7) New Georges Houssney book, “Engaging Islam,” is Engaging —

Georges Houssney’s new book has been warmly received by many who feel he speaks the truth in love about Islam, giving not just information about Islam but also tools for sharing one’s heart. The 208-page book begins with a short bio of Houssney’s upbringing in the predominantly Muslim city of Tripoli, Lebanon. His dramatic conversion and the ensuing struggle to love a people he has grown up to hate are woven into real life stories of Muslims he grew up with. Stories of conversions are spread throughout the book with lessons drawn from the lives of those who have experienced the transforming power of Christ.  The main themes treated in this book are love and the model of Jesus in ministry. It’s priced at $14.95 but we’ve heard it said that if you mention Brigada, Georges will literally knock off 30%. Send just $10 plus shipping. (I’m serious. He’s evidently a true fan! :-) ) Bulk rates are available. Email

ordersatengagingislamdotorg or visit


(Thanks for being a friend of Brigada participants, Georges!)

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  1. don haddo Reply

    There is an absolute flood of books on Islam hitting the Christins book stores, the largest majority professing to explain how to witness to Muslims. What we need to do is just introduce ourselves to our Muslim workmates/neighbours/stranegrs as followers of the Most High God of Abraham through faith in jesus the Messiah – then stand back, and let your Mus’ frined pour out all the stuff which he has been conditioned to believe that WE believe, then gently, lovingly, share the Good News with him/her. Thus bridges are built and opportunities grow for the sharing of our lives and faith in Christ Jesus.
    Love in Him whose Name is above all other names.
    don h

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