2) Show Journey to Everest Free at Your Church

Remember that cool missions video documentary on steroids about the short-term missions trip to climb Everest?

Well now they’ve set up a deal by which you can get the movie for free if you show it to your church or group on July 11. You can also use it as a fundraiser for your own short-term missions trip (regardless of whether or not you’re climbing a mountain :-) ). They even let you preview the entire movie online. Learn more at their website.


Be sure to watch the special online video there explaining the plan.

3 Responses to 2) Show Journey to Everest Free at Your Church
  1. Susan Barrett Reply

    I am wondering if this DVD is coded for USA or possible to show in Europe.

  2. Rhoda Reply

    is this DVD subtitled in Spanish?

  3. Editor Reply

    I’m not sure Susan and Rhoda, but at the website, there is contact information to ask those kinds of questions. Hope that helps.

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