzzies. This is a four book set that is terrific when it comes to teaching children. My 3-year old doesn’t understand the gospel yet in his heart, but he can tell you the gospel in short simple statements as a result of my wife and I reading these books to him.

  2. Phil Chain Reply

    We have been using theses books and they are the greatest evangelistic tool to reach children for Jesus Christ that we have ever used.
    The children love them. The message is clear to the children and also to their parents.

  3. Editor Reply

    Mike, thanks for the referral to “Big Thoughts.” Phil, thanks for your input.

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