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1) World Religions Resources Wanted —

Greg just accepted an assignment to teach world religions at a local university and is gathering resources. He would like to hear about favorite films, textbooks, simulations, etc. He plans to cover primal religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Islam. Obviously he cannot cover any religion in depth, so he is looking for overview type resources. Please submit your ideas by clicking on the word “Comment” below the online version of this item.

2) Free 100% funding webinar —

Kingdom Come Training is offering a free forty-minute live, interactive webinar to show how any faith ministry worker, anywhere in the world with high-speed internet can add $1000 to their monthly support every month until they are 100% funded. In many places it can be done without leaving the field.

KCT will present a biblical, relational, no-pressure approach to partnership ministry that connects individual believers with the joy, the blessing and the eternal reward of obedience to Jesus’ final instructions.

The free webinar is for. . .

*** Career Missionaries serving anywhere in the world

*** New faith ministry appointees

*** Home assigned ministry staff

*** Church ministry interns on personal support

*** Short-term workers

*** People serving in retirement but needing support

*** Anyone, anywhere who raises support for ministry.

E-mail KCT for the dates, times and a registration form:


Also, check out their website at…


3) How to Inspire Prayer for a Nation —

I continue to be impressed with the efforts by the folks behind…


They are seemingly *relentless* in the pursuit of raising up prayer for their beloved nation. In particular, they seem to have honed in on the concept of praying for a church-planting movement to sweep the nation. Prompted by the recent upheavals in Tunisia and neighboring lands in North African and the Middle East, the prayer campaign now has taken on a life of its own. My question isn’t whether or not God is hearing their passionate prayers. My question is — why aren’t we all picking up this kind of campaign for the nations/peoples we serve. There are bound to be numerous examples like this. If you know some/many, please click to the online version of this item (see link below), then click “Comment.” (Please use this approach rather than emailing us the link; it’s so much more efficient if you just take a moment to add it directly.) Thanks in advance for listing any prayer campaigns for regions, nations, and peoples.

4) Pick up a Masters of Arts in Leadership without Leaving China —

Here’s a Masters degree in Leadership, taught in cohort format, starting in April. It’s designed especially for folks in Asia and the deadline for registration is March 15. Learn to…

* Practice value-based servant leadership

* Produce high morale and productive employees

* Resolve conflict and create effective teams

* Create high performance organizations

* Lead for results based change

* Make strategic and ethical decisions

For more info, see the Mandarin page at…


or the English version at…


5) Big News: Facebook Gets More Secure —

I know. You’re thinking — “How can you possibly use those two words in the same title???” But the truth is, it was prompted by Facebook’s own CEO getting hacked last month. They probably picked up his browsing via a public wi-fi hotspot. (What in the world? Mr. Zuckerberg presumably has, at his disposal, an army of I.T. professionals and he doesn’t use a VPN??? “Inconceivable!!!!”) Either way, I’m thrilled he was hacked, not because I like to see other people in pain, but rather, because of the action it prompted him to take. According to the New York Times, as observed by Lissa at our Uganda Desk, …


It prompted him to give all of us the ability to browse Facebook in SSL secure sockets mode. Gang, this is one of the simplest, easiest, quickest, and perhaps most effective steps one can take to make sure our own FB accounts aren’t someday hacked. I followed the simple directions in the NY Times article and was finished in 30 seconds. You can too. Highly recommended. And thanks, Lissa.

6) Online Tools for Scheduling 24/7 Prayer Times, etc. —

Have you been searching for some kind of online scheduling tool to facilitate the setup of 24/7 prayer vigils or similar programs? Try


I’ve set up a sample starter template at…

href="http://wwwdotMySignUpdotcom/DLucasatTeamExpansiondotorg" target="_blank">http://wwwdotMySignUpdotcom/DLucasatTeamExpansiondotorg

Your first event is free, but you get more power and no GoogleAds if you fork over $18/yr. If you’re unsure whether or not you’ll like it, try 3 months for just $3. I found the service relatively easy to use. And your participants can set up their own passwords in case they want to log in to make changes later.

7) Training for Short-term Missions Trip Participants —

So… you’re leading a short-term team. What do you pull off the shelf to train them? Would it be “Foreign to Familiar?” … “Serving With Eyes Wide Open?” … or maybe “Round Trip?” The church for which I’m Missions Committee Chairman just did a trip to visit one of the missions we support in Haiti. I recommended the latter, based on the recommendation of Pat, a great friend and Missions Minister in Southern Indiana. Our group loved it. It’s extremely affordable (like — $20 for everything, including videos and rights to copy up to 1000 copies for your church or agency). The insights and discussions that came out of our participation in the course were *exactly* what you’d want a short-term team to cover. Can’t say enough positive things about it.

But what’s your favorite resource? What tool would you recommend? Just click “Comment” below and write in your solution. Thanks in advance for your response.

