13) The BackPage: Operation World DVD is Epic —

It’s not often that we use the BackPage editorial to write about a single product… but it’s not often that a single product rolls out like the Operation World DVD. It’s impossible to describe in 8 lines. If you doubt my word, take a look at this page…


Can you imagine 10,000 files on one resource DVD? I’ve started just leaving it in the DVD slot on my laptop. It’s the *primary* reason I won’t drop down to a lighter notebook that sacrifices an onboard DVD player. Not only do you have the complete text of the book (over 1000 pages), you’ve also got 2 hours of video (including a 66′ minute presentation by Op. World author, Jason Mandryk, explaining the state of the Gospel. Just as gripping, there’s a 26′ interview between Jason and Patrick Johnstone, the “Father of Operation World.” On top of all that, you get an introductory PowerPoint presentation, flag graphic and handout for each of the 231 countries of the world (965 slides in all), plus about 500 maps, nearly 1000 charts, and all the Operation World data sets. Imagine — years of research in your disk drive! I don’t think there’s ever been any product like this in the history of the world. There’s also a global Mission Agency Directory (and they even mention Brigada on page 951!!!) plus the capability of building custom maps and charts in the years to come.

So I ask you — can you now understand why $29.99 is an incredible price, seeing as how the typical global atlas for your coffee table might run you $150.


And this one doesn’t even get dusty!!! Hats off to Jason, the entire OW crew, plus Global Mapping — for bringing technology to us at a bargain price. And here’s the most amazing thing of all: It’s so simple, you will probably be able to use it on any computer (Mac or PC) without even running the install file. Amazing. Thanks guys.

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