8) Full funding in an average of six months

Faith ministry leaders now enjoy the benefits of seeing their appointees fully funded in three to ten months. Since 2007 the team at Kingdom Come Training has been refining the process of training, coaching and accountability for accelerated partnership ministry. Today, KCT has three trainers and a full staff of coaches. Currently over 85 faith ministry staff members, both home assigned and field assigned, are engaged in fast-track funding through KCT training and coaching.  They choose their own time and take the training and coaching right at home over live, interactive videoconferencing.  Up to three new courses begin every Monday and go for an hour and a half a day, four days a week for three weeks.  Enrollment in each course is limited to four or five individuals or couples so that each gets maximum individual help. Then they immediately begin active, personal coaching with half-hour weekly Skype sessions until they achieve their 100% funding. Check out their website:



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