6) Bible Storying Resource from the Front Lines —

Here’s a resource from a worker in Southeast Asia who has written a Bible storying resource that many find both unique and helpful for missionaries. Basically, it’s “a completely unique Bible storying set, designed to begin and end each story with Jesus. In the middle of each story there are relevant “flashbacks” to the Old Testament which help to understand more about who Jesus is and provide a broader Biblical worldview.” See it at…


and, if you’re interested, see his instructions there for ordering the resource as a book.

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  1. Roy D. Moody Reply

    Good Morning

    Please send me a full version in pdf.



  2. Richard Shawyer Reply

    Hi, I am a missionary working among the Wolof of Senegal currently in Australia. I am writing a commentary on the NT in Wolof and the Flashback idea sounds interesting. However being outside of the US I cannot order the book. I would appreciate receiving a pdf copy. Thanks.

  3. Joyce Lim Reply

    hi, pls send me a copy in pdf too!

    • Editor Reply

      Hi Joyce, and others. I believe, actually, the best and only way to get this resource right now is by ordering the resource as a book. However, note that the author provides his email address at the website given in the item above. You *could* write the author directly at that email address and make your pitch. Maybe he’d “sell” the PDF just like he’s selling the book, as long as you assure him you won’t distribute it to others. It’s worth a try.

  4. David Parks Reply

    Hey everyone,
    If you are going to be using this in a missions setting, I’d be glad to email you the pdf version at no cost along with the other resources. If not, I would appreciate it if you would buy at least one book, then I’ll send the other resources along for no cost. Please email me at dparks98atgmaildotcom.

    If you want to buy a book, please just follow the instructions on the website.

    I hope this is useful for you.


  5. Editor Reply

    Whoa — sounds great, David. Thanks for your partnership with our participants here!

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