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2) Print Your Book in India —

New Life Printers will print your book at a good cost savings. For example, two thousand copies of a 100 page book is .88 cents a copy. Shipping is extra but it can still be a good deal. For example, to ship the two thousand copies to the port of New York would add another .15 cents a copy. A portion of profits are used to support the New Life Mercy Home in Delhi. Contact: Scott

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or call his cell


3) Case Study: How does the IMB Correct People Group Data —

Here’s a case study in how one (very large) mission organization handles unreached people group data and the correcting thereof. The IMB monitors and manages feedback with a goal of listening particularly to field practitioners — those who live and minister on the local level.  Jim, the lead researcher, wrote to Brigada this past week, “We consider them as our primary authorities, even beyond public information which is often biased by governments, religious authorities and census takers.  Each month we process several hundred pieces of feedback for adding people groups, deleting people groups, modifying people group information, changing engagement status or some other data attribute, so these documents are important for all Evangelical partners.” It’s an important question — one that we all value highly. Want to see even more info on this? Take a look at this document…

which explains in detail how this monitoring and managing process works out practically. It’s a good sampling of how carefully our researchers are handling these data. Let’s remember to pray for them — researchers at IMB, Wycliffe,, Finishing the Task, etc. From their data flow a lot of our mobilization throughout churches and agencies. (Thanks Jim!)

4) Backing Up Your Files in “the Cloud” —

I’ve never been a big fan of backing up on line. My laptop has a 300 Gig drive that’s packed with info. Not only does it take a long time to backup over the Internet, but I also want to get to my info when I want to get to it, not just when the Internet is available. In addition, I’ve always wondered if these services can scan their data and produce some kind of report, even if it’s only a *general* report. To me, it’s creepy thinking that some midnight security guy could be scanning through my files while he eats his ham sandwich.

At the same time, I recognize that the “Cloud Computing” concept has finally brought easier back-up services to the masses. If this kind of service can work for you, then probably … backing up online is perhaps better than not backing up at all (as long as the midnight snack guy isn’t some Middle-Eastern spy :-) ). The New York Times recently featured a great review on these services. Find it at…

(Thanks to Lissa for finding this New York Times item all the way over in Uganda.)

5) Turn your Smartphone into a Satellite Communicator —

Yeah, I’m not making it up. Remember those folks who invented the Spot Messenger? Last year, not sitting on their laurels, they rolled out a Garmin GPS that paired with a smaller, 2nd generation Spot Communicator, which finally allowed the user to type in custom check-in messages. A couple of weeks ago, they announced a new product at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. “SPOT Connect” turns your smartphone into a satellite communicator, using the Bluetooth connectivity between the two. This will be cool because it’ll cut down by one the number of gadgets you’ll have to carry (you already have your smartphone with you, right? :-) ). More news later; we’ll announce it here the moment it’s available for order.

6) Are you a Tablet Computer User? —

If so, we’d like to hear how you’re using your new slate. Maybe it’s an iPad and you’re using it to preach from on Sundays? Or maybe you’ve got some other device, using it around the office as you hop from person to person doing monthly reviews. Either way, please use the “Comment” link below to share with us how you’re using your new tablet computer. Thanks.

7) Mission Leadership Training Online —

LeaderLink has been known as the most comprehensive leadership training designed specifically for missions. For over 16 years CrossGlobal Link has been providing this specialized leadership training to field missionaries and home staff. Now, you can join a web workshop from anywhere in the world. These interactive 75-minute workshops are held once every Wednesday over a six-week period where participants are instructed and guided by a recognized expert. The next session, Essentials of Leader Development, facilitated by Dr. Steve Hoke, is Feb. 2 – March 9. Go to

to learn more and register.

8) Reentry Shower —

Do you have foreign field workers returning home after years of service in the field. Thought about what they need when they get home? They probably will need to set up house again from scratch. Consider blessing them with a shower of slightly used/new household items, appliances, furniture, etc. A quick search of your home and garage could reveal lots of gifts that could be given. What a huge saving it would be to be so blessed.  Suggest it to your church. Follow up with it until some go-getter volunteers to organize it. Could it be you? (Thanks for this suggestion, Gary!)

