4) Treasure-trove of Very-cool Country Maps from BCWE —

I had to look up those initials, until now. They’re the “Baptists Committed to World Evangelism.” These maps are so cool, they could probably have charged us for them. But then, that’s not BCWE’s style. They’re trying to mobilize, not sell. So they give them away. Check ’em out at…


That link will wrap. But if you use the link, immediately below this item, to find the web version of this item, you’ll be able to click on it and go directly there. They’ve set it up so you can download the entire world full of country maps. And the mention of “BCWE” is very subtle, in the corner, *without* any copyright. Finally — some people who learned to share in kindergarten!

While you’re visiting


Check out some of the other resources there. For example, just look at the one article, “100 Fold Men.” (Who does this?)


I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many motivational devotions and sermon outlines in one place since undergrad at my Bible college. I’m serious. This place is *loaded* with helpful stuff. Bravo. Thanks BCWE!

(And thanks, Phil, for calling our attention to it!)

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