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1) Radical, by David Platt, featured in Mission Frontiers —

If you haven’t heard of David Platt and/or his book “Radical: Taking Back your Faith From the American Dream,” you will soon. The book itself is a mobilizer’s dream, and is featured in the Nov/Dec issue of Mission Frontiers, now available on-line at

Through a special arrangement with the publisher, this issue of Mission Frontiers includes directions for getting 14+ copies of Radical at a steep discount, just in time to use as gifts for supporters, etc. Amazon is also presently selling Radical as a “loss leader,” at 63% off retail, for up to three copies. If you are buying there anyway, pick up a copy or three to qualify for Super Saver shipping. For a quick review of Radical, visit this Amazon review:

And if you find this review helpful, please mark it as such. With your help we hope to push this positive review ahead of one of the few negative reviews which, despite being misleading, has run away with the “most helpful” endorsement. (Thanks for the info, Robby!)

2) Dropbox: a Wonderful, Free, Collaboration (and Backup!) Tool —

Dropbox was mentioned on Brigada in 2010/09/05 under a submission about Virtual Filing Cabinet (PC only). Dropbox (Mac and PC) is indeed a great collaboration tool, but it is also a great free backup system for up to 2G+ of your data. Keep current projects in your private Dropbox folder, and every change you save to disk also gets stored on-line with a time-stamp. (Only the current version counts against your space limit!) If your computer dies or disappears, you will probably have a more recent version of your critical files than might be on your regular backup. And this on-line version history is also invaluable when you need to look back or revert to a previous version. For collaboration you can apparently specify individuals to have shared access to a specific folder, and each participant’s computer will stay synchronized with the latest changes regardless of who makes them (previous versions also remain available online). You can also “publish” items (like my draft of this submission at this link):

Referrals bump both parties free data limit (by .25G up to 8G). To get started with such a bump, visit the web comments for this item and use the most recent referral link posted there to sign up for Dropbox, then post your own referral link to let someone return the favor. Once you reach the referral benefit limit, please also note this in the web comments so further referrals aren’t wasted on you. Until another referral is listed in the Brigada comments, you can use Robby’s (Robby was the contributor of this item):

(We couldn’t agree more, Robby. We’ve heard only positive feedback on Dropbox and we can’t figure out why more people aren’t using it. Great innovation that just works!)

3) Online MA TESOL at Biola University —

If your job, visa, or sense of well-being depends on having this degree but you don’t want to leave your place of service, consider the online (100%) MA from Biola. Get the skills you need to teach with professionalism and integrity in as little as 10 hours a week. The degree is designed for teachers with TESOL experience. For more information see

and feel free to write directly to

href="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/kittydotpurgasonatbioladotedu_.jpg">title="kittydotpurgasonatbioladotedu" src="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/kittydotpurgasonatbioladotedu_.jpg" alt="" width="205" height="20" /> with specific questions. The deadline for applications for the Summer/Fall 2011 cohort is February 1.

4) Correction on that free ebook for Cross-culturally-wedded couples —

Back in the Sept. 26 edition, we featured an item that was supposed to be a  book about cross-cultural couples. However, the link apparently was garbled in the item. Today we’re publishing two items to make up for it. The first is a chapter from a larger book on marriage. This chapter, “I’m Marrying a National,” addresses the topic originally mentioned:

Next is a book, “In Love but Worlds Apart,” available at Amazon…

and another book, “Intercultural Marriage: Promises and Pitfalls”

and “Your Intercultural Marriage: A Guide to a Healthy, Happy Relationship…

There’s also…

“Cross-cultural marriages: Love across latitudes” by J Fraser-Smith,

But alas, I couldn’t find this one. Does it leap out to anyone else? (If so, please add it to the comments under this item on the web/below)

Please pardon any inconvenience!

To inquire or comment on this item…

5) Encountering the World of Islam Online

EWI is a 12-lesson course for people interested in learning about God’s heart for Muslims and about the history and culture of the Muslim world, presenting a fresh perspective on the Islamic faith to the body of Christ in the United States and internationally. Students work to understand Muslims from a variety of perspectives, wrestle with what it means to be a good neighbor to a Muslim, and think about how to communicate the gospel as good news to Muslims – all with the help of a course mentor and class interaction. EWI Online runs four times a year, and the next class is January 10-April 3. Cost is $229 and includes the course textbook. For more information go to

or write to href="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/infoatencounteringislamdotorg_..jpg">title="infoatencounteringislamdotorg." src="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/infoatencounteringislamdotorg_..jpg" alt="" width="229" height="20" />

6) “Global Connections” Raises the Bar *High*! —

Are you familiar with these folks? Take a look…

I’m thinking… is this not one of the most helpful websites, not only for recruits but also for member care practitioners, trainers, and orienteers of all kinds? Whoa. If more organizations opened up the store like these folks have, would we not have a *ton* of agencies and schools offering better orientation, higher quality training, and massively-improved member care? Hats off to the Global Connections staff, pictured here:

When I grow up, I want to be like they are.

