3) Repeat Traveler’s International Insurance Coverage —

Now you can avoid the need to apply for a short-term insurance every time you travel internationally and, if you make at least two trips a year, these new multi-trip plans are cost-effective. Depending on your age and the coverage you choose, you might be looking at between $89 and $109/year for a full-tilt coverage that even includes $250,000 medical evacuation coverage. Note that these plans are for USA residents leaving from the USA with USA domestic insurance coverage. You can apply for this plan online at…


If you get the chance, be sure to tell them you heard about it on Brigada.

2 Responses to 3) Repeat Traveler’s International Insurance Coverage —
  1. Howard Sands Reply

    Thats sounds like great pricing compared to costs I pay, but what about people not domiciled in USA – anybody got similar deals for them?

  2. molly Reply

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