3) Global Entry Program Could End up Saving us *Hours* —

I’ve recently qualified for the USA’s Global program. It’s a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) program that allows expedited clearance for pre-approved, low-risk travelers upon arrival in the United States. Though intended for frequent international travelers, there is no minimum number of trips necessary to qualify for the program. Participants may enter the United States by using automated kiosks located at select airports. The cost is $100 for five years, so although that sounds steep, suppose you value your time at $10/hour. Suppose it saves you 2 hours per year over the course of the five-year membership. Suddenly, it’s a free pass, and everything else is gravy. On my first flight back into the USA with my Global Entry certification, my domestic flight was extremely tight, due to a late arrival. Immigration lines spiraled for what looked like a two-hour wait. I was nearly embarrassed by the fact that I walked past all of it.  The enrollment process involves an online application and an interview at one of the offices located in a Global Entry airport.  Visit the website below to see which airports are now included.  This could be a wonderful tool for those who frequently travel overseas, as it allows one to skip the customs lines entirely. Here is the website for more information:


Keep in mind, if you often travel with groups, it’s possible that this pass might not help you much. Why? You’ll feel so guilty leaving the rest of your group back in the line! Note: Just as I received my certification, Brigada reader Eric C. pointed out to me that this program is not reserved for USA citizens only, a fact I had completely missed. (Thanks Eric!)

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  1. Dave Hackett Reply

    I use this Global Entry Trusted Traveler program and it’s amazing. You still have to wait for baggage – but I found a bonus to the program: Many US airports have a special line JUST for the Global Entry travelers for the second “pass-with-your-baggage” checkpoint. Speed through TWO potential long line areas.

  2. Graeme Humble Reply

    To clarify Eric C.’s point, the website notes that “Global Entry is open to U.S. citizens, lawful permanent residents, Dutch citizens, and Mexican nationals.”

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