6) Prayer Request for the Himba Of Namibia —

While travelling in northwest Namibia, two missionaries visited a Himba village.  The Himba live in a tribal setting, away from modern conveniences.  Their clothes are made from animal skins, their skin is covered in red ochre, and they bathe the traditional way in smoke (not water).  All of these things are unique to their culture.  They live “off of the land.” Their language is the same as the Herero, another unreached people group. As the missionaries visited, they were graciously welcomed into the village and through a translator were able to speak.  When speaking on their beliefs, the Himba explained about the “holy fire,” sangomas (witch doctors) and the ancestors.  They were not familiar with Jesus Christ and definitely did not know about a personal relationship with Him.  Please pray for the Himba, pray that they will seek the one true God.  Pray for someone to tell them that they do not need to fear the sangomas and appease the ancestors.  Pray that someone will share around the fire with them about the only way to be holy.  Pray that someone will come among them in their culture and share the relevancy of Jesus Christ in their lives, in their village, and in their world! Pray for the Himba of Namibia. Learn more at…


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