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1) Leading A World Missions Church (LAWMC) Seminar –

Why did 12 lay-leaders from one church drive over 9 hours to attend this seminar in Virginia? Why did 200 leaders in Mexico City and 150 in Hong Kong attend this seminar?  The answer to why people come is that the Leading A World Missions Church (LAWMC) seminar  is designed  to help the local church do that which it has been commissioned to do.


This 2-day seminar provides:

*** practical help ready for immediate implementation

*** a detailed 245 page manual

*** digital files of policies and forms

*** training videos

*** other benefits are listed in the session descriptions at website


Better act fast: It’s slated for March 21-22, at Heritage Baptist Church, Lynchburg, VA. Sorry for the quick notice, but we figured some notice is better than none at all. It’s designed for both pastors and lay-leaders. More info is available (and registration) at their website …


Questions?  Call the church pastor at 434-237-6505, or you can also email questions to



(Note: Does Brigada give precedent to those who pitch in some funds toward Brigada’s expenses? The truth is — yes we do. The folks from this seminar sent their item in right about the time the last Brigada went out. They made the very next edition, in front of 74 other items currently in the queue, being considered for future Brigada editions. So thanks a ton to the LAWMC Seminar folks for sharing the vision!)

2) Training For Short-term Trip Participants and Leaders —

Check out these devotional journals written especially for people on short-term mission trips:

*** 30 day Helping Hands–Healing Hearts (3 part combo book) especially for medical personnel

*** 28 day Live in The Light (3 part combo book)

*** 14 day Live in The Light (On-Field only)

*** 7 day Pre-Field Preparation (Book 2) follow up to book 1

*** 14 day Returning Home (Book 3) Reentry devotion, follow up to Reentry books 1 & 2

These (and others) are all available from:


Also, check out the Short-term Missions trip Training course from


They also have regular emails for leaders of short-term missions trips.

3) Help Orphans Or Develop A Powerful Helps Ministry —

Aquaculture International, Inc. will be taking teams of youth and leaders to Africa and South America this summer. Those who stay all summer will have all expenses paid. They will be building places to grow fish, vegetables, greens and more in a power grid free system at orphanages. Look at the website below for the location closest location to you of a three hour presentation, two day training or Aquaponics Conference. Included will be the technology of aquaponics, combining aquaculture with hydroponics for mutual benefit, and how you can participate in the summer adventure. For more information about Aquaculture International, aquaponics and how to register go to:


Students and faculty of sponsoring Colleges and Universities do not have to pay registration. The registration fee will be refunded to those who become part of the Aquaculture International Team. If you do not learn more than you have in any lengthy course that you have ever taken, your registration fee will be refunded in full.

4) Catch a TESOL training course in Asia —

The dates are October 3-November 4. The place is Asia’s Center for TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). The outcome is a TESOL certificate. (This certificate is supported by Cornerstone University of Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.) For the first three weeks the classes are Monday-Friday, 8-4.  For the last two weeks, the classes are 8-12, followed by a two-hour practicum in the afternoon or evening.  This totals 120 hours in class and 20 hours of practicum (10 hours observing and 10 hours teaching). For more info, contact Melody Kuka,



5) Free Expense Tracker (for iPhone and Android) —

If you’ve made the jump to iPhone or Android (I’m still fighting it :-) ), check out this expense tracker discovered by Brigada’s Uganda Correspondent, Lissa. :-)


Lissa writes, “I’ve been writing my expenses in a little notebook I carry around in my purse with me everywhere, and it gets pretty worn out and the pages start falling out. Toshl lets you pick your currency and create your own “tags” (expense accounts), so it’s really easy to categorize expenses as you go. … The app syncs online so even if I lose my iPod, my data should still be there. … The website lets you log in and see graphs of your expenses and export it. In the free version, you can only see one type of graph (bar graph by expense category) and can only export is as a CSV file, but I don’t really need any more than that. So far I’m impressed.” (Thanks Lissa!… and Thanks Vince, who evidently showed it to Lissa in the first place.)

6) Missions Trips/Camps for Kids, Teens, Preteens and Adults —

Teen Missions is among the pioneers behind the concept of providing a short term missions trip experience for teens. The ministry had confidence that as young people saw the mission field first-hand, God would call many to a life dedicated to world evangelization.  The first team went out in 1971 and since that time over 40,000 North American young people have assisted with a variety of evangelistic and building projects with over 100 established missions in over 70 countries. Learn more at…


Teen Missions challenges, trains and disciples young people, exposing them to worldwide missions. A large number of our former alumni are in full-time Christian ministry serving the Lord worldwide as pastors, teachers, Christian authors and missionaries. Director and founder Robert M. Bland is a former Youth for Christ director from Ohio and past recruitment director for Christian Service Corps.

9) Check Your Email Server for Security (revised) —

Thanks to a great friend working in North Africa for tipping us off about an online service which checks the security of your email server. Just browse to…


Enter your email address (or, if you don’t trust them, enter something random then the “at” sign and domain, like this:




Substitute your email server’s domain name for “”


Who says you can’t get something for nothing. (Thanks to the guy in N. Africa!)

10) Having trouble Translating that sign? There’s an app for that —

Literally. Thanks to our I.T. guy, Greg, for point us to this article:


(That link might wrap. If so, just navigate to this item on the web, using the link below, and click on the link to the techcrunch story there.)


