4) Wow — Free Team Building Course from the O’Donnells —

I’m tellin’ ya. These people are cool. Kelly and Michele O’Donnell have made available to our entire Brigada audience a Team Resiliency course which provides a quick infusion of practical concepts and tools that mission/aid teams can review together. Each lesson includes a core reading, discussion items, handouts, and either a 10 minute audio lecture or a power point. The topics cover: Team Characteristics, Health/Dysfunction, Team Leaders, Team Building/Conflict, Summary-Applications. Though they didn’t choose the Brigada Training site :-), the service they used is free, easy, and maybe more fun than the Brigada site anyway. :-) You’ll have to set up a user name and password there, but that took us all of 30 seconds. Find their course at…


After you sign on, click on the course title. The password for the course is: strongteams

We are very grateful to Kelly and Michele for partnering with us in this way. May God bless their unselfish spirit for the good of all our teams and for the growth of God’s Kingdom!

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