9) How Does Your Org Stack up in Caring for your Staff? —

Compare your practices to the practices of 20 int’l humanitarian aid organizations in this link recommended by Kelly and Michele O’Donnell:

Kelly wrote to us recently, “The 60-page report summarizes staff support practices for 20 international humanitarian organizations. These practices include screening, induction, psychological/crisis/peer support, medical checks/debriefing, and staff care resources/evaluation. … The three-page Executive Summary is a good overview and point of departure for discussions.” (Thanks Kelly!!!)

10) Wish I Could Attend this Strategic Partnership Meeting… —

I’d learn all I could about how to stage them, then try to replicate what I learned (for all the other projects for which I’m praying and working). Unfortunately, it comes at a time when I can’t attend. Would someone participate in it, then write up a 5-page or so report on how they stage it?… that we could post here on Brigada? Obviously, we wouldn’t want to publish anything secure. I’m talking more about the framework, the organization, the session layouts, etc. Anyone willing? Anyone already going?

11) The BackPage: Dedicated to Nancy Davis, A Fallen Colleague —

I didn’t know Nancy Davis. I wish I could have counted her as a personal friend. She and her husband, Sam, were ambushed by gunmen on a highway in Mexico about 70 miles from the border last Wednesday. Nancy was fatally wounded The gunmen opened fire when Sam refused to stop his pickup truck at an illegal roadblock near the town of San Fernando. She was shot in the head. Mr. Davis sped to the border and raced across the international bridge at Pharr, going the wrong way against traffic, to deliver his wife to the American authorities. It was too late. Ms. Davis, 59, died at a hospital in McAllen. The couple lived in a rural hamlet northeast of Pharr and had done missionary work in Mexico for years. They maintained a second home in Mexico. Please join me this week in lifting up a special prayer for a fallen colleague. Pray especially for Sam, as he now faces life alone. None of us can imagine his pain right now. We can only lift him up and trust that God will encourage him when we simply cannot.

Missions is, inherently, a dangerous job. We leave our home country, along with its security and resources. We travel to lands where we lose a bit of voice. We lose some of our advantage. And sometimes, we’re a higher target because we own a pickup truck. Or because we have USA license plates. Or just because people can see that we’re American.

“In those times, Lord, please protect our missionary colleagues. Lift up the fallen. Encourage those left behind. That’s our prayer, in Jesus’ name,


(Thanks to Lissa for making sure we had heard about this item.)

Comment or inquire about this item at…

1) Language Acquisition Training

TRAIN International is offering “Acquire,” language acquisition training in Joplin, MO from April 4-15, 2011. Eric Derry leads this two-week intensive training empowering cross-cultural workers with the best known current strategies and tools based on the the best-known textbooks. At Acquire, you will:

  • Learn proven and effective principles and techniques of language acquisition
  • Understand the impact language learning will have on your whole overseas experience
  • Improve your ability to hear and make new phonetic sounds
  • Get tips on working with language helpers on the field
  • Spend time with language helpers putting into practice the phonetic training and language learning methods
  • Gain the confidence that you CAN learn your target language

The cost for this training is $890 per adult.  For more information, check out

3) Don’t forget about “The Waiting World (Vol. 4)”

I’m telling you, I can’t imagine anywhere else in the world would give you six 7-9 minute videos showcasing the 10/40 Window, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Animism/Tribalism, plus a bonus music video (“We Speak to Nations”). Last we heard, they were giving readers of Brigada Today a $2 discount. It’s at least worth asking for. Suppose they don’t. The price is still a bargain at $12.95 USD plus S&H. Write

href="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/thewaitingworldatmedotcom_.jpg">title="thewaitingworldatmedotcom" src="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/thewaitingworldatmedotcom_.jpg" alt="" width="189" height="20" />

and mention Brigada. You *might* be looking at $10.95.

See samples at

4) Looking forward to Reviewing Kelly O’Donnell’s New Book

Word on the street is that Kelly O’Donnell has just done a new book with William Carey Library. Titled “Global Member Care: The Pearls and Perils of Good Practice,” it reportedly lays out missionary care like never before, profiling health/dysfunction, core ethics, and human rights principles essential for good practice. Folks are saying it’ll be the next great handbook for those who send and take care of missionaries. As you’ll recall, Dr. O’Donnell is consulting psychologist and CEO of Member Care Associates, Inc. This is one book I have to read in 2011. William Carey Library is a ministry of the U.S. Center for World Mission,

1605 East Elizabeth St. #1064

Pasadena, CA 91104

626-720-8200 phone

626-749-0477 fax

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