Basically, the story reports an iPod app that translates text from Spanish to English (and vice versa) in virtually real time. Right now, there’s only Spanish, but give ’em time. :-)

11) Many thanks to…

We appreciate the Brigada participants in Tigard, OR, and Wilmore, KY, for sending $50 and $30, respectively, to Brigada this past week. Thanks, too, for the $100 gift from workers in a sensitive country, who wrote, “We’ve received Brigada for a few years now and have always been blessed by one or more of the resources in each issue. In fact, the ministry we’re now involved in came about through a resource in Brigada!” Whoa — Praise God! Thanks to the folks staging the Leading A World Missions Church (LAWMC) Seminar, beginning Monday, in Lynchburg, VA. (See item #1 above.) Finally, thanks for the very kind participant who wrote, “Great resources this week, Doug.  Thanks for all you do!” God be praised.

12) The BackPage: Perspective on My Visit to Haiti —

How do *you* define impoverished? In their discussion on the definition of poverty in the Global South in “When Helping Hurts,” Fikkert and Corbett write (pages 51 and following), “While poor people mention having a lack of material things, they tend to descri8be their condition in far more psychological and social terms than our North American audiences. Poor people typically talk in terms of shame, inferiority, powerlessness, humiliation, fear, hopelessness, depression, social isolation, and voicelessness.” I found this discussion intriguing. It spun out an idea in my work over the past couple of weeks. While visiting churches and projects in Haiti, I decided to ask the members of a pair of congregations if they’d consider sending missionaries. I gave the most compelling call I could muster and watched for the results. I detected that some of the listeners were perplexed as to how they could *afford* such a challenge, seeing as how their average monthly incomes, in some cases, were among the lowest in the entire Western Hemisphere. The annual GDP per capita in Haiti is $166, whereas that of the USA is $47,123.  (See )


So I told them not to take the consideration of finances into their mix of questions & issues. There was a near-instant change. The entire crowd seemed to switch paradigms. Many seemed willing to consider serving in a Muslim land, for instance, even though they would need to leave grandparents, church, friends, and homeland. When asked why they would consider traveling off to a faraway land, several responded by saying, “Jesus saved me; I owe him my very eternity. The least I can do is serve him here on this planet.”


It gave me pause: What if finances *weren’t* an issue for a nation like Haiti. Would God be able to transform many young Haitians? Would he be able to change nations? I’m not sure about the answers to those questions. But in my anecdotal test, I have a hunch that one thing is certain: Most of those Haitians became convinced that they were finally being given the opportunity to step up the plate and join the nations of helpers as well as those who are hurting. It was a refreshing pace.


What about you? Have you witnessed this type of response? And, how would you arrange it so that Haitians could go abroad to help with global church planting? What impact do you believe it could have?


Answer these and other questions by clicking on this link…


to be taken to the online version of this question.

1) World Religions Resources Wanted —

Greg just accepted an assignment to teach world religions at a local university and is gathering resources. He would like to hear about favorite films, textbooks, simulations, etc. He plans to cover primal religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Islam. Obviously he cannot cover any religion in depth, so he is looking for overview type resources. Please submit your ideas by clicking on the word “Comment” below the online version of this item.

2) Free 100% funding webinar —

Kingdom Come Training is offering a free forty-minute live, interactive webinar to show how any faith ministry worker, anywhere in the world with high-speed internet can add $1000 to their monthly support every month until they are 100% funded. In many places it can be done without leaving the field.

KCT will present a biblical, relational, no-pressure approach to partnership ministry that connects individual believers with the joy, the blessing and the eternal reward of obedience to Jesus’ final instructions.

The free webinar is for. . .

*** Career Missionaries serving anywhere in the world

*** New faith ministry appointees

*** Home assigned ministry staff

*** Church ministry interns on personal support

*** Short-term workers

*** People serving in retirement but needing support

*** Anyone, anywhere who raises support for ministry.

E-mail KCT for the dates, times and a registration form:


Also, check out their website at…

3) How to Inspire Prayer for a Nation —

I continue to be impressed with the efforts by the folks behind…

They are seemingly *relentless* in the pursuit of raising up prayer for their beloved nation. In particular, they seem to have honed in on the concept of praying for a church-planting movement to sweep the nation. Prompted by the recent upheavals in Tunisia and neighboring lands in North African and the Middle East, the prayer campaign now has taken on a life of its own. My question isn’t whether or not God is hearing their passionate prayers. My question is — why aren’t we all picking up this kind of campaign for the nations/peoples we serve. There are bound to be numerous examples like this. If you know some/many, please click to the online version of this item (see link below), then click “Comment.” (Please use this approach rather than emailing us the link; it’s so much more efficient if you just take a moment to add it directly.) Thanks in advance for listing any prayer campaigns for regions, nations, and peoples.

4) Pick up a Masters of Arts in Leadership without Leaving China —

Here’s a Masters degree in Leadership, taught in cohort format, starting in April. It’s designed especially for folks in Asia and the deadline for registration is March 15. Learn to…

* Practice value-based servant leadership

* Produce high morale and productive employees

* Resolve conflict and create effective teams

* Create high performance organizations

* Lead for results based change

* Make strategic and ethical decisions

For more info, see the Mandarin page at…

or the English version at…

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