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1) Online MA TESOL at Biola University —

If your job, visa, or sense of well-being depends on having this degree but you don’t want to leave your place of service, consider the online (100%) MA from Biola. Get the skills you need to teach with professionalism and integrity in as little as 10 hours a week. The degree is designed for teachers with TESOL experience. For more information see


and feel free to write directly to

href="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/kittydotpurgasonatbioladotedu_.jpg">title="kittydotpurgasonatbioladotedu" src="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/kittydotpurgasonatbioladotedu_.jpg" alt="" width="205" height="20" />

with specific questions. Deadline for applications for Summer/Fall 2010 cohort has been extended to June 25. (Better act fast; that’s soon!) (And thanks to Biola for encouraging Brigada with a $25 gift!)

2) “Your Focus on the World” 3-ring Notebook —

Hats off to Catalyst Services for producing their new 3-ring notebook, “Your Focus on the World.” Learn more at…


Using this guide, you’ll be able to Launch/Join powerful, strategic global initiatives that will achieve exponentially more because they connect churches to expanding efforts around the world, avoid some costly mistakes—such as choosing the wrong partners or going it alone, assuming unrealistic expectations, creating dependency, etc., multiply involvement of lay members, especially younger generations whose interests and motivations do not connect with traditional missions, and increase the recruitment of longer-term missionaries and the funding of strategic projects. (Thanks to Catalyst Services for undergirding Brigada with a $100 gift this past week!)

4) New Member Care Resources from the O’Donnells —

We’re constantly grateful to Kelly and Michele O’Donnell for the great resources they share with us regularly. This past week, they shared some resources on a very touchy subject — staying alive in dangerous places.

Dangerous Mission is a special 28 minute BBC “Heart and Soul” documentary. It features interviews with mission workers whose lives are in danger due to the nature of their work. It also includes some perspectives from those who oppose/question their work. Find it at


Responsible Logistics for Hostile Places is an informative case study on the deportation and contingency plans of a team of mission workers and the impact on their national colleagues. You can find in Doing Member Care Well (chapter 43) and also for free in the online version of this book.


(This link will wrap; feel free to log on to Brigada for a clickable version)

Too High a Price? This landmark issue of Refugees magazine (Number 121, 2000) addresses the hard and shifting realities of life for aid workers, especially those in the United Nations. It is filled with personal accounts, photos, and brief articles from around the world. Still so relevant for workers/senders! Download free from UNHCR.


Providing Aid in Insecure Environments — In 2008, 260 aid workers were killed, kidnapped, or seriously injured in violent attacks (highest rates to date). This Policy Brief (April 2009) explores the trends in violence against aid workers and the responses of aid agencies to violence. Download free from Humanitarian Practice Network.


(This link will also wrap; log onto Brigada for a clickable version.)

Thanks to Kelly and Michele for their unselfish service!

5) Overcoming Spiritual Barriers In Japan —

This book by Keith E. Webb examines the invisible spiritual reality behind the 17th century persecution of Christians and the subsequent spiritual strongholds that were established. These barriers are still effectively holding Japanese people in bondage. Learn how to minister to Japanese and how to pray more effectively for them. Brigada readers, if you enter this discount code — 4KYSGCJ4 — you will receive 15% off.


6) What’s Your Favorite Geo-Political Science stats page? —

There are several. For example, you could try…


for starters. See especially their page on global poverty at…


Of course, that site is actually a compilation site, so if you want truly original citations, then take a queue from my son, who recommended, instead, that we try, for info on health indicators,


For leading economic indicators (certain parts require a subscription but everything you’d be interested in should be accessible):


For generic indicators —


And the mecca for everyone interested in quantitative indicators of economic development:


Hope these get you started. Got a favorite link like these? If so, just add it as a comment below. Thanks!

7) Short-Term Team Insurance That Includes Trip Cancellation Option —

Many teams have asked for a short-term team insurance plan that also includes Trip Cancellation coverage.  GNI now offers a new team plan that has rates as low as $1.01 cents a day for travelers age 30-79 and rates of $0.93 for ages 0-29.  The plan provides optional Trip Cancellation.  This standard short-term team plan includes: medical, medical evacuation, terrorism, political evacuation, return of mortal remains, extreme sports coverage (optional), return of mortal remains, AD&D etc.  For more information visit


or write

href="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/infoatgninsurancedotcom_.jpg">title="infoatgninsurancedotcom" src="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/infoatgninsurancedotcom_.jpg" alt="" width="173" height="20" /> or call 480/813-9100. Toll free in USA: 866/636-9100.

8) “Reaching Japanese for Christ” Conference in So. Cal., Sept. —

Mark your calendars and plan your travel. The 4th Annual “Reaching Japanese for Christ” Conference in Southern California is this September 25, 2010. The truth is, few Japanese know Jesus as their personal Savior. The Reaching Japanese for Christ (RJC) Conference will help you share with the Japanese people living near you. This is a great opportunity for cultural training for short term mission trips to Japan, ESL Programs or for those Hosting International Students. To find out more go to


or contact Don

  (don_wrightatcomcastdotnet)  href="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/don_wrightatcomcastdotnet_.jpg">title="don_wrightatcomcastdotnet" src="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/don_wrightatcomcastdotnet_.jpg" alt="" width="189" height="20" />

13) Brigada is Grateful for Those Who Pass On the Baton —

Thanks to the Insurance Services of America (ISA) for sending $49.07, representing trips by folks like Jessica, Shane, Wade, Katherine, Mike, Robert, Stephen, Peter, Ryan, Roger, Carter, Chelsea, Robert, Jonathan, and Audrey. The cool thing about using ISA for trip interruption insurance is — you get great service, easy claims if needed, *and* it costs you less than other policies even though ISA sends a tithe to Brigada! Thanks ISA! Learn more at…


Also received this past week was a gift from William Carey Library Bookstore, available online at…


(Thanks Jeff and company!)

Finally, we also received a gift from Ellen, a “True Fan” of Brigada for $100. Ellen is the key person at


producer of a new missions notebook called “Your FOCUS on the World.” (See item above.)

14) The BackPage: Whatever Happened to Faith? —

Am I imagining things, … or is our world in the middle of some additional “faith-creep.” Faith-creep is a term we’ll make up here and now to describe the incremental distance our faith slides out the window with each passing epoch. For example, the latest statistics show that a lack of religious identity increased in every US state between 1990 and 2008.

In a stinging rebuke of the latest impediments to faith (June 21st 2007), Jeff Mirus mentioned several categories of impediements, including

*** Competing authorities

*** Diabolical influence

*** The Failure of Relationships

*** The Church

I regularly see examples of this “Faith-Creep” every day. It takes its toll. Burn-out, clinical depression, and even physical medical problems can result from the Faith-creek. In fact, it’s difficult to totally ammend.

Do you have an idea on how to stop Faith-Creep? Do you see it happening in your organization, church, group or town? Does it seem faster than usual, or slower than usual.

Please use the comment box below to make suggestions or come up with answers to this Faith Creep problem. See if you can tackle another reason faith might be creeping out the window. Let’s figure this out.

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