11) The Easiest $10 You’ve Ever Given Away to Brigada —

If you’ve ever purchased anything online before, or if you plan to do so in the near future, this just might be the easiest $10 you’ll ever give away. Glance through these steps — and if you’re willing to follow them, shortly after your first online purchase, Brigada will receive $10 in cash, in your name, just because you tried out the service.


First, point your browser to…




Second, select “My ebates” in the topline menu. Choose “cashback method” and change the checkbox to “donate” then choose “Check” made to Team Expansion, 4112 Old Routt Road, Louisville, KY 40299. Then select “Update.”


Third, if you’d rather not receive promotional mailings from ebates.com, click on “Subscriptions,” and check the box at the bottom that says, “Unsubscribe from all promotional emails.” Ebates has a very strong privacy policy and a 100% “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau. Based on their past track record, you will *not* be spammed – Period.


That’s all there is to it. Now take a moment to look through all the stores. For example, next time you order something from Buy.com, or Lowes or Autozone, Diapers.com or Kmart, Barnes and Noble, Staples, Vistaprint, Walmart, Sam’s Wholesale, Sears, Verizon, Sprint, JCPenney, NewEgg, TigerDirect, Circuit City, Buy.com, Orbitz, Marriott, Priceline, Expedia, Hotels.com, REI, Bass Pro, Under Armour, and about 1200 other stores — *anytime* you click through the ebates.com site (making sure you’re still logged in), when you buy like normal, the vendor you visit through eBates will send a cash gift to Brigada afterward. Your summary statement will always tell you how much you’ve donated. We’re happy to furnish you with a tax-deductible receipt for that amount.


So to summarize — follow the simple steps above to log on to ebates.com, using the link above. Then, find the store (where you were already going to buy something online anyway), use the ebates link to click there, make your purchases as usual (perhaps saving something along the way because ebates constantly makes available coupons for your use). You’ll see at the ebates page, within a day or so, the amount you’re saving as a donation to Brigada (which is a ministry of Team Expansion). That’s all! You never pay any membership fees. If you’ve always wanted to send a gift to Brigada but just never got around to it, at least by following this method, a percentage of everything you buy *will* help Brigada. In fact, just by signing up and making your first purchase through the service, you’ll be sending Brigada a $10 gift right off the bat. If 100 people sign up, that’s a $1000 one-time gift, and all you will have had to do is try the service one time! By the way, one of our Team Expansion workers has been using this service for quite some time and they really honestly do pay out in checks — and the money really does come. It might not be big, but it really does come, and small gifts would add up if many people took part. Thanks for checking it out. As always, we’ll report accurate figures here as to what happens.

4 Responses to 11) The Easiest $10 You’ve Ever Given Away to Brigada —
  1. Fayo Reply

    I signed up and shared this link on my fb page encouraging my friends to sign up as well.

  2. Editor Reply

    Thanks Fayo!

  3. Ross S. Heckmann Reply

    I signed up with EBATES and tried to follow your instructions up to those set forth in your paragraph above that beings with the word “Second” but the website wouldn’t allow me to update my donation choice to “Team Expansion” unless I also provided somebody’s “First Name,” “Last Name,” and “E-mail Address.” What should I put in those three blank fields?

    • Editor Reply

      Thanks for asking, Ross. Kind of you! I believe it should be

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