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2) Try Evernote Premium for Free —

These past few months, I’ve been using a cool resource called Evernote. It’s one of those grass-catcher programs that lets you throw everything into the hat… then forget about it ’til you search for it later. (Alas, I’m mixing my metaphors.) There are iPhone apps, and even apps for Windows Mobile (it’s about time!). You can use a website to access your stuff, or run a program like an application on your laptop. You can forward an email into your own account of Evernote — and wait, there’s more. Any time you forward a PDF, Evernote ‘reads’ it and recognizes the characters on the entire PDF! … which means, it now becomes incredibly accessible to you for whole-text “needle-in-a-haystack” searches. For more info on Evernote, or to use the free version, check out…

Now the base level of Evernote is free. That’s cool. But there are some advanced features (including the PDF scanning capability) that are called “Premium” features and they set you back something like $25 a year. (Still a deal!) But if you want, they’ve given me 10 free invitations (I know — Christmas; what can I say) so I can ‘invite’ 10 people to free premium months. So here’s the way we’ll do this. In the link below (immediately under this item), find this item on Brigada and leave an *anonymous* message saying you’d like the free premium trial run. When you leave the anonymous message, you’ll have to provide your email address to the system (which I will see) but none of it will show up on the ‘public’ website (that the world sees). I’ll pick the first 10 email addresses and those folks get a free ride. So — if you’re interested, better hurry. All it takes is 10 takers and my invitations are gone. This deal expires January 11th.

3) Charity Navigator to go Deeper into Non-Profits’ Business —

At least that’s what press release says. See the article that our Uganda correspondent found at…

If you search for your own record and don’t find your agency, the website says not to sweat it. They probably just haven’t had time to evaluate you yet. You can *request* that they do so, if you dare. :-)

(Thanks Lissa! Keep up the good work over there in East Africa).

4) OPEN Expos 2011 —

They’re coming up soon, January 20-22 in Atlanta, GA, and September 15-17 in Denver, CO. The Expos are hosted by the OPEN Network. The presenters are B4T/BAM practitioners from the Network who are currently operating profitable businesses for the purpose of transforming communities for His glory. The objectives for the Expo are to introduce experienced BAM/B4T workers who will share their stories of reaching the unreached via business, connect business people with BAM/B4T workers, and more. For info, see

or write


for more information.

5) Great Resource Book to Understand Americans [Edited] —

If you work with one, he or she (the American) probably drives you crazy. If you are one, then everyone else probably drives you crazy.

:-) Bottom line, everybody will probably benefit in one way or another. Acclaimed for being “a good resource for those working with international students, refugees, or other foreigners in the US. And also good for Americans to better understand our own quirks. See it at…

Get it printed, or on Kindle.

Lissa, our correspondent in Uganda, found this listing (Thanks for the recommendation, Lissa. It looks great!)

[Note: This book was free on Kindle for a time. This item has been edited to reflect the fact that this special deal is no longer being offered by Amazon.]

6) Church Planting + Leadership Development + Mentoring —

That’s what you get from these sites:

We’ve mentioned them before in Brigada, but it’s been a while. Allan, one of the guys in our Equipping Dept. at Team Expansion, sent out a note to our staff about them this past week and it reminded me it had been too long since we mentioned them here. Last we heard, the Paul-timothy materials are free and available in English, Chinese, Spanish, and various languages of India. Train & Multiply comes with a fee and, in Allan’s words, “is also in a bazillion languages.” (That must be a scientific number/term because, if I recall, he has his Ph.D. in Chemistry or Physics. :-) Thanks Allan.)

7) “Ask a Missionary” Gives Answers —

Billed as “Time-Tested Answers from Those Who’ve Been There,” this book by over 100 missionaries will give clarity and answers for a journey into missions. Hear from folks like Elisabeth Elliot, George Verwer, Phyllis Kilbourn, and Bill Stearns, as they share their insightful wisdom and practical advice on everything from making the decision to go, to stepping into a new culture, and everything in between.

*** How can I know if God is leading me to become a missionary?

*** How do I select a mission organization?

*** What type of academic or practical training should I consider?

*** How will I be funded?

To order visit

8) New Book Explores Trends on Unreached peoples —

Some time ago, Ralph Winter brilliantly identified three eras of modern missions: Era 1: William Carey focused on the coastlands; Era 3: Hudson Taylor focused on the inlands; Era 3: Donald McGavran and Cameron Townsend focused on unreached peoples. With all the fast and furious changes swirling around us today in twenty-first century missions, have we entered a Fourth Era? If so, who are the people primarily involved? How are they selected? How are they trained? How long do they serve? Has the Third Era ministry focus – reaching the unreached – changed? If so, to what? Are there any successful case studies out there? Have McGavran and Townsend passed the baton to a new leader(s)? If so, to whom? This book by Tom Steffen seeks to answer these and related questions.

(That line will wrap. If you have trouble, just use the link below to navigate to the Brigada page, then click and find the book from there.)

9) Don’t Forget about Global Recordings —

A buddy (Graydon) and I were at that “Finishing the Task” think-tank a couple of weeks ago. When Graydon was done, he wrote our VP of Mobilization about the roughly 17,000 recordings available at

Then the VP of Mobilization (Eric D) wrote me to make sure I remembered the resource. The truth is, we don’t publish enough about these guys. They make available lots of free downloads, hook us up with extraordinary devices, and push the envelope on languages all over the world. They’re a quality bunch. Hats off to Graydon and Eric D for jogging our memory on them.

