6) Are you a Tablet Computer User? —

If so, we’d like to hear how you’re using your new slate. Maybe it’s an iPad and you’re using it to preach from on Sundays? Or maybe you’ve got some other device, using it around the office as you hop from person to person doing monthly reviews. Either way, please use the “Comment” link below to share with us how you’re using your new tablet computer. Thanks.

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  1. Nigel Reply

    Trying to decide between iPad or MacBook Air to replace my dying del inspiron 710m. Any comments on either?

  2. Lester Reply

    Since I travel for mission about 120,000 miles per year I really think a “pad” will be the way to go. I am interested to see the comments of users here. Now to decide between IPad2, Motorola, or Blackberry Playbook!

  3. Randy Rhoades Reply

    I just switched from a 12.1″ ultralight to an HP Tx2z tablet. It is not the latest or lightest tablet, but includes the optical drive which I need to burn resource CD’s for missionaries I visit. Used to have to carry too many extras. I haven’t got used to all the features yet, but it does all the old stuff plus is adding some versitility. When home I use wireless keyboard and mouse and position the tablet in a better ergonomic position. I also have windows 7 Ultimate which does allow me to run some of my older programs. I am still learning after jumping from Windows XP. I do miss the old programs that no longer run, but that is not a tablet thing, but OS.
    So far I am very satisfied.

  4. Mike Reply

    Actually, there was no link as far as I can see.

    • Editor Reply

      Hi Mike. We write Brigada originally for our email list, which consists of about 10,000 subscribers. Then we convert it to HTML for the web, here. What you saw was a sentence intended for our email audience. I’ve now corrected the text. Thanks for catching it.

  5. Heidi Reply

    Here is a great tool for your Tablet Computer – the “zooming presentation editor”. See some of the demos.

  6. Max Cross Reply

    I have been using an iPad from the day they come out, and I can say without doubt that whilst the initial investment was high, I have had my monies worth. I am up to London and back three times a week where I use it for reading my daily devotional, as well as catching up on news and email. Also during these times I continue to read my study books as well as amend my essays on the distance learning degree I am completing. In combination with storage like Dropbbox ( http://cbsa.net/dropbox ) I have access to all my data that resides on my home system. And this Sunday I preached using my iPad for Bible references and notes. Finally I do use it for media consumption in respect to movies and video podcasts, but that really is a secondary use. So in all yes I think pad computing is here to stay. Now whether it has to be an iPad depends on you own setup at home.

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