4) Correction on that free ebook for Cross-culturally-wedded couples —

Back in the Sept. 26 edition, we featured an item that was supposed to be a  book about cross-cultural couples. However, the link apparently was garbled in the item. Today we’re publishing two items to make up for it. The first is a chapter from a larger book on marriage. This chapter, “I’m Marrying a National,” addresses the topic originally mentioned:


Next is a book, “In Love but Worlds Apart,” available at Amazon…


and another book, “Intercultural Marriage: Promises and Pitfalls”


and “Your Intercultural Marriage: A Guide to a Healthy, Happy Relationship…


There’s also…

“Cross-cultural marriages: Love across latitudes” by J Fraser-Smith,

But alas, I couldn’t find this one. Does it leap out to anyone else? (If so, please add it to the comments under this item on the web/below)

Please pardon any inconvenience!

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  1. Dona Breneman Reply

    I have a theory after visiting Google books and Amazon.com UK. I think that Janet Fraser Smith’s LOVE ACROSS LATITUDES 1993 (supposedly out of print) has simply been improved and rewritten by Fraser-Smith and Grete Shilling IN LOVE BUT WORLDS APART 2008.

  2. Graeme Humble Reply

    I cannot remember where I bought it, but what you are looking for is: Fraser-Smith, Janet, Love Across Latitudes: A Workbook on Cross-Cultural Marriage. Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK: Arab World Ministries, 1993 – 2001 reprint.

  3. Janet Fraser-Smith Reply

    Thanks for this. In fact In love but worlds apart is completely different… written more for the secualr student market whereas I worte the first one for workers overseas who met in theat place but had no ida about where the other came from. There are still a few copies left.

    I would very much like to see it reprinted as I don’t think there is any else like it for the overseas Christian worker. It would, however, need a re-write. Not sure I could cope with that right now. If you know anyone who like to do it with me, let me know!!!

    Janet Fraser-Smith

    • Hope Reply

      My husband and I greatly benefited from Love Across Latitudes and would love to be a part of the re-write. We are an interracial couple that met in SE Asia and are currently working in BAM. I was actually searching to buy another copy for someone but none available! Is there a way to download electronically on a nook?

  4. Janet Fraser-Smith Reply

    further to the above.
    I didn’t mean that In Love but worlds apart is only for the secular market – rather it is a more general approach which raises issues for the couple to think through. It uses the idea that as a couple, the blending of themselves needs a creative approach, similar to two artists with preferences for different media and colours working together! Many of the marriage issues are the same for us all.

    Love Across Latitudes can be purchsed through AWM
    Box 51
    LEICS 11 OZQ

    • Martha Reply

      The book Love Across Latitudes is no longer available through AWM. Do you know another place where I could find it? Thank you so much.

      • Editor Reply

        Martha, what I can tell you is that Janet Fraser-Smith has visited these comments previously — so there’s at least a chance that she’ll see your comment, eventually, and reply. But for now, like you, I’m not seeing it — except for the $94 version on Amazon. (Ouch!)

  5. Editor Reply

    Wow Ms. Fraser-Smith. What an honor to have you check in here. To many who are following this thread, you’re quite a celebrity. I have a hunch you’ll have your offer for co-workers. (In fact, I wish I could offer myself.) There are several who have commented on this thread — and I hope they see your answer here. If one of them is willing to help, I hope he or she will let us know here on this thread so we’ll see the need met!

    Doug Lucas
    Brigada Founder/Editor

  6. Johanna Reply

    I found one copy of your book on Amazon. Paging through it briefly, it looks great. The remaining copies there are selling for over a hundred dollars. Since I have an unmarked copy, I am wondering if I could talk with you about permissions for copying the book/ working with you to produce a new version. I work at Columbia International University. We have many cross-cultural relationships here that would benefit from the work book.

  7. Walter G. Reply

    I just noticed that “Love Across Latitudes” has been republished as a 6th edition.

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