7) Mohammed Tops the List of English Baby Names —

Just when you needed an idea for the name of your firstborn son, CNN comes through for you. See the article below, which reports that Mohammed is now the most popular name.

Tough luck for “Oliver,” which was the most popular name previously.

According to the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life in a report announced just last month. CNN quoted them as saying that the Muslim population has risen rapidly in Western Europe in the past 20 years — From under 10 million in 1990, to about 17 million today.

8) Will your Flight have Wifi? —

You’ll be a lot likely to know in advance if you visit…

This site was written up recently in the New York Times by Nick Bilton:

(Hats off to the Times for giving us their true domain name, then a *short* URL — that breaks out to the longer article-name URL.) I thought Bilton’s article was a joy to read… short, to the point, well-researched, and even humorous. But the serious bottom line is — will you be able to get wifi on your flight… so you can look up the location of the closest Starbucks after you land, right? :-)

(Thanks, Lissa, who is becoming a regular contributor to Brigada for snooping out these tough-to-beat, all-important Brigada discoveries. She’s starting to figure out the kind of thing we like to feature! All while working in Uganda! :-) )

10) More about the Fact that the Chinese weren’t at Lausanne —

You’ve already heard about the fact that the government of China stepped in at the last minute, blocking many from leaving their country to attend the Lausanne III Congress in Cape Town. See the article at

At the main session on Monday evening, Doug Birdsall, the executive chairman of Lausanne, asked us to gesture at a nearby empty chair… in an effort to show TV cameras that “there remains a seat at the table” for the Chinese delegates that weren’t permitted to come — in a show of solidarity. What Doug Birdsall didn’t count on was one passionate delegate who wanted to make the point even more vividly. See the 2 videos at…

Don’t miss the *2nd* video, Doug Birdsall’s presentation on the ‘missing Chinese,’ entitled “Truth – Global Issues – China.” See the gentleman raising the empty chair at the 10:40 mark in the video. I couldn’t find a still photo of that shot… but it’s certainly compelling.

11) Brigada RSS On Africa Network Bftf —

Brigada has now been read for over 4 months as an RSS feed on the main page of the Africa Network BFTF website

by up to 1380 various types of ministers across Africa and interested missionaries in various other parts of the world.

Africa Network BFTF (an arm of Beautiful Feet Task Force) is aimed at networking those interested in furthering the great commission in Africa. They feature a free profile page with photos, videos, status updates, live chat, blogs and forums and national groups promoting unity, resources plus much more. (Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Howard!)

13) 2011 Renewal Retreats For Global Workers —

Is your spirit wondering what time zone your body is in these days? Have any idea what its cost you to go through what you’ve gone through? Barnabas International and ELIM Retreat Ministries will sponsor 8 low cost 6 day renewal retreats for global workers (adults only). The emphasis is on lots of open time, spiritual debriefing, worship, the Word and finding rest in Christ in the midst of the stress of serving. For pics, faq’s, on line registration, please go to…

14) From Seed to Fruit —

If you’re hoping to buy a copy of Seed to Fruit, Edited by Dudley Woodberry, to join the book study I lead at Emerald Hills on that great compilation of fruitful practices, you’ve lately been out of luck. (I lead a lunch table group, in which we pick apart each chapter, one session at a time. It’s been great.) As you probably already know (unless you’ve been exploring Mars lately), Seed to Fruit delivers global trends and fruitful practices for church planting among Muslim people groups. However, it has been out of print lately — until now. Keep watching at

(That link might wrap. If it does, just log on to this item at and click the link there, where we’ll make sure it works.)

The word on the street is that a Second Edition will pop up there any day. (They were overnighted to Lausanne III near the end of the week.)

15) Don’t Miss Lausanne III’s Most Effective Teaching Video —

It just might be the best original video Cape Town 2010 produced. Part I is at…

(It actually starts at 1:20)

followed by Part II at…

It’s entitled “Turning Points,” but it’s basically a history of the expansion of the church — a History of Missions — from Pentecost until 1910. Worth the watch… and the reshowing at your church or small group.

16) All the Cool People will Have the new Operation World DVD —

You’ll want this resource. Check it out at…

Author Jason Mandryk told us about this at Lausanne III in a special reception on Monday night. One of the CD/DVD developers was there and it sounded as if this would be the resource to beat. It will contain A fully searchable PDF of the Operation World book in color, extended info on each country, and lots of multi-media content — including a Powerpoint about each and every country in the world! You’ll also get extended rights to reproduce the content for your school or ministry, along with additional maps, charts, and data tables not in the printed book. Here’s a chart to see which version comes with what resource:

(By the way, you can try entering “Brigada” in the comments box at the bottom of the Check Out form if you want to let them know where you heard about it.)

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