8) Consultation On Debriefing And Renewal – April 24-29, 2011 —

The CODAR workshop trains member care and personnel professionals serving cross-cultural workers returning to their country of origin. CODAR has helped to shape the model of personal debriefing of many mission agencies. CODAR deepens and expands the understanding of the member care personnel caring for missionaries during their transition from over overseas assignments to their furlough months. While debriefing is often directed at those returning with extreme trauma, CODAR trains facilitators how to guide personal debriefing and renewal as a routine part of any missionary’s on-going development. Find out how you can attend the CODAR workshop in Colorado Springs at 800-896-3710 or


9) Lausanne Releases “Cape Town Commitment” —

I guess most or all global congresses try to release some kind of covenant, or manifesto, or, now, commitments. See the one from Cape Town at…


What’s your take on the document? Does it fall short? … or is it exactly what you would have written? If/when you comment, please mention whether or not you were a part of the group in Cape Town. Just click “Comment” below the web version of this item.

10) Retreats For Prospective Missionaries —

“The Journey Deepens” is a weekend retreat to help aspiring missionaries explore what it is like to be a missionary, discover whether a missionary or sender role is God’s fit, and connect with mission agencies. Apply online


This is for college students, young adults, mid-lifers, baby boomers – anyone willing to explore becoming a missionary. Each retreat of about 50 participants and 10 missionary coaches from multiple agencies is highly relational with extended worship, small group discussions, personal reflection and much prayer. Discussions include guidance, finances, singles/families, etc. The 2011 spring/summer regional retreats are Arkansas April 1-3, Oregon April 15-17, Washington state May 27-29, Iowa June 3-5. Presented by Finishers/MissionNext and endorsed by ACMC, Perspectives and the U.S. Center for World Mission.

11) Preparing Leaders for Prayer Days and Short Retreats —

This workshop will be held at the White Oak Conference Center near Winnsboro, SC, in September, 2011. The full session will be September 14-23, and the short session September 14-19.  Andy and Kate Ring will be the lead facilitators, and Dr. Evelyn Davis (SIL International Training Consultant) will coordinate.  Participants will experience a number of prayer and reflection topics, as well as work in a small group with a staff member, learning how to lead the topics for others. Funds are available for partial scholarships. For the detailed information and application form, contact


Please pass the information on to anyone else that you think might be interested. (Note that this item appeared in last week’s Brigada, but the email address passed to us was unfortunately incorrect. The email address above is corrected. Of course, as always, we corrected the online version immediately, once we were advised of the original error.)

12) We Give Thanks! —

Hats off to the Brigada participant from Cambridge, MN, who recently sent $15 to help with our expenses and to spur us on to good works. We appreciate you!!!

Thanks, also, to ISA for sending $36.75 this past week. They were saying thanks for those who had purchased travel policies by first reading about their vast array of offerings in Brigada. Learn about the many coverages that ISA offers by browsing…


Thanks ISA!

We appreciate Kingdom Come Training for their gift of $50, sent through our secure online gateway this past week. God bless you for the help you render many other ministries in support-raising! Find out how you can finish your own support-raising budget by visiting their website at…


Thanks, too, to an amazing pastor in South Carolina who wrote, “Brigada’s continual sowing of good seed greatly multiplies the potential for the global harvest. After pastoring for 35 years, I am now giving my life to training leaders in Two-thirds world countries on how to fulfill the Master’s Mandate by making disciples of all nations. May the Lord prove to be Jehovah-Jireh and the Lord of the Harvest in ever-increasing ways in the labors of Brigada.” With the note, he used our secure online donation gateway to send $200. Amazing. God be praised. Visit Pastor Wade’s website at…


Thanks for the kind words of encouragement, and for your ministry and partnership, Pastor Wade!

13) The BackPage: What are your Favorite Missions Songs? —

They say that “Music soothes the savage beast.” But I’ve also noted that sometimes, it convinces, persuades, motivates, and inspires. We recently asked 30 missions pastors for their pick of the best missions songs in contemporary Christian music. I was impressed by this play list from Kurt.

1.  You Said (Live)     4:34 by Hillsong

2.  Go Light Your World 4:51 by Chris Rice

3.  Until the Whole World Hears     5:04 by Casting Crowns

4.  Tears of the Saints 6:17 by Leeland

5.  If We Are The Body  3:59 by Casting Crowns

6.  All Over The World  4:19 by Matt Redman

7.  Tell The World  4:05 by Hillsong

8.  Outside of These Walls  3:23 by Tim Foot

9.  For the Sake of the Call  5:31 by Steven Curtis Chapman

10. God Follower  4:19 by Steven Curtis Chapman

11. No Greater Love  4:59 by Steven Curtis Chapman

12. Missions Flame  5:35 by Matt Redman

13. Jesus Saves   3:47 by Jeremy Camp

14. Mighty to Save  6:51 by Hillsong

15. To the Ends of the Earth  4:48 by Hillsong

16. God of This City  4:58 by Chris Tomlin

17. All The Nations  5:53

18. I Will Go  3:17 by Starfield

19. The Other Side of the World  2:44 by Rich Mullins

20. Our God Saves  5:02 by Paul Baloche

21. Come To The Water  4:06 by Chris Tomlin et al

22. Face of Christ  3:47 by Chris Rice

23. God of Justice  5:22 by Aaron Keys

24. What Now  4:37 by Steven Curtis Chapman

25. Friend Of The Poor  5:10 by Leeland Mooring, Andy Park

Do you have other tunes to add to this list of great missions songs? Just click to the online version of this item (see the link below), then click “Comment” to add your missing favorites. Thanks!

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