11) Yikes — one more week left to Partner with Brigada —

There’s just one more week of giving left in 2010. Yikes — we’ve got a ways to go. If you or your church can jump in, please do so today. Approach your church, ask a friend, or pray that God would empower your finances to pitch in directly. Any amount would help, but all we need is 98 “True Fans” of Brigada giving $100 each and we’re 100% there. Just click the “Donate” link at the top of the page at You won’t have to register with PayPal if you don’t want to. (Just click “make a payment without logging in” if you prefer.) We can also set up a regular once-a-month automatic withdraw from your checking account or major credit card. Or, if you prefer, just send an old-fashioned check each month, payable to Team Expansion to: Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Dr., Louisville, KY 40299. (Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so for USA citizens, your checks made out to Team Expansion are tax-deductible.) Thanks to those who have suggested this cause to their local church missions teams. We appreciate you!

12) The Back Page: Finally! New Videos on Major World Religions! —

Whoo-hoooo! I no longer have to use those dated Urbana videos (and precede them with an apology that I have nothing new to show!). Enter “The Waiting World, Special Edition.” The producers of the prayer video series, “The Waiting Word” have just completed a new edition, and are making it available to readers of Brigada Today. This edition of the series contains six 7-9 minute videos showcasing the 10/40 Window, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Animism/Tribalism. There is also a bonus music video set to Israel Houghton’s song, “We Speak to Nations”.  The music video would be a good introduction for a missions seminar or presentation, while the prayer videos for each of the major religions of the 10/40 Window could be used to introduce a time of prayer for that religion or a people group of that faith.  The 10/40 Window video gives a basic understanding of the 10/40 Window along with an explanation of why it is important. As a special discount, readers of Brigada Today can email the producers at

href="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/thewaitingworldatmedotcom_.jpg">title="thewaitingworldatmedotcom" src="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/thewaitingworldatmedotcom_.jpg" alt="" width="189" height="20" /> and mention Brigada Today, and get $2.00 off the regular price. ($12.95 USD) or $10.95USD plus S&H.

see samples at

Whoooooooooooooooooo-hooooooooooooooooooo! Finally !!! Thank you Waiting Word!!!

1) What’s your Favorite Inexpensive Hosting Solution? —

Boyd wants to know. He wrote this past week, “Many missionaries and appointees want something more significant than a blog, such as a personal website that is interactive. For example, you put a prayer letter on-line with a response coupon. You want people to fill out the coupon and have it come back to you. Or have your website link to your mission for donations and more.” In his opinion, most programs are too expensive. Friends have pointed him to solutions like RapidWeaver (Mac only, $50, supposedly easy and intuitive). His max is $300. Where would you send him? He also says he wants “to avoid a significant learning curve (like DreamWeaver).” Would you recommend … ??? ??? ??? (to download & install the files) or… ??? (to host them on WordPress servers)

Something else?

Also, a couple of Boyd’s friends are looking to develop a web-hosting solution specifically for missionaries. What components would you like to see in it? Please click “comment” below and give your opinion. Thanks in advance for any input you can offer.

2) Is Anybody Else Getting Jealous of What iPhones Can do? —

OK. I’ve tried to be a faithful Windows Mobile phone user. But can we Windows Mobile people do what iPhone customers can do at Google Voice? For the backgrounder on this, see, for example this story…

which, by the way was gathered by our Uganda Desk Associate, Lissa. (How does she come up with these? Does she have an iPhone?) By the sounds of this, people with an iPhone can now send int’l text messages for free. About the only thing we [Sprint] Windows Mobile people still hold over everybody else is the easy way in which our phones can serve as a wireless router for our laptops without having to pay any throughput charge for megabytes, all while operating at 3G or 4G speeds (using the special utility, PDANet from June Fabrics…

So, I’m left with that haunting feeling that maybe you’ve experienced too: “Do I have the right phone plan? Do I have the right phone?” :-)

What’s your advice? Just click “Comment” below and set us straight. Thanks. And thanks to our faithful Uganda desk. :-)

3) Get David May’s New Book, “Mobilizing your Church…” —

It’s available. Snag, “The Mission Leadership Team: Mobilizing Your Church to Touch the World,” authored by David Mays (2010, 131 pp., $12.95 + s/h) in single copies or bundles of six from

Click on the “visitor link,” create a profile, and go to the online store.  For larger quantities contact the author directly at…

href="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/DavidLMaysatsbcglobaldotnet_.jpg">title="DavidLMaysatsbcglobaldotnet" src="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/DavidLMaysatsbcglobaldotnet_.jpg" alt="" width="205" height="20" />

The book asks and answers questions like, “Who leads the mission ministry in your church? A pastor? A leadership team? Multiple teams? Are they organized and equipped to lead with wisdom and excellence? Your mission leaders can find a good overview of the job, practical suggestions, additional helps, a fresh list of resources, and space to work in this book.”

4) Looking for Security Consulting? Try Crisis Consulting Int’l —

Crisis Consulting International offers a wealth of resources and experience for the mission/aid community. For example, they provide training in crisis management and field security (USA, April 2011) plus a video seminar on Security Orientation; they consult in crises (hostages, evacuation, terrorism); and they have 12 model polices oriented for the international Christian community on kidnapping, assessing risk, contingency plans, crisis management teams, etc. Have a look at their website

and also see their recommended reading list.

(Thanks much to Kelly and Michèle O’Donnell for reminding us of CCI’s resources. Learn more about the O’Donnells’ work at )

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