7) Coming to an airstrip needs you

Yup folks, he’s done it again. This is the same Steve Saint who was tragically left behind when his father, famed pilot in “Through Gates of Splendor,” was murdered by local (national) indigenous people. So was Jim Elliott. This is the same guy who made the movie happen — “End of the Spear.”


Our organization has used the i-tec dental tables. Perhaps yours has too.


But have you heard about Steve’s flying car? I had heard of it some time ago, but Lissa, our Uganda correspondent :-), tipped us off to this new video, which had completely eluded us until she uncovered it in Uganda:


[That URL will wrap. If you have trouble reassembling it, just log onto Brigada.org and find this item, using the link below if you like, then click on it there.]

So… tell me the truth: If you knew it would only cost you $80,000 to help get your favorite national missionary back to that hard-to-reach tribe, would you hesitate to begin praying for one of these “i-fly” vehicles? :-) Check it out. Very interesting. (Thanks Lissa!)

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