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These past few months, I’ve been using a cool resource called Evernote. It’s one of those grass-catcher programs that lets you throw everything into the hat… then forget about it ’til you search for it later. (Alas, I’m mixing my metaphors.) There are iPhone apps, and even apps for Windows Mobile (it’s about time!). You can use a website to access your stuff, or run a program like an application on your laptop. You can forward an email into your own account of Evernote — and wait, there’s more. Any time you forward a PDF, Evernote ‘reads’ it and recognizes the characters on the entire PDF! … which means, it now becomes incredibly accessible to you for whole-text “needle-in-a-haystack” searches. For more info on Evernote, or to use the free version, check out…


Now the base level of Evernote is free. That’s cool. But there are some advanced features (including the PDF scanning capability) that are called “Premium” features and they set you back something like $25 a year. (Still a deal!) But if you want, they’ve given me 10 free invitations (I know — Christmas; what can I say) so I can ‘invite’ 10 people to free premium months. So here’s the way we’ll do this. In the link below (immediately under this item), find this item on Brigada and leave an *anonymous* message saying you’d like the free premium trial run. When you leave the anonymous message, you’ll have to provide your email address to the system (which I will see) but none of it will show up on the ‘public’ website (that the world sees). I’ll pick the first 10 email addresses and those folks get a free ride. So — if you’re interested, better hurry. All it takes is 10 takers and my invitations are gone. This deal expires January 11th.

30 Responses to 2) Try Evernote Premium for Free —
  1. Anonymous Reply

    I love the free version of Evernote. I’d love to get my hands on one of your invites… if it’s still available.

    • Editor Reply

      This was a great response, indicative of a product with great potential. And by the way, in case you were wondering, there’s no kickback to the referrer here. In other words, Evernote doesn’t give me any free months or any cash or anything else. Just the satisfaction of knowing that the product is helping me, and I hope it helps you.

      If you were one of the first 10 comments above, you’ve just been welcomed. Sorry for those further down the line! Please forgive. But the truth is, Premium doesn’t cost that much anyway. Give it a whirl. I think you’ll like it.


  2. Anonymous Reply

    I’d love a free trial. I’ve been considering an upgrade…

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Great tool for older people!

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Great tool for older people! First comment didn’t have email address.

  5. Ralph Poulson Reply

    I would appreciate the free premium trial run.
    Thank you.

  6. Anonymous Reply

    I would love to have a copy of the premium invite, if you still have some available.


  7. Peter Bowers Reply

    Have they figured out a way to give off-line access to the Windows Mobile client yet? I was all excited about Evernote a few years back until I realized I didn’t have access on the one platform that was always with me unless I was willing to deal with the wait…

    (Incidentally, it’s kind of weird having the captcha below the submit button on this comment form — I find myself scrolling down until I have the submit button but not far enough to see the captcha…)

  8. Anonymous Reply

    I would like the free premium trial run of EverNote

  9. Ruth Hubbard Reply

    I would love the free Evernote Premium test drive.

  10. Jerry McQuay Reply

    I’d love to try the premium version

  11. Anonymous Reply

    I’d love this premium Evernote

  12. Anonymous Reply

    Any free trials left?

  13. Anonymous Reply

    I’d like one if still available!

  14. Anonymous Reply

    If still available, I would like one.


  15. anonymous Reply

    love to try evernote!

  16. max palmer Reply

    All the way from NZ! Yes please consider a free trial for me! Tks Max

  17. Anonymous Reply

    From Paradise On Earth in China. Would like to try it if there are any leftovers. Blessings, Steve

  18. Anonymous Reply

    If they are still available, I would like one.

  19. Anonymous Reply

    Hey Doug, I’d love to try Evernote Premium if you have a copy left! Thanks

  20. Anonymous Reply

    Would love the free premium trial run but it looks like you already have more requests than give-aways.

  21. Anonymous Reply

    I’ve been using the free version. I’d love to try the premium. Might help me with Missions Catalyst, no?

  22. Brooks Reply

    This would be great!!! If there is still room, I would like to try this and show a few of my client’s what the benefits are.


  23. f Reply

    I would like a trial to try.

  24. Kate Reply


    I would really like to try the added features – realise your original comments are now out of date but hope that you have extended the offer.

  25. Kate Reply

    hope I ca trial this addition to Evernote

  26. Anonymous Reply


    Any chance of a free trial of Evernote premium?


  27. Pratheesh Reply

    Hi..I would love to have a premium account…I use Evenote free & 60Mb is not sufficient for..If U have any invite with you ..Please let me know

    email me at pratheeshpsathotmaildotcom

  28. Akeene Reply

    I am a dev/web designer. I would love to utilize a free trail premium account for my freelance work. Thanks!

  29. Anonymus Reply

    I would like to try evernote premium,

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