12) The BackPage: Have you seen Scoggins 7 phases? —

Have you seen Scoggins 7 phases? If not, it’s probably a great place to visit, if for no other reason that it might serve as an idea-starter for additional church planting phases. Check out Scoggins’ work at…


Just click on the first line, “Click here to download the current version (3.0).”

Keep in mind, this is not a sequence, to be carried out in numeric order. We suggest you view it instead as a basketful of ideas to consider. Allow it to spur you on to good works, to open your eyes to the possibilities, and catch some loose ends that you might have been missing.

What’s your opinion of these 7 phases? What changes would you suggest? How have these been helpful — or not? Just click on the “Comment” below and leave your opinion today. Thanks in